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The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

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El Morya’s 2012 Winter Solstice Message

El Morya – The Winter Solstice of 2012

In the name of the Heart, Head and Hand, this is El Morya greeting you at the beginning of this most special Winter Solstice of 2012.

There has been much discussion and even some debate about whether this will be a time of great significance. The controversies around the adjustments made to the Mayan Calendar, with two fiercely-argued opposing schools of thought, has raised a few questions about whether this is the “right” Winter Solstice or the “right” turning point at all.

Others have pointed out that the alignment taking place at the Winter Solstice of the Earth with the meridian, which runs through the centre of the Milky Way, is not the first galactic alignment that has ever taken place. So we would like to be very clear that the reason that this is a very special time, indeed a “momentous occasion”, is because of the cosmic energies involved, which are being transmitted from far beyond the centre of your galaxy. These energies carry special frequencies, wavelengths and coded packages that are distributed throughout your whole galaxy.

This is an act of will and an act of decision by very high levels within the Spiritual Hierarchy – those who are very close to the Great Creator. So there are many extraordinary energies to be experienced during the 72 hours of the Winter Solstice.

The great Beings of the Sun, Helios and Vesta, are paying a great deal of attention to what is needed by Gaia and her planet Earth for them to make their Ascension effectively – as soon as is feasible. From our perspective, what seems like a few minutes to us can sometimes be months or even years in how time is perceived currently on 3D Earth. But the reason that Helios and Vesta are giving it a great deal of their attention in terms of their organisational arrangements within your Solar System, the sooner they can move along with a number of consequent arrangements.

We’re putting it in this matter of fact, almost managerial phraseology because we want to ground the understandings and beliefs amongst “New Age” humanity about what’s happening and what it is we are waiting for before the Earth can move forward and before the Solar System itself can move forwards with its upgrade. The next stage of evolution of the Galaxy and of the Universe itself requires a corresponding move at the levels of the hierarchy above it and below it. This is a glimpse of how the Spiritual Realms actually function.

Like any other system, it isn’t always predictable. At any one moment, some of the energies may not be totally aligned with others. This has to be managed and adjusted as part of living energy. The outcome is not written in stone. And it’s certainly not caused by independent physical forces. Once the intentions are aligned and the understandings present themselves for manifestation, then co-ordination is quite effective.

Those members of humanity who are tuning in to the Winter Solstice celebration are being offered a range of vibrations and coded understandings to enable each of you to step upwards and forwards – to be very well aligned with everything Gaia is working on and expressing at this present time. We have arranged for these special frequencies to be built into our energies of expression this afternoon so you don’t have to do anything special other than stay attuned. We have arranged for these energies to be available to any individual or any group that listens to this message – all these energies will be available to them.

So the key is for each individual, who wishes to embrace this move to the new world of the 5D New Earth, to embrace the “newness”, whilst still continuing to engage with the residual energies of coping with 3D Earth whilst you’re still physically located here.

We’re going to talk a little about what attunement means in this context – what’s the most effective way of being attuned. The goal is to allow the new energies to be assimilated and absorbed within your body, ending up internalised.

Many of you have done exercises in the past to bring higher frequency energies deep down within you to bring about change at a cellular level – the whole energetic make-up of your body and being. Ours is readily available both on the Dnet website and on the previous Revolution of 2012 website under the cover name of Divine Feminine Grounding. However, today we’re going to go beyond that important and valuable exercise and practice.

In making these energetic wavelengths available, we will require that you open yourself up more fully than perhaps you’ve ever thought possible. It certainly goes beyond lying on the beach mopping up the Sun, even though that is a very powerful experience within your 3D world. You are always absorbing much more than just the rays of the Sun, including a great deal of knowledge and understanding transmitted within that sunlight.

We suggest that each of you listening to this message opens yourself up by asking out loud or just asking quietly within yourself for all these new frequencies to be brought within you, deep inside. As you do that we are strengthening your commitment to moving to that wonderful new world of the 5D New Earth. These energies change you permanently as you bring them in. Be aware that there is no going back. For most of you that will be a joyful realisation but we mention it because it is our responsibility to do so.

