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The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Dolores Cannon and the Move to the 5D New Earth

In order to understand where things are now, we need to review the pattern of change throughout last year, which is continuing through 2013. During the current review period from the Winter Solstice until the upcoming Spring Equinox, the Spiritual Hierarchy are evaluating to what extent humanity is responding to the new energies introduced at the Winter Solstice, before the changes and events of the remainder of the year unfold.

In this video, Dolores Cannon restates the framework of the fundamental and structural changes which we are in the midst of, and goes on to describe the choice available to step into the 5D New Earth.

Dolores Cannon on Significance of 2012