The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

After Joining the Dnet

Remember that this is essentially about progressing to 5D and the Dnet provides you with the facilities to achieve it. Ideally we should all have been preparing for the transition to 5D for most of our lives but most of us have left it too long and will now have to put in more effort to make it. Many energies have come together (the Management Team) to make this possible and, once there were sufficient, a link direct to 5D was established inside the Dnet. This energy flows to anyone who wants it.

People will also be able to work between dimensions as that facility is also available to people in the Dnet and can be taught to anyone who wants it. This was necessary for a direct link to the 5D. You also have direct access to many energies and guides on a level that is impossible for most people and your existing connections will be amplified and strengthened.

Everyone and their protective sphere is automatically cleared twice a day so, if a bug does get through your defences, you know it won’t be there for long. If you cannot wait that long then contact one of us and if possible, you will be cleared sooner. Through the website you can share your experiences (for greater learning) and also ask to connect with others in the Dnet who wish similarly. Hence local or regional groups could be formed

The Dnet does not prevent you working with your current guides, doorkeepers or anyone else that you choose. Indeed, many of them may be working within it anyway and you can choose who you want to work with. It isn’t meant to control you or your life in any way whatsoever but merely acts as a tool and a safety net that you may or may not choose to use.

The Dnet is self regulating so they (the Management Team) will feed you with a level of energy that you can sustain. They will also increase the level if you need extra for something like healing. You can greatly help that process by indicating what level you normally want. So if you call your current level 20, double it every week so it will be 40 next week, 80 the week after, 160 the following week etc. Don’t try to go slower or faster as it won’t do you any good and may confuse the Team.

When you connect, ask for the desired level you want: for example, if you want 320, you ask for 320 plus meaning that the Team are free to increase or moderate the level in my sphere as appropriate. This will give the Team a feel for what you need and they will know to increase it for healing or for any other activity.

Gaia, the loving Light energy, along with the red and black devic energies of Yin and Yang are also in the Dnet. The reason you connect your own protective sphere to them as well is so these energies can then reach you both directly and indirectly through the Dnet. Don’t confuse the energies in the Dnet with vitality as they are not the same. For example, when you heal someone, you usually connect with guides and other wonderful energies and whilst they may feel really nice at the time, they rarely fill you with vitality the next day. But all people absorb energy from around them and particularly through the Yin and Yang devic energies red and black. It is these energies that give you more vitality and you should learn to draw more from them.

Remember all of these energies are alive and vastly more intelligent than us, so always be respectful saying “please” and “thanks”. It is just good manners but it helps to sustain balance between the realms.

The Dnet gives you more power and, over time, this translates into more vitality. A child has boundless energy because all his energy routes and gates are wide open so he draws in energy like a sponge. As we age, the routes partially block like furred arteries and the gates no longer open properly or just stay partly open. Either way, we pull in less and less energy in consequence. We also become unbalanced energetically and Spiritually so we grow progressively wearier.

The Dnet suddenly increases the energy going into you and this enables you to use gifts that weren’t available to you before because you couldn’t power them — much like you cannot power headlights off a flat battery. So your chakras are able to open, you can use your third eye, your healing becomes far more powerful, you can easily heal people in other countries etc. In martial arts, we can hurl people across the room with our index fingers or we can ward off strikes without even touching our opponents and so on. But if you don’t run regularly yet choose to set off on a 5 mile run because you suddenly have the energy for it, your body will ache for days afterwards because your organs and limbs aren’t used to it. In other words, there is a need for consistency in your rejuvenation.

You will have to be rewired physically and spiritually both to handle the extra energy and ultimately to make the move to 5D. These changes will automatically happen in stages and they will leave you tired at times just as will using your new gifts. Between the stages you will feel really good.

Energy flows around the body through known routes and there are main and secondary gates along these routes. A young person will have little difficulty adapting to the new energy source because the routes and gates will function perfectly so the increased energy will flow freely. But others will have partial and total blockages in some routes and some gates will not open and close freely. This didn’t matter with the normal energy flow but now it will show up in discomfort or even some pain in those areas. The energy will try to break down the blockages and the body will try to fix the gates and there will be an all round improvement in your health but it takes time. It will also be easier for people who do Tai Chi, Chi Kung or yoga, while meditation will help with the spiritual changes. We can help with this and will write a paper on ways of clearing yourself more quickly and will recommend some easy exercises.

You will acquire new gifts or in reality, you will activate or enhance gifts that are already inside you but weren’t being powered up because there wasn’t enough energy available or because the routes were partially or totally blocked. This means you will start seeing, sensing and hearing things that people around you cannot. Spirits may become attracted to you because they will see the changes in your aura that will expand and become fuller. You may start seeing more of your past lives, you may receive visions of future events, and some will become able to use telepathy. And so on it goes and I know people who can do these and many other things and many of them have never been able to do anything out of the ordinary. I am an excellent example of this as until around 12 years ago I had no gifts whatsoever, and only believed in science, so it has been a hard road for me but now I have been lent many gifts. I emphasise “lent” because they have shown me they can easily take them away and I am left with just me!

If it all sounds too good to be true, then think again. Many of your family and friends will think you are nuts and you will find yourself drifting away from them to new friends. You will be desperate to take them with you on this journey but they will most likely think that you have lost the plot. Sensing what other people feel about you isn’t that great either and seeing things that you have never seen before takes some getting used to.

Then, as we discuss in the “Attachments and Bugs” article, there are the bugs and that is the toughest thing of all to deal with. But the Dnet will shelter you from most of that and the people in it will help and share their experiences plus, once you have learned you can beat them, they just become an occasional pain in the arse like mosquitoes. Unfortunately, many people walk around with them anyway without any knowledge of their presence. However, through using the Dnet you will have complete protection and balance which will see you through any situation.

Personally though, I would absolutely hate to go back to what I was as it would be like becoming blind, deaf and dumb all at once. I have had some beautiful experiences with this and every day is a wonderful adventure. I have bathed in the new 5D energy and it is lovely. Some of the energies I have joined with have been a total joy and I regard this as an honour.

Many people say they are already living a 5D life and, whilst it may be true for some of them, many may be quite mistaken. I certainly am not yet doing so. I work between dimensions, with guides and the 5D energy is flowing through me and I heal and clear people and places. (I hasten to add that I have been extremely flawed, have made one mistake after another in my life and cannot in any way be a secular example to anybody else!). The reason I question whether or not people are already living a 5D life is because the 5D energy is extremely difficult to work with while still living on planet Earth (before her Ascension), so living inside it would be almost impossible right now.

It is inside me as it is with all the people in the Dnet who are connected to it but so far I can only handle tiny levels of it and it is only growing inside me at the rate I can handle physically and spiritually. So whilst people may be living their lives with many of the qualities required for 5D living, I suspect many of them are not actually living a 5D life. But whatever level you are at, the Dnet will enable you to progress and ultimately be ready for the transition to full 5D.

This is open to absolutely everyone who has the ability and heart to connect to it and wants to work with the Light. If they let someone like me (in my original state) join in , then anyone can as long as they want to lead a good life, regardless of any mistakes they may have made in this life. I have made many and I try to make up for past mistakes. If people don’t want to work with the Light they won’t be allowed to connect and, anyway, the energy would be unpalatable for them. Everyone is equal and has equal access to the energies and your background is irrelevant.

As more join, this will grow and will become stronger and more energies will join to help. Many of those who join early will help those who join later and hopefully it will become a large family.

Keith Laidler