As you Ascend to higher levels of consciousness, it is important that you stay focused on what you are moving towards. It would be confusing indeed if half of you was still focused on things you want to do back on the 3D Earth, on which you have all had so many individual experiences, individual lifetimes – all of great value and all of which have been carefully stored and documented within your Higher Self libraries.

Now you’ve opted, you’ve chosen this path into what may seem to be unknown territory, or unknown waters if you are more nautically inclined. It’s important to stay with that focus of joyfully moving forwards and moving upwards.

The human concept of joy contains within it an extraordinarily deep understanding of the new frequencies appropriate to this new 5th Dimensional level. In the 5D New Earth, this sense of joy is continuous because each moment is pitched at that level, although each moment is different from the one before and the one after. There’s certainly no repetition – no sense of the same thing over and over again, about which some of the Christian images of Heaven give a rather different picture.

It’s the presence and access to immense creative forces and energies which make the 5D level so different from what you’ve experienced on the 3D Earth. Because at the 5D level, there is so little resistance to the creations coming into being, coming into real manifestation. There is always space for new creations. There’s not the scarcity of resources which is the ongoing challenge for creative people on the 3D Earth.

The level of consciousness at 5D is such that the other living beings inherently respond to other individuals’ creative excitement, the artistry, the explorations of what can be done from an idea or feeling when projected into a particular arena. Part of the difference at the 5D level is, though you still have a physical body, it’s much less dense.

All the structures that you work with are much less dense. They can be readily changed and modified by the projection of particular waveforms from the human mind (or brain), using particular chakras, or etheric webs as we prefer to call the outer level of the chakra. These are used in various combinations to bring into being new forms or to modify existing forms.

We have spoken on earlier occasions of how there will be extensive training schools on the 5D New Earth to allow individuals to learn thoroughly how to live , work, play and create within a very, very different set of parameters. This process of creation is a major part of the curriculum.

So if you’re needing to put in a few new pieces of furniture into your new 5D dwelling, the first thing you do is to create them energetically. And those who are strong practitioners within that creative activity may actually create a chair which is strong enough to sit on. The energy comes into form.

We offer this as an example of the creative process rather than a description of how you will spend your days. The change of thinking, the change of believing is so great that very extensive retraining will be provided. It will be very much need to enable each individual who makes this Ascension to take their place in a harmonious way in this very new environment, quite different from the previous 3D.

We have mentioned “Joy” as that current English word which seems to encapsulate the feeling that most people will have as they learn and begin to engage in these very new creative processes. You will begin to appreciate some of the feelings children have when they come to a place and begin to explore it. And we assure you that all the “parental authorities” within these training centres/colleges will be very, very encouraging to enable these new “children” (maybe in somewhat adult bodies) to rise to the occasion – rising to the highest possible level of expressing that natural creativity within.

At the 5Dlevel, the concept of being an “eternal student” is accepted as a normal state of being. The whole of a lifetime at the 5D level is devoted to that way of learning more quite consciously, each and every day. We use the word “day” with caution because a day at 5D level does not correspond with what you’ve always thought of as a “day”. But it’s a useful word to describe time intervals which you are used to feeling – that of a regular pattern where you experience a space, an opportunity.

The 3D world’s idea is that most people will go through a process of education by going to institutions to learn what “they” say you should know, and then in due course you leave to go out to the world of work. Maybe there will be some training courses added in from time to time, if you are fortunate.

In contrast, the 5D approach is very different, since a substantial part of each day is spent exploring and learning, in many different directions and arenas. One of the most important practices and procedures which each individual needs to learn is that of what can be termed “channelling”. Now in many ways to have reached the point of being part of this extended worldwide group of the Dnet (and related levels of consciousness which do exist) you have already had to learn the ability to channel. We’re using this in the sense of allowing high energies to enter in and pass through on a regular basis. But at the 5D level, this is a practice you are acutely conscious of and use continually.

There is also an ongoing musical background and part of your mind and senses are continually attuned to that music as it rises and falls. But the music is not just a pleasant arrangement of notes and melodies, it contains a wide range of new understandings and new knowledge. It also provides a straightforward way to attune with the energies from the dimensions immediately above those you are involved with. This is a recurring arrangement within the Spiritual Hierarchy – you’re living on one level while being involved with the level above.

