The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Why the Dnet is Worthwhile

From Keith Laidler

Has anyone wondered why I do the Dnet and what I get out of it? Certainly there are a lot of personal gains and I am stronger, fitter, faster, healthier plus I am far more advanced Spiritually. I can see and feel things that I never even guessed existed. I know some events will take place in advance, I can sense things, I join with wonderful Light energies, I can join with any living thing anywhere on the planet, I can heal myself and other people, all of which I find amazing. It’s really interesting and rewarding and I regard it as an adventure.

But it is a struggle doing these things and sometimes they rewire me to enable me to progress to 5D and that can be tiring and even painful. I have had to learn that I really am a small part of a vast creation, which is a mixed experience.

I find normal life much more difficult. I am steadily losing my friends because we have less in common and most of them think I am losing my sanity. My interests and tastes have all changed and continue to do so. Because of the role I play, I am continually facing bugs and that wears me down.

I know I can also reach 5D lives and never have to go back to 3D lives again and that is one of the primary goals of the Dnet.

But none of those reasons cover why I have been willing to so fundamentally change my life out of all recognition. The real reason is to give something back. I do it to help others, to help the Earth and to assist the higher energies in some small way. Synergistically, that helps me to reach the goals, makes my journey easier and gives some point to my life. It compensates for some of the many mistakes I have made and still make.

Maybe if you also help people to make the journey by introducing them to the Dnet, it will make yours easier also.

Coming to terms with New Understandings

From Keith Laidler

Virtually everyone one of is riddled with doubts about the Dnet and the coming events, including me. Every single day I experience incredible things like moving energy around my body, communicating with a Spiritual Master or Gaia, moving earthbound spirits on to Heaven, joining with another person at the heart centre, shaking all over as an energy joins with me and so on. I can also see and feel the Dnet and all the energies, the 5D portal and everyone in it.

So, even with all my human limitations, I still cannot doubt that these energies exist and express themselves, that people who have passed away do go to Heaven, that I have a guardian angel, and that the Dnet exists. Furthermore, it is clear to me that the Dnet is connected to many energies throughout our world, including a 5D portal, and that we are all able to tap into these energies to perform miraculous tasks. Yet another part of me doubts it all because for most of my life I have believed in science and nothing non-material.

What I really doubt is myself. I know that I am unimportant and very flawed so why am I part of this incredible energy structure in every facet? But I know that the whole point of the Dnet is to enable us to change physically and Spiritually so that we can survive and thrive in a 5D environment. I have been going through the changes for sometime now and that is why I am able to do what seem at a 3D level to be amazing things, yet these are normal in a 5D life.

In response to my ongoing nagging doubts, I have been reminded by Quan Yin that the 5D New Earth does already exist but I am not yet capable of seeing it. I am further reminded that El Morya’s description of it appears in the Dnet book (pages 82/83). In truth I have struggled to be able to understand all this so I simply go along with it. I keep asking if we really are going to go to 5D and the Management Team keep patiently answering “yes” and “soon”. So don’t worry if you struggle with it all as well!

Ironically, I have much less trouble accepting all of this than the idea that a planet (Nibiru or Planet X) is fast approaching the Earth and will precipitate untold damage at the 3D level. I have read many books on this and I cannot say that any of the things I have learned in these have led me to certainty that Nibiru is on its way. Yet, for some time now, I have been able to “see” this planet coming, along with its various moons and trails. Whilst I still really struggle with the concept, I can see the planet as clearly as what I am currently writing.

However, I do believe such a planet visits the Earth regularly and this has been recorded in the Kolbrin and is in the folk lore of many different peoples around the World. I keep asking my guides and they keep telling me “yes, it is almost here”. Left to myself, I would never have ended up in the position where I am saying to people that Nibiru is close, yet the Dnet Management Team have placed me with Andrew and Catherine, who have been insisting that this is correct for some time now. From now on, as we share the same platform, I am aligning with the same understanding, as we work together to get across the message.

I have just asked Quan Yin if I should write this now and she said “yes”. I had no idea what I would write today, and I certainly never expected to mention Nibiru, but it looks like I have accepted that too now. Soon everyone will know about this visitor and that will bring many people to the Dnet for obvious reasons.

