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The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

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The Dnet and Access to Ancient Wisdoms

What humanity particularly needs now is a much more general appreciation of the Spiritual Realms: the different levels of energy, the importance of the Heart Centre, the relationship with the Higher Self, the relationship of the Angelic realms with the Earth –all these elements linked together. You need to understand Guidance and how a higher level Guide functions. How do you know if you get a feeling to do something that it is coming from a high and wise place of origin or, alternatively, from a source of negative disinformation?

In the very short time remaining before the Earth completes her Ascent, we have had to find a way whereby relatively large numbers of people can be exposed to the Great Wisdoms, to this great Light energy, these high vibrations — then go on to absorb and retain them. As we have taught many times, given the current state of most human minds, it is very difficult for individuals to even hear the message, let alone understand it. Yet that is crucial for any person seeking to bring this wisdom into the Heart Centre and integrate it within your whole being.

In times past, those individuals, whom had reached that sufficient opening of the Heart Centre, had taken years or decades of training and practice. They had gone through a wide variety of experiences of learning what worked and what did not, what was real and what was false.

At the present time, we have had to find a significant way for those individuals, who volunteered and really wanted to be part of the 5D New Earth, to “sign on” daily, in response to Quan Yin’s very clear offer made earlier this year. They need to know that they will be taken through to be part of the new Golden Age of the 5D New Earth. This is very much part of the ethos and design of the Dnet.

We had to find a way that the Ancient Wisdoms could be absorbed by a process of Spiritual osmosis by those who had reached a certain level of perception, so they could finally graduate from the 3D curriculum. And the Dnet energy structure was what we came up with.

Within the Dnet procedures, as you tune in to form your individual sphere ( and then going on to connect with the Central Sphere, you are becoming part of an energy structure in which the Ancient Wisdoms flow to your individual sphere and the enlightening human within it. This energy flows each moment of the day and night and we designed it so that the energy flow is carefully modulated to the precise needs and capability of each Dnet individual, to enable it to be assimilated in a balanced way in every moment.

The Worldwide Expansion of the Dnet

The Dnet is starting to grow quickly now and soon it will explode in numbers. I can see huge numbers of people opening up spiritually all around the world but most of them are terrified as they don’t have a clue about what is happening to them. They don’t have anyone to talk to and are lost. Conversely, the people in the Dnet are forming new friendships and are meeting and talking to each other, sharing their new experiences and gifts and they are taking strength from each other. It’s a pleasure to see how fast they are growing spiritually and energetically and just how capable some have become in a short time.

Many energy portals are opening up around the World and these are all sending out the new feminine energy that will transform the way we live and interact with our environment. It’s a lovely energy.

El Morya’s Autumn Equinox Message

El Morya – Autumn Equinox Message

So in the name of the Heart, Head and Hand, this is El Morya greeting you warmly at this special time of the Autumn Equinox.

Within the ancient Spiritual traditions, this is a time of reflection upon what has been achieved and experienced during the first three quarters of the mystical year, starting at the last Winter Solstice. Within these Equinox energies, we have the height of achievement within the cycle before they fall away in the next three months up to the Winter Solstice.

On the Earth at the present time, it is Nature that still meticulously observes this cycle that is very much at odds with the demands of modern life. You have the start of a new academic year in September or even October, when the energies are beginning to fall away. New projects and new assignments often are timed to start in similar fashion after the summer holidays/vacations, when there is no energetic foundation available. People indeed have different priorities but those of you who are aware of the seasons and understand that they can be applied to all of life (beyond just a few activities in the garden or on the farm), can bring a strong element of order within your lives.

During the next several months, the changes may become much more noticeable as the energies of the old 3D level drop away at an increasing rate. This dropping away has been going on for a while already, starting very gently some years ago and increasing exponentially. This was not a pattern that was pre-determined because it always hinged upon the great planetary Spirit Gaia – in terms of when she was going to be ready to take the next step within her own agenda, her own path and sequence of necessary changes for making her Ascension to 5D.

There are, as always, many other energies interacting with this process. One of the less known of these is what has been referred to in the Hermetic circles as the 33 Energies of Man – a closely guarded secret for thousands of years. They initiated a process at the end of 1979 whereby each year one of these Energies departed. By the time of the Winter Solstice in three months time, the last of these special Energies will have departed. They will have no further interaction with your Earth, society or your energetic reality. This does not mean that suddenly everything falls to pieces but it does mean that the Earth enters a different mode of operation, a different arena with different rules and different constraints, or lack of constraints.