This doesn’t just occur when you’re hearing a talk like I’m presenting this afternoon – this happens every moment of your existence at these higher levels. The sense of joy which comes from listening to this music coming from these higher levels creates an extraordinary fulfilment of “being” and “doing”, whatever it is that you are involved with and whatever it is you are becoming involved with, as new activities open up.

There is still plenty of room for individual choice of what areas of activity you are involved with and how you actually engage with them. But one of the crucial differences at this 5D level, compared with what you’ve known on 3D Earth, is that at 5D you have a clearer and clearer understanding of what is needed for the greater good. Although you are still a strong individual, with a clear identity, you are conscious at all times that you are part of an ever-evolving energy with many other beings – some of them human, some of them quite different. But they’re all communicating and sharing, while being aligned and engaged with this universe-wide practice of being creative.

As part of that alignment, you are aware of concepts which might be described as a Divine Plan, which itself evolves everyday. You may have had glimpses of this as you have watched and participated in to some extent in the run-up to this crucial time of the Winter Solstice 2012. It may have sometimes seemed that the Divine Plan has gone through quite a number of changes, almost mutations. But that is the nature of this multilevel way of living, creating, being, having adventures perhaps, having celebrations definitely.

In some ways, when you look at the changing light within your sky on those summer evenings, you see the light gradually changing as it goes through various forms of the sunset. There are so many colours and hues which only last a few minutes before they move onto the next vibration. It is within that picture that we recommend as one of the best analogies of living experience at the 5D level.

The good news is that you learn to operate and live fully within this dynamic system through experiencing it. There is not a separation between a theoretical understanding of the system and endeavouring to put it into practice. At this higher level, the two are synonymous, which makes the experience of learning immensely fulfilling, because there is no gap in the understanding level.

One of the reasons we have gone into some detail in painting a picture of this new world which you have opted to move towards, is that we would like you to keep these images alive within your present creative faculty – your ability to imagine and create. And as you do that, keep the whole feeling as well as any visual images that you may have in your mind at this moment. They will draw you in a very complete way towards a joyful fulfilment of being full members of the new world of 5D New Earth.

We are now going to send a ray of energy to each of you listening. For those in this room where this recording is being made, we know very clearly who you are. But if you are listening to this in another location, it would be helpful if you will just state your name out loud and say: “El Morya, I am ready”. We will pick this up and make sure the energy comes to you very directly. So let’s do that now.

(Silent Meditation and experience of energy)

Within the Dnet, you may always have access to me El Morya directly, if you wish. You only need to ask for me by name after you have attuned deeply within your individual sphere, and the line of communication will be wide open. We suggest that, amongst its many functions, that you keep in mind that the Central Sphere is in truth a centre of joy. When you use the Dnet more and more fully, you attune to that joy which is readily available in unlimited quantities. Once you have achieved a steady connection with that joyfulness and other understandings, the wisdom and enlightenment will flow directly also.

So we are going to conclude this afternoon’s joyful communications in the name of the Heart, Head and Hand.

I am El Morya.

How 2012 leads to the 5D New World

There have been many changes during 2012 but most people are blind or oblivious to them. Gaia’s energy levels have soared and the frequency has altered to a much more feminine energy. Around 100,000 new energy portals have opened up in the last 6 months and that number will double over the next 3 months and these are all delivering the new energy around the planet.

Many different energies of the light have congregated around the earth and the Dnet is just one example of this. A 5D portal has opened on the Earth linked to the Dnet, so that people have an opportunity to get used to the 5D energy. Many people are opening up to the Light, especially young children, and they are able to readily communicate with higher energies or guides, they can use their higher functions like the third eye and they can readily move energy around their body and into other people.

Some can move things, some can see future events, others can move things with their mind, others can communicate telepathically and so on. There is also far more activity by the energies of the dark side and these are doing everything they can to prevent the ascension of Gaia and that part of humanity who have opened up to the Light.

