The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

5D Energy and the Dnet

I would like to be able to say more than I will about this but the simple fact is that it is new to me as well and I am learning and being taught how to work with it. So I will explain what I can and, as I learn more, I will pass that on and hopefully others will also relay their experiences of it.

In this and other articles, I often refer to “they” or the “energies”. I am working with a considerable number of different energies and entities from the Light, including Spiritual Masters and Archangels. I have been taught for some time by a Tai Chi archetype and a healing archetype. I also work with some specialised guides so, whenever I say “they” or the energies, I am referring to this Management Team comprising one or more of the above. I don’t want to sound flash over this because I feel just like a modest grain of sand in comparison to any of them. Some other people communicate with them far better than I can.

Also, anyone in the Dnet has the same access to any of them as me as they learn to tune in. I have been just as much out of my depth as anyone else and much of it is beyond my human intelligence. So I do my best to help pass on the guidance to you and, in turn, I hope others will help me.

The 5D energy opened in the main sphere when the Team converted the energy portal at Lamyatt, Somerset into a connection or portal to the 5D. What I didn’t realize at the time was that, as we helped with this process, they also opened the same 5D portal inside the main sphere, so it simultaneously exists in both places. This of course, isn’t possible in our 3D world and indeed, the sphere also doesn’t actually exist in our “normal” reality.

I work with many portals both opening them and clearing them of bugs and they all feel similar with beautiful and powerful light energy streaming out. The 5D portal feels completely different and looks almost like a black hole and can feel cold and empty like space. That’s why we visualize it as a black core in the connecting tube. Yet it emanates out the energy in many different forms (most of which I am not able to see or understand at present) and is indeed very beautiful. It also joins with the other energies in the sphere to produce a very powerful and unique energy signature. So I see it as a black energy sometimes and other times as a bright energy and others as a black energy inside a light energy. But I feel that there are many more colours to it and it exists in forms that I cannot see or sense or even comprehend. The energy isn’t to be confused with energies of the dark side as it is black in colour only and you will learn to see other colours in and around it.

The energy delivered to everyone in the Dnet is automatically adjusted to a level that each person can utilize and increases over time as their abilities increase. This is true of all the types of energy flowing, including that of 5D, so currently the levels available to most people are quite modest.

I am more closely connected to the 5D energy than anyone else in the Dnet since I have been used in its manifestation. I normally work at a higher energy level with the other energies both Spiritually and physically and they have been preparing me to do this. Yet I am only able to handle the 5D energy at a modest level. Even then it makes my body shake when I even slightly increase it. Not in an unpleasant way and it does pass, but it feels so different to any other energy I have ever experienced.

The Management Team have begun to show two of us how to bring it into our body and use it physically both on its own and in combination with other energies. We both do Tai Chi and Chi Kung and other related activates. We have spent a long time opening up the channels and gates in our body, while practising moving and using different energies both individually and in different combinations. We have been taught how to move the energies outside of our bodies and between dimensions and can work on ourselves or others Spiritually or physically. We also use it to clear bugs and attachments from people — also to cleanse and heal specific places.

These are not our gifts but are loans from the Team and they can and do cut them off at any time and, when they are taken off us, we feel incredibly vulnerable, weak and empty. It is good to be reminded from time to time as it teaches you that you are very minor by comparison and that you greatly value the loans.

When we work with a more typical energy of the Light, we feel buoyed up, so very powerful and full of light. Some of them are so loving that a feeling of warmth overwhelms you. The dimensional energies and entities we work with are different and again they are more like black energies and feel cold yet warm simultaneously, empty yet still pleasant like the 5D energy. We work closely with these in conjunction with other energies of the Light when we are clearing bugs as we move them into different dimensions. This is the single biggest mistake that people and especially religious representatives make as in most cases they are only offering the bugs death so of course they fight hard. With us, they know the game is up and if they stay they will die so they naturally take the escape route we offer them and their return is blocked because we close that dimensional gate behind them and it is a one way route.

The other energies of the Light by and large strengthen us in different ways and we feel the strength in each other. That strength may be physical, giving us great power, or it may be Spiritual enabling us to heal or to clear bugs. But the dimensional energies give us physical strength and weaken our opponent and destabilise them and you feel it in the other person and it makes you feel very vulnerable. It also increases our Spiritual abilities as a bridge is formed between our normal world and the other dimensions where we use our other abilities such as the third eye. When used in conjunction with the other energies, you have a great power source for the chakras and, suddenly, they all light up like a Christmas tree. I have found that some of my chakras are partially blocked (something I never even knew before) plus they extend out far beyond anything I imagined. I can now feel them on my back as well and can feel the energy flowing through. Working with the 5D energy, in terms of power output, is like working with a nuclear reactor compared with a steam engine!

I have been asked why a large number of energies are working with the Dnet as a Team, rather than just one like Quan Yin, who originally created it. I believe it is because they all simultaneously perform other tasks as well and each has a certain role to play in the Dnet Team and brings different gifts to the operation. The Dnet is stronger for that and needs to be as it will be tested by the dark forces (like everything else on the current Earthplane) who don’t want the changes. The dimensional energies are but one example and it is easy to see why they can perform some tasks better than say the guides and vice versa.

The 5D energy has only been added very recently and, whilst other energies of the Light are still joining, many others had to be in place before the 5D energy could be sustained in the Dnet. It is currently only generating a tiny fraction of its capacity because nobody is able to draw more off it. Initially, just like the other energies, it will gradually and lovingly seep into your individual Spirit and your body, while increasing as quickly as you can adapt to it. Before you can absorb very much of it, you will need to greatly increase the intensity of the other energies in you, to literally “quicken” yourself. Without them, you could not handle the 5D energy. This will all happen naturally through being plugged into the Central Sphere of the Dnet. You will hardly notice the growing intensity or the more refined Attunement at first although, as they accumulate, you will be more and more affected by them.

I have begun the process of assimilating the 5D energy into my body as well as my Spirit and it isn’t easy. I visualize it filling up my body and try to keep that image when working with it and the other energies. It isn’t easy but it becomes easier with practice, just like developing any other new skill was difficult at first.

I am still learning how to work with all these energies and the structures available and I will have to keep updating this on a continual basis. Even in the last week, my understanding of 5D has increased significantly. I sense and know that there is a long way to go yet, for everybody operating with the Dnet.

Keith Laidler