The crucial issue and question has been when Gaia was going to be ready to make her next steps of Ascension. This would be when she brought about a certain alignment of energy which would cause changes to happen very directly. Although the Winter Solstice 2012 has always been circled as an important date, it was never going to be a time of a “great flash of light” when the world suddenly changed.

There are very major shifts of energy already moving. And you will notice in the next three months, leading up to the Winter Solstice, a much greater rate of change. For those of you who have been looking forward to a world organised on the basis of higher vibrations and values, a love-based society instead of one based on fear and competition, this may be a great relief – a time to say “phew” and wipe the sweat off your brow, expressing thankfulness that you have “got this far” intact.

Given the state of positive/negative balances and imbalances on the planet, we say it is no minor achievement to have brought your consciousness through to this point of time. It will be a further achievement get through to the Winter Solstice with your connection to Spirit wide open, with your abilities to “home in” on the new Fifth Dimensional energies with clarity, while still being able to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Gaia and the rest of our management team are counting on individuals like yourselves maintaining strength and clarity each day, as these months unfold. It will begin to dawn on the “mainstream” that their beliefs and assumptions hitherto may not be justified anymore. No more will each year be pretty much the same as the years gone before. You can say farewell to a structure of society which only changes very slowly most of the time

The changes which are happening, and are beginning to intensify, are not going to be so much the dramatic earthchanges (at least not in this initial period) — they are going to be much more subtle. The changes are going to include energies that play a role within each person of how they feel: “Do you have clarity of mind or not”, “Can you feel energy available to operate your physical body and to reach out to people around you in a way that helps them”, “Do you feel a different relationship with life and the Earth as she evolves”?

In order to help and assist your fellow men, women and children within your social and family contexts, the most important element to try to get across is the common theme that things are not staying the same, and that the very assumptions upon which many people have built their lives of steadiness and predictability are changing fundamentally.

How you can communicate this effectively will vary from person to person – it’s whatever way works for you. You are probably familiar with how many individuals react or overreact when something surprising happens in their lives and the lives of their families and friends. This needs to be taken into account in how you approach the subject.

One of the less palatable changes, which is already happening to the extent that some people are noticing it, is more souls are choosing to leave their lifetimes on Earth and move on to their next assignment within the Spiritual Realms. These movements have been instigated by their Higher Selves who design the Destiny Pattern that a soul works with in each lifetime.

It’s not left to chance – there are the possibility and probability patterns and an individual soul has a choice of how they interact with these respective patterns. They are the energy structures which have been pulled together so that the karmic package, which each soul brings into each lifetime, is addressed. In this way, the opportunities come up within that lifetime to deal with that karma, hopefully to neutralise in a very positive way, certainly to experience it fully one way or the other.

The Higher Selves obviously are critically aware of the changes coming forward as we move through the Winter Solstice and, for an increasing number of souls, they may decide to move them on, which is not easy for those remaining in physical form.

In the indigenous societies, where they still understand accurately the reality of life on Earth and what happens when the soul leaves the body, they celebrate when the soul leaves because they have not lost the understanding that a physical life incarnated in on Earth is a relatively short event within a great continuum of life experiences.

Unfortunately, since the Roman destruction of 2,000 years ago, much of the ancient knowledge of the indigenous societies was replaced with political values specially designed to make people afraid of “death”, as it has come to be called in Western orientated societies. So, when individual souls move on, there has been a great sadness projected and experienced because of the feelings of separation and loss.

In the 5D New Earth, which is already in existence, there is a great focus on the “present moment”, the “being in the now”, as one or two teachers have put it in recent times. At the 5D level, this isn’t something you do as an exercise, it’s the state of being in which you are in continually – critically different from the 3D world in which most people still live. It’s not that there is no recall of the past and it’s not that there is not some sense of how the energies of the future are in fact evolving. However, the experience of life energy is in this moment and so the arrival or departure of a soul has its significance only in the moments when they are making their transition. The focus is on “who is here now”.

Some people will point out that we still have, at this present time, to deal fully with the emotions we feel so strongly inside us, when these changes of personnel are taking place around us. There is obviously nothing wrong with having emotions which bring people’s attention to aspects of feeling, which for many have been so absent from some or indeed many parts of one’s life. These emotions play an important role within what can sometimes be a rather dry, mental way of experiencing life in this electronic age.

Since the dimensional changes are coming about, it is time to transform the level at which emotions are experienced. Emotions which move around a particular situation need to transmute to an intensity of specific focused feeling. This is what’s needed in making the transition from a third dimensional experience of emotions to a fifth dimensional experience of refined feeling.