I am coming across people all the time who have been taken over by energies of the dark side. I keep reading articles about celebrities in the newspapers who suffer from bouts of chronic depression and when I check them out they often have a bug on them. I am not allowed to remove them without their permission so I write to the people offering to treat them at no cost or inconvenience but merely saying that I can balance their energetic system and they never respond. Unfortunately most people are unable to see or sense these things.

Perhaps the Dnet itself is another example of how things have changed. Such a thing couldn’t have existed even 3 years ago because the energy levels weren’t high enough and neither I nor any of the other founders of the Dnet were sufficiently advanced energetically to help it to come about. Yet the transformation of some of the people in the Dnet has been incredible and their abilities have soared and they can and do easily demonstrate them to others.

I have been totally changed by it and every single day I communicate with different energies, I work with the new energy portals, I heal people, I clear houses, people and places, I join with people all around the world, I move energy around my own body with ease, and so on. I also fight bugs every day as well but that is my role. These things are not normal by today’s standards but, apart from dealing with bugs and clearing houses, will become normal on the New Earth and are becoming normal for some people on the Earth today who are being prepared for the leap and especially those in the Dnet

The other major event that was to happen this year was the public announcement of the presence in the Solar System of Planet X that has a trajectory which will bring it close to the earth and cause upheaval on a colossal scale. No announcement yet, but some change of tone from NASA is now more likely. On a personal level, I am much more aware of the energetic changes that are underway than about the proximity of Planet X, although I have read many books on the subject. My guides keep telling me it is coming and I can see it on a psychic level, along with what it will do to the earth.

The best source of information about the physical changes is at:, where many specific and precise predictions have been made over the last 10 years. Their predictions are incredibly detailed and they describe how Planet X comes into our Solar System every 3,600 years and there is extensive evidence that this is correct. The last time it was recorded in the Kolbrin, which is a historical record that was written at the time and it took place during the Exodus.

So where is the planet and why haven’t we seen or felt it yet? The Zetas predicted that as the planet came closer we would see the global weather going haywire and the seasons blending into one resulting in crop failures and global food shortages, an enormous increase in earthquakes both in intensity and power, an economic depression followed by a collapse in the financial system, the Earth and moon tilting on their axis more than before, the tectonic plates moving causing some named Countries to partially sink with widespread flooding resulting in those countries and many more. Most of their predictions up to this point have come true or are in the process of so doing, but the speed of change has notably slowed..

But a planet cannot just sneak up on you and if it is already in our solar system, you would be able to see it and the governments around the world must be covering it up.
There are many photos of it on the Zetatalk website taken by private individuals around the world. As to the governments concealing it, that wouldn’t exactly be a first and, from their perspective, there is a high probability of global panic. The Zetas have recently stated that NASA is about to admit that there is a such a planet heading our way but that they will downplay the severity of the event.

The following predictions are not mine but are what my guides have been telling me.

1. I believe that there is a planet approaching, that Nasa will admit it shortly as there will be no choice, that the first major effects on the earth will be felt in early spring and that it will cause devastation on a biblical scale during the course of the year and this will lead to 90% of people on earth being wiped out by the end of 2014.

2. Gaia’s Ascension has been brought forwards to co-incide with the arrival of the planet and she will Ascend by the end of 2013, with people moving to the 5D New Earth from October 2013. Many of them will be young children whose parents chose to stay living at 3D or 4D level will be mostly orphans. Some other people will go to new lives on other 5D planets and the remainder will go to new lives on other 3D and 4D planets.

3. The 3D earth will still remain physical existence but will be barren like Mars.

All this may sound like a terrible thing but it can be looked at as what needs to happen at the beginning of a new era. The earth’s population will be at a level where all species can enjoy a harmonious and cooperative life on Earth. Everyone will simply move onto their next life.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this life on earth is less than one day in our real lives and we aren’t even our real selves (Higher Self) but are just a smaller version of ourselves (Soul). We were all told this would happen before we reincarnated and knew the opportunities we needed to recognise if we were to Ascend. For some species on Earth, it will improve their chances of survival as there will not be the human destruction of Nature taking place on the 5D New Earth.

This is not about us but is about Gaia and she will be ascending to a higher state.

