The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

An Introduction to Using the Dnet Energy in Martial Arts

At your disposal through the Dnet, you have a huge amount of power available: spiritual masters, entities, different energies including the 5D energy, dimensional energies, Gaia and other planets and stars and of course, God.  Even more important, you are directly linked into them especially at the 5D level.  This makes energy transference much more straightforward for all concerned.

So you have far more power at your disposal than you can imagine but you must use it modestly and wisely.  It isn’t you or your skill or ability.  You are just the pipe work through which they flow so you must be polite remembering to say please and thank you.  It becomes a partnership as it needs your visualisation to work. The better you visualize it, the more effective it will be.  The biggest mistake we martial artists make when working with energy is not realizing that it is alive and intelligent.

It becomes even more important that you open up your energy routes and gates as well and you need to stand correctly to really allow it to move through you.  One of the best books that I have read on this topic is Opening The Energy Gates Of Your Body by Bruce Frantzis and his set of exercises entitled The Swing are excellent for opening up.  Because you will have so much energy, many of the things you have been taught about won’t really apply because it is aimed at people with lower amounts of energy at their disposal and so they must be careful about how they use it.

Think of yourself being connected to Dnet mains electricity and others, by comparison, being powered by a battery. You have an unlimited power and can flow it through you like a river.  Also, you have vast amounts of energy around your body and you will learn to use it as if you had enlarged limbs to increase your power.  I imagine myself as a Michelin man with huge arms, legs and torso and that not only increases my power and strength but it also takes away all the tension.

The proof that this works is to do ward offs without touching your opponent, who also closes his eyes at the last second so you cannot influence him.  The ward-offs are devastating but must still be performed exactly as though you were making contact or they don’t work.  It does take a while to be confident that he won’t hit you!  The extra power also greatly enhances your speed as you don’t feel the need to be tense, plus all the moves can be far smaller as they don’t need to generate any physical power.

Probably the greatest advantage you have is the ability to work with dimensional energy and very few can do this.  We exist in more dimensions than we realize and we can influence our opponent in these other dimensions, where they have virtually no protection if any.  The simple proof of this is to stand in Pushing Hands and to change the dimension in any of your opponent’s limbs, after which you will be able to push him away with ease with a single finger.  Just ask a dimensional energy to go into the limb and it will.

Pushing Hands is a great way to test the energy and to improve your skills and you can test each other to make sure you aren’t imagining it.  You will learn to unbalance your opponent, while working with a number of the energies and combinations of them.  Then you will learn that every energetic move can be countered with another, just like working mechanically with the body.  It’s great fun.

Being properly rooted is also essential.  You will already have three connections with Gaia and you must learn to see your feet on the floor of a pit way down inside the Earth both when you are standing and when you are moving.  After a while you really will be there and it will become fairly automatic but you still have to keep reminding yourself that you are there.

Also, see a column of energy coming from way above you, through you, around you and down to the bottom of the pit and this strengthens you further.  Don’t make the column so wide that it covers your opponent or you will simply strengthen him as well.  You will learn that the correct distance strengthens you and simultaneously weakens him as his energy is drawn into yours.

Opening all of your chakras is also vital and especially the heart centre, which is far and away the most important chakra.  You will eventually learn to join with everything through this.  You can help your partner with this by joining each chakra to the other persons one at a time initially then, later on, all of them.  Both of you focus on opening one person’s chakra by visualizing them opening and then swap roles.  Your posture makes a big difference to how well they open.  Opening the chakras seems to be ignored by most martial artists and that is a big mistake.

It is often stressed that the energy is concentrated in the lower Dan Tien and that it must be delivered from there and replenished but this is because the available energy is limited. For those using the Dnet, all of the reservoirs should be full all of the time as we don’t use them up, even temporarily.

As already mentioned, it is important that the energy routes and gates are opened as much as possible.  You may find at first that you experience discomfort and even pain in certain places.  This is because previously you have had only a trickle of energy flowing around your body, whereas now you have a river and the energy is pushing to open these blockages.