Gaia’s evolution to 5D was originally intended to happen well before the arrival of Nibiru. However, since both will have severe physical effects on the surface of the Earth, their respective directions of change are similar, so far as 3D Earth is concerned. It is best to look on this not as a disaster but as a wonderful adventure and fantastic opportunity within your total existence. Your current lifetime, looked at as part of our eternal evolution, is the equivalent of less than a day. We all knew before we were born that these vast changes would happen and we chose to be here to experience some part of them anyway.

Imagine yourself in Heaven being told that you would have the chance to live through and experience the most amazing period in the history of the Earth and mankind. Then to be told that you would also get the chance to go to 5D, bearing in mind that it takes around 1000 lives, on average, to be able to make the leap from 3D to 4D. We would all be desperate to be part of it and to have that opportunity and we would welcome any hardship that we had to overcome to achieve 5D, if it meant never again having to lead a 3D life.

Be clear about this though, we get the chance to have 5D lives but not necessarily on Earth. In a 5D life our bodies will regenerate and ageing will no longer take place, as wehve known it. We will, however, still exit our 5D bodies and move on, when we have finally learned the lessons and achieved the goals of that lifetime. But, if your body is already well passed its sell-by date, it may be more sensible to acquire a new one rather than trying to upgrade from your body’s current state. This may be a sensible choice, even if it feels like quite a big deal.

The things that I have just written go way beyond what I was expecting to write and I don’t have the confidence to say such things by myself. In truth, I have several guides around me who are putting the thoughts through me. I am still riddled with doubts but who am I to argue with them? I will continue to follow them and endeavour to lead a normal life at the same time, or at least as normal as I can manage nowadays. Who am I kidding? There’s very little normality left in my life now!

It isn’t reasonable to expect most of us to believe and accept all I have written but as the events unfold and our Dnet-derived powers increase, so we will all come to comprehend it all. That will gives us great strength and courage but remember it isn’t just about us, it’s about lots of children, as they will be about 80% of the people who go to 5D. We each need to try as best we can to help as many people wake up as possible.

The Effectiveness of the Dnet

From Keith Laidler

The Dnet supplies everyone in it with a range of different energies and the level of these energies rises as the person absorbs them and grows. Bit by bit you are being altered at every level: your Spiritual awareness, the energy flows within your body, your physical body down to cellular composition right down to more and more of your DNA being activated. This is essential to enable people to make the changes necessary to be able to function in the new Earth’s energies and particularly in the 5D energy.

I seem to be changed or rewired in stages usually of a few days but sometimes lasting for a few weeks. When I go through them, I just know it is happening and it does take it out of me leaving me with less energy for 3D activities and feeling generally a bit odd. In previous eras, these changes would have taken place over decades but we obviously don’t have that long. So this can be a rough and wild ride sometimes but you can cope knowing that it is temporary.

You don’t necessarily notice the energy continually being pumped through you and you don’t realize that the levels are steadily increasing because the Management Team only increase it when you are ready for it. This is one of the most important aspects of the Dnet because you only need to join and they will control your growth at the optimum rate at which you can handle it.

There appear to be many different routes to the new 5D state offered by numerous usually well-meaning organizations and I am often told by people that they are already functioning at or near to 5D. But I can feel their energy and in most cases sadly they are mistaken because their energy is nowhere near strong enough or sufficiently advanced for them to function in a 5D World. In particular, they have never experienced the 5D energy, their body and Spirit haven’t been altered, their chakras are usually only partly opened and so on.

It usually takes over 1000 lives to complete the transition from 3D to 5D and for many we are talking about going almost directly to 5D from 3D so it’s hardly going to be simple. You cannot expect to get there just by doing meditation or yoga or Tai Chi or equivalents — nor can you expect to get there just because you lead a good life, although they all help. You cannot realistically expect to progress by just tuning into a few one-off events or by relying on the alignment of planets to change you.