So it really is a wonderful thing but it will be a bumpy ride.

Quan Yin re Winter Solstice 2012

Quan Yin re Winter Solstice 2012

This is Quan Yin greeting you on this beautiful sunny morning in Ireland. A wonderful land where Nature and all her lifeforms are doing well.

It’s only five days now before the much awaited Winter solstice. We want to take this opportunity to give a briefing which is as clear as possible with regard to what this energy is really about, as it comes into your world during that three day period from the 21st to the 24th.

You have heard how it will come from the centre of the galaxy. You may have heard also that it comes from a much higher level within our universe, coming into your galaxy through that energy channel. Some call it a “black hole” but from our perspective it’s a very bright hole. It’s certainly a most important shaft of transition.

This Winter Solstice energy has been created and inspired by the very highest levels of our Great Creator – that infinite source of love, light and joy, along with the vital ability to create great forms using these energies. It’s coming through at a point of time which has been looked forward to for a very long time. It is a major change of direction, not only for your planet, but also for the whole of your Solar System, the whole Galaxy and indeed most of the other galaxies within your universe, depending always on their particular situation within the creative and evolutionary process.

When one has these special moments, a great deal of thought and creative energy is deployed to make sure that these energies are going to be used most effectively within the hierarchy of living beings throughout each domain, whether it be a planet, solar system or galaxy. We mention specifically this aspect of hierarchy because it’s crucial to understand that this process is first and foremost an evolution of the planets and the suns to whom they belong. We have put out this understanding for a long time: that the evolution of the planets and of your Solar System in particular is going to happen anyway and the bigger choices and sets of decisions are going to affect humanity and the various species living upon your beautiful planet.

Gaia, your planetary Spirit, a very great Being of extraordinary creative power, made her decision to definitely move up to the Fifth Dimensional level a little while back and she is clearly set upon this direction and following right through. This is crucially important as we have pointed out on a number of occasions hitherto.

The planets are interconnecting members of a family within each solar system. Their inter-relationships are crucial to the operation of the whole arena. So it was essential that Gaia made this move.

It is true that she made this decision relatively late within the time period available and that this has had a considerable effect upon humanity, many choosing “en masse” to postpone any consideration about whether they wished to make the Ascension when Gaia moved up herself. But that’s what happened and, as always, we deal with the present situation, where we focus in the NOW.

The important understanding is that each individual within humanity is responsible for what they choose. There’s no right or wrong, from our perspective, about whether an individual chooses to give priority within their life decisions and choices to moving up with Gaia to the new 5D existence and the 5D New Earth.

It has, for some individuals, a great offer of fulfilment: a love-based society based on open Heart-Centres, the expression of joy on a continual basis. This isn’t a fantasy and it’s certainly not fiction. It’s been available for a very long time as something to work towards, making those choices within your life, where you become more and more compatible with this New World.

As we pointed out some years ago in The Revolution of 2012 series, it’s quite difficult to move from a state of absolute non-preparation to saying “Well, yes, I really want to be part of this”. We’re not saying that it’s impossible but it’s going to be a real stretch for an individual who really hasn’t paid much attention to this opportunity up to now.

What is needed, whether you have been one of those who has been preparing and attuning to the new realities or whether you haven’t — what is required is the same standard of attunement to move forward. Using the analogy of the radio station tuning, since in one way or another each human individual is tuning-in all the time on incoming frequencies of energy. Within the 3D world there is one set of frequencies, as you move into the 4D Consciousness of transition, you learn to attune to attune to those energies which contain a “hint” of what the 5D level is like. And after you have learned to take on board the “hint”, you learn to experience more of those higher energies to such an extent that, when you finally move to the 5D level yourself, it’s not a shock – more a harmonious step. What we’re describing is the original Spiritual plan.

So within the 4D transitional level, those individuals who have taken it seriously learn to attune to the higher levels and above all to open the Heart-Centre so they can feel. And feeling at the heart level is somewhat different to feeling at the Solar Plexus level – the “gut feeling” which has always been important for living upon the Earth at the 3D level.