If you focus on these places, visualizing the energy flowing through them and breaking down the blockages, they will go fairly quickly.  Once you have opened up all the main channels and gates, the energy flow itself will open up the minor ones and you will start to feel it all over your body.  If at first it feels uncomfortable, the trick is to consciously think that you are succeeding.  In this way, you feel good about the process and soon you stop noticing any discomfort.  Play with sending the energy flow to any part of your body and also to any part of your partner’s body.

Should you have an injury, simply send the energy to that part of the body and it will heal quickly.  Whenever you do that though, send it to there and see it continuing to pass through, or the fresh energy will get blocked.  When you really advance energetically, draw the energy away initially using the dimensional energies.  At the same time replace it with the normal energy or the healing energies and then just work with the latter energies.

This is all down to visualization and posture and, if either is lacking, then so will be the effects.  Even a small postural error such as a bent finger can unbalance the energy and considerably reduce it.  Of course, this is demanding but you will learn and it will become like a reflex action so it can be done at speed.  Sparring is one of the best ways of testing this but body armour is mandatory because the power is devastating.  Always send the energy through your opponent rather than placing it in him to avoid damaging him.

Only use it offensively in a controlled test and not in sparring, until you have learned to control it.  But you can use it in your own body to increase your power and speed even when sparring.  You can also do kicking and punching exercises, where you both know what is happening, but be sure to use a thick kick pad and body armour for protection.  You will soon have enough power to send someone across a room with one finger even against  the pad and armour.  I used to practice against a wall sending myself across the room but one day I smashed up my arm doing it and have been very careful since!

Don’t use this against an opponent who isn’t in the Dnet, except by mutual agreement  because it gives you an unfair advantage and overrides their skill.  Be aware that, no matter how much energy you have, it simply won’t work against some people.  It is the same with healing and trying to put the energy into some people is like trying to put it through concrete.  I am not sure why but they just don’t have a sufficiently developed energetic system in most cases and for fewer people, their spiritual protection is incredibly strong but these are less common.

Certainly, when I do distant healing in this way with some people, I cannot detect any spiritual energy.  Conversely, some people are incredibly open and one must be careful not to start a chain reaction in them when they are suddenly confronted with a raft of different energies.  They are especially vulnerable to bugs and don’t have the protection of the Dnet so be careful.  You really need to find a partner who is also in the Dnet for your training to be meaningful.

I have spent years working with my training partners to improve the techniques and marry them with enhanced energy. Maybe I will have mastered it in another 100 years or so!  Initially, we didn’t have the advantage of the Dnet so what took us years hopefully will only take you weeks or months. Those people who are more skilful than me will be able to do it more immediately and go way past me.

The Dnet amplifies your skills and gives you many new ones.  We have been taught by a Tai Chi archetype, which is basically a spiritual teacher who knows everything there is to know about it.  All you have to do to access him is to ask him to help with your training and he will come as he is part of the Dnet.  I am sure we have driven him nuts with our initial lack of talent but it has been wonderful having the tuition.

You will learn things back to front so you instantly know how to do the most complex moves but then go on to break it down in order to understand what you have just learned!  You will be taught different things because you can then instantly transmit them to your partner.  Sometimes you can pick up the teachings really well but other times you struggle because we are so limited.  We never know what we are going to be taught as the lesson just unfolds.

It’s a good idea to put a protective sphere of loving light energy around your training room beforehand and remember to take it down afterwards.  You can then visualize the energy level being elevated in the room and that makes everything easier.  You will learn to feel the different energies.

I could write an entire book about this but it is now really a matter of trying it for yourself and seeing where it leads.

Remember, the use of these energies is a privilege and these gifts can be revoked should they be misused.  From time to time the overseeing Guide  will remind you of this and may withdraw it from you at a really awkward time like when you are sparring with your partner.  You go from feeling invincible to feeling like a 10 year old girl and your opponent senses it and can respond accordingly.