The changes needed in you are both broad and deep — hence we should all have spent most of our lives preparing for them. However, that has not happened for most people since they cannot even begin to understand this vast evolutionary transition taking place, let alone believe in it.. You wouldn’t expect to be able to run a marathon without training and regularly running for hours every day. So how can you expect to be suddenly catapulted into an environment with totally different energies around you without increasing your exposure to them over time?

Originally the Spiritual Hierarchy had hoped that over 30% of people would make the transition with Gaia. Later this was reduced to around 20% and now I am told that far fewer are likely to make it through. They are in quiet resignation about the actual numbers of people who are likely to progress to 5D because almost everything they have tried has been unable to connect effectively. From my own experience of striving to maintain my belief while surrounded by the disbelief and negativity of the 3D world, I can understand that others struggle to connect and stay connected. Even though we may recognize that it would be wonderful to achieve a 5D state and to live that life, most people are scared of change and are fearful for all those people who won’t make the transition.

The Dnet really is their last throw of the dice to enable large numbers of people to make the grade and whilst that is growing it isn’t fast enough. The amount of resources that they have put into it is mind blowing and more energies join every week to help. In fact they are queuing up to join because so many have come to help with the transition but so few of us are asking for it so they have little to do. Some people who joined the Dnet have left for various reasons and this is to be expected because they are simply not ready for a 5D life. Everyone is welcome to join but it doesn’t mean that they are capable and we must all accept that this is true for some people who are close to us. All we can do is to offer them the possibility.

Some people have been in the Dnet for over 6 months now and the changes in them are obvious and some of these were already experts in related fields. Their auras are expanded and full, their chakras are much more open, they can communicate much more easily with Spiritual guides and Masters, they can move energy around their body and those of other people, their healing is far more effective, their innate abilities in telepathy and clairvoyance have become enhanced and so on.

Even people who have only been in the Dnet for a few weeks are able to do extraordinary things. This is because their connection to the energies of transition continues effectively all day every day 24/7 and just keeps increasing. Compare that to something when you do sessions maybe once a week (or even less frequently) and it is obvious why the Dnet is so much more effective.

One of the nice things about Dnet is that some people cannot wait to go to the next daily workshop or local group and, the longer they have been in the Dnet, the more they want to go again. People are bringing their grown up children and friends into the Dnet and they in turn are bringing in their children and friends and so on. It’s because it works on every level and religious kind of faith certainly isn’t needed.

The Dnet management team have told me that their latest estimate for total worldwide Dnet members is over 10 million and that these will all go onto 5D. Really how many we can bring in is up to all of us and even 10 million people is just a miniscule percentage of the Earth’s population. I very much want to bring along as many people as possible and I fervently hope that better communicators than me will join us and will find ways of reaching out to many more people.

Using Video to Record High Spiritual Energies

From Keith Laidler:

We had a really interesting day session last week and it was great to see how far everyone had progressed and just how much they could do with the energy.

We did the usual session where I channelled different energies like Quan Yin so the group could all experience them. This time we made a video recording of it and we will shortly put it on the website as well as on Utube. The idea is that people watching the video will be able to tune in and experience the energies, just as though they were in the same room. In fact, they will tune into me and that will automatically relay them to the Dnet. The various energies of the Central Sphere will then join with the people watching the video. It’s a brilliant concept and is designed to give a tangible experience to people around the world who cannot experience it firsthand at one of our sessions. Hopefully many of you will watch it on the website first and give us feedback before it goes on Utube.

Unfortunately, only the people who are Spiritually aware will be able to experience it so, to most of the World, I will look bizarre at best and maybe like a total plonker to most of the World! I don’t think we have much chance of convincing people who haven’t opened up that the Dnet and 5D are anything other than pure fantasy anyway, so that doesn’t matter. As the Earth’s energy changes more people will open up and be able to experience the Dnet.

Quite a lot of the people in the Dnet are struggling to connect to the network and find themselves drifting off as they do it. This is normal and I have great difficulty focusing when I join and I often lose my train of thought and find myself thinking about something completely different. It’s almost like dozing off and, if I ever try to connect while seated, that is exactly what happens. So just accept that you will sometimes drift away but keep pulling yourself back.