The Heart-Centre opening is very much about tuning to a whole new set of frequencies. These aren’t frequencies and energies which merely are devoted to helping an individual “get by in life”, to which the Solar Plexus intuition is more related – aligning yourself with whatever the 3D situation is about, finding a way through it, being aware of danger etc.

However, with the Heart-Centre opening, one accommodates energies coming from much higher levels – you begin to re-enter the hierarchy of living, where the energies of inspiration, of wisdom and of understanding come down and begin to experience some enlightenment. These higher energies enter the Heart-Centre perhaps first as a trickle and then, if the Heart-Centre opens, that flow increases to a stream. As the Heart-Centre opens fully, a state of union can be achieved with the higher energies.

During the three days of the Winter Solstice, the energhies coming through will be enormously enhanced. And each individual currently incarnated on Earth will have a choice of how they interact and/or experience these energies or maybe attempt to avoid them.

Our advice to you all, notwithstanding the state of preparedness or unpreparedness you may be in, we suggest you face this energy directly. Do your absolute best to open up all your feelings, open up all your senses and welcome this energy, even though it may seem somewhat overwhelming in the moment. Just trust enough that you can begin to flow with it and have it flow within you. Think of it as a great gift from the Creator.

Within this Winter Solstice energy, there has been some provision made to help those individuals who have made very little attempt to prepare themselves for this time. We have built in a few elements of energies to help them to feel a little spark of joy perhaps and maybe say to themselves “this is good. I’d like to experience some more – I’d like to get closer to the source of where this comes from”.

Of those who had the opportunities to study, learn and, above all to experience the higher energies, some took an opportunity while others “chose to pass by on the other side”. And within the great mainstream of humanity, most are totally unaware of these changes underway.

So this energy is there potentially as a form of “life support” so that an individual, who has not prepared but is willing to respond at a heart level, may feel enough energetic support and encouragement to start to move forwards even at this very, very late stage.

One of the crucial changes required of these individuals and, indeed of most of humanity, is the understanding that life expression is about serving a higher cause, serving those around you while still taking responsibility for maintaining your individual energy level. Some describe this change as moving from a “service to self” orientation towards that of “service to others”. There’s a lot of truth in this simple classification. And it’s a move also from a state of relative isolation to a comfortable and enjoyable integration with your fellow beings, whether they be human individuals also or from some other species, all of whom are fully alive.

In many cases, within the kingdoms of the animals, birds and plants there is greater attunement with Spirit than there is among the human population. It was never intended that humanity would find itself in this somewhat dire situation of separation.

We know that there is a better chance for individuals to step forward if they understand that it is a necessity, should they wish to stay living on this beautiful planet as she evolves. We know that this is not what everybody wants to hear, we communicate it anyway because we know people are more likely to step forward if they understand the importance of this time and this situation.

As we have watched humanity and watched individuals making their choices in terms of what are their priorities in life, we see a great need for individuals to change their orientation. There are still parts of your world where the presence of God and Spirit are acknowledged, not only on a daily basis but even hour by hour within the day. There are those parts of your world where even in “down to earth” business activity there is an acknowledgement that God is present in some form – that his is part of life on Earth, recognising the higher energies in daily life. But in the Western world, this consciousness is most noticeably absent. The secularisation often carried out in the name of individual freedom has caused an extraordinary degree of separation from all aspects of Spirituality.

Within these outer realms like your Solar System as we look at these arenas far from the Great Central Sun where the Great Creator is located, there are special areas where “experimental” energies are allowed and encouraged. This is a normal part of the Spiritual Creation process which provided the evolutionary opportunity for an individual to move a long, long way from being connected with the Godforce.

But it has been a little surprising, even at our level, as we tend to think that we have “seen it all”, our team has been amazed by the extent to which humanity has rushed into this void of separation. While we absolutely acknowledge individuals’ right to make these choices, we notice that this stampede towards separation was made without any real understanding of what the consequences would be. This happened despite the best efforts of our outstanding representatives present within many societies, who did their best to describe what the consequences of these choices would be.