One of the more effective ways of allowing excess emotions to be released gently yet effectively is by using the process of “grounding” – connecting deep down within the Earth. This has been brought forward in several teaching traditions to enable the strong 5D approach of focused feeling to be available. So we are drawing this to your attention at this particular moment as something that deserves your attention every day from now on, if you haven’t already been using it daily.

Effective daily grounding is a key to maintaining a sense of sanity and order as your society and community or whatever other groupings you are aligned with most go through extraordinary changes from within. It is vital that there are some strong individuals who can hold steady through these changing times, given that most people have chosen not to make preparations for the new 5D environment.

As you know, the Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) was constructed and made available to play a very important role in maintaining stability. Individuals can make strong inner structures by using the Dnet, which enables them to make huge changes in their inner energy, while opening up to connections with other realities beyond anything they might have encountered previously. These are similar energies that were created for students within the most advanced mystery schools of the previous epochs, where the students would spend a substantial part of their adult lives working to form these structures, which would enable them to open up to the very wide arenas of the higher Spiritual Realms, “higher” from the perspective of an incarnated soul on Earth.

In a sense, the Dnet can be looked at as a condensed form of an ancient mystery school but it is a lot more flexible because it does not require that a student or participant be located in a segregated physical living and working space. When we realised that most people were reluctant to adopt what might seem to be a slightly monastic way of life, we built into the Dnet the flexibility to be in any location and continue to participate in mainstream life, since the knowledge that is required to make the shift from the 3D level to the 5D level had to be available for large numbers of people. The Dnet, therefore, is a system which goes with you wherever you are. It is designed so that it continues to perform a number of important roles after the Earth’s Ascension also.

We have briefly mentioned the first of these roles already – that of providing a framework for the personal energetic transition that most individuals will need to make (even those working within the Dnet or equivalent structures). They will need to make major adjustments before they can take their place within the 5D New Earth. Living at this 5D level on the New Earth requires a very different way of being and operating.

We designed the Dnet so it can perform a role for each individual participant so that the new understandings, knowledge and perceptions necessary to function at the 5D level can be absorbed steadily, but very much at the rate at which an individual is capable of absorbing them and then making their own inner changes and corrections. This has the great advantage of offering individual tuition, rather than being taught in a class or group where individual students naturally need to move along at different speeds. So the Dnet has this extraordinary flexibility to allow each participant to move in a way which maintains a balance and equilibrium, regardless of whether their surrounding environment has any of those qualities.

The Dnet will also be used as a long term teaching mechanism on the 5D New Earth, even for beings from other planets who need to attune with the particular features and qualities of their new habitation. The Dnet will be used as a way to produce a common enlightenment throughout the new society being constructed at the 5D level.

One of the most important features of any energy system (including the Dnet) is that energy flows respond to an individual’s requests. If you need a specific kind of power or empowerment, if you need a certain kind of knowledge or understanding, then you ask for it and you will find a response. All responses which come through the Dnet are moderated and aligned with what an individual can absorb. Once you have made it very clear that you are open to receiving, that you are looking forward and appreciating new energies and new experiences within the Dnet, then this openness will be incorporated in terms of the energies flowing to your individual sphere, as the system responds.

The energies that participate within the Central Sphere have been carefully chosen for the current time of transition from the 3D Earth up to the 5D New Earth. All the ancient Spiritual traditions within mankind’s unconscious memories are represented, along with the Light from the higher levels, which are being incorporated into the 5D Earth herself. As you go through this process of the Earth’s Ascension and you move up to these new ways of being and living, the Central Sphere will itself change its composition, its membership and participation so that it can continue to lead all the Dnet participants in the direction desired by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

There is still a great scope for each individual to exercise a freedom of choice within the structure, although this is very clearly a system operated by the Hierarchy of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gaia and other high energies. The ability and willingness of each soul to create, to experiment and to have new experiences is the essence of evolving a higher Spiritual Consciousness.

It’s vital to be willing to release things from the past – even those which were very satisfying and enjoyable. It’s important to understand that you are releasing things because, in the new worlds to which we are moving, they are not going to be needed. And it’s not because there is anything wrong with any of them. But there are going to be many new ways of doing things and of just being, which will be even more satisfying. So don’t be reluctant to release the old, however nostalgic your feelings may be around that.

There is truth in the understanding that as the Earth moves briskly forward and Gaia decides to really “go for it”, you don’t want to have a lot of emotionally-charged weights hanging around you in the form of all the things from the past you really enjoyed and valued, or feared losing in some instances. The word Ascension has been chosen for this whole process because it is about moving upwards. There’s nothing gets in the way of moving upwards than being held down by the heavy mass of “old stuff”, however valuable it may have been in times past.

So I take my leave in the name of the Heart, Head and Hand, Blessings to you all.