So, as materialism has taken a stronger and stronger hold on human society, there have been individuals who have, not only chose to maintain the Path of Spiritual connection and alignment, but also spoke the somewhat unpopular message that it wasn’t a good idea , not a good plan to move towards this unfortunate world of materialism. We would even say this “unhappy” world of materialism because, without this Spiritual connection, the heart finds it very difficult to thrive, and any true sense of happiness must always be through the heart.

We don’t mean this in just a romantic sense which would be a trivialisation of the connection. We’re not against romance – far from it! It can be a situation where the heart opening can move forward in great strength. But the ability to feel everything through the Heart-Centre is the key to any sense of alignment with what we would call the “higher truth”, which translates into the expressions of love and joyfulness, creation/creativity, the alignment with others within your society, alignment with the other species within the plant, animal, insect and tree kingdoms. Understand that it is a living wholeness and that there is much joy to be found within that. And the more you draw on that joy and wholeness, the more you become that, while still feeling yourself as an individual more and more strongly.

It is truly one of the great misunderstandings that to be free as an individual, to be able to feel your individuality most clearly, that you have to be in some way separate and completely self-centred. It is one of the most unfortunate of many misunderstandings currently held at the 3D level.

But our message of this morning is that at this Winter Solstice, what ever the condition or situation an individual finds themselves in, they can choose to let go of the imperfections. They can let go of the consequences of all the choices they have made up to this point in time, if they allow themselves to feel the new energies coming in to your world.

So we suggest that should you wish to go this way towards Unity, towards the next world which is much closer to the “heavenly” concept that has been allowed into your mainstream, that you take some symbolic deep breaths and consciously say: “ I accept myself as I am at this point of time, warts and all. I want to move forward, I want to open my heart, my mind and my senses. I welcome in this beautiful energy coming from the higher levels of creation.

And the energy comes through that wonderful living being you call “the Sun”, it comes through the high Spiritual Beings of Helios and Vesta who operate and create within the Sun. They will be sending this energy out to each of the planets in terms of what’s need at this time.

So you can trust and be sure that the energy available to you at this time will be within the ranges you can assimilate, once you say and affirm that you truly wish to be part of the New World, as Gaia makes her Ascension accordingly.

Our love and caring are with you all.

I am Quan Yin.

Moving to 5D through the Dnet

From Keith Laidler:

More people are joining the Dnet from around the world as they are directed to us by their guides. It’s a slow process now but soon it will pick up speed as it becomes more obvious that the world is changing. Some people are also leaving the network as they have difficulty believing in the 5D energies. Some of them will return but for others there may not enough time to adjust to living in a 5D world. Those who aren’t ready to make the transition to 5D lives will go on to live further lifetimes on 3D or 4D planets, according to what they need to experience next.

Just as the Dnet regulates the energy each person receives, steadily increasing it over time, so it also makes sure that individuals can engage with the new energies. For me and everyone else involved in the dnet, newcomers are more than welcome to participate, if they feel moved to get involved. We accept that for many individuals at this time their interests and their route may be different.

It is not easy to accept that people we care about are choosing another path which will take them to a different life. Taking on a new body with a new life destiny, maybe a completely different one to the current model, they will have a different Spiritual focus so they can learn new lessons, and they are confronted with a completely new set of problems to work their way through. This is what Spiritual growth is all about.

When we move to the 5D New Earth, our bodies will be altered to live in a less dense 5D environment. We will effectively become much younger as our bodies will regenerate and ageing will be something of the past, although at a certain point in our living evolution, it will be time to consciously move on to another new world (as in “dying”). The planet itself will be very different, as will be the communities and our way of living. Spiritually we will be transformed as we will have opened up to a very different reality, and the challenges we will face will be quite different from those we have faced up to now.

So in many ways we will experience a major rebirth.

Do any of you really expect to go into your next life and share it with your current friends and relations as you all are now? Of course not. So there is no need to feel guilty about going to 5D without them either.

For many, the third most difficult thing to handle is change itself as most people fear it. But actually the best thing is to welcome it as gives us the chance to learn from all the mistakes we have made. We will be free forever of the limitations of a 3d existence and will learn to grow spiritually in a much more harmonious life.

By releasing any residual fear, you will be able to embrace the Dnet and be delighted by you new found strength and what you can now do. Open up to the energies and really let them flow through you.

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