The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

Ascension Opportunity (Part 1)

By Master Quan Yin

Greetings, this is an aspect of Quan Yin rather than the Catherine you are used to, although we are all of the same lineage, the same multi-dimensional Being.

The work this afternoon involves quite different vibrations, wave frequencies, new colours and perhaps new insights. We are opening the door to your deeper participation at a much higher level of consciousness.

The period that humanity is going through (and you are going through as members of that great collective group) is immense. Here and there some guidelines of explanation are being circulated about what’s happening. They are being read by a few people and understood by even fewer. With so many busy activities being required of most individuals in physical form, it is challenging to keep track of the key essence of each day, the truth which is there. And yet the situation is such that you need to rise to that challenge of maintaining and extending your understanding each day.

It’s like there’s a new dish or almost new menu being presented by the Spiritual Hierarchy to each of you when you wake up in the morning hours. It is almost as if the world is being re-programmed in the small hours on a nightly basis, although there are not any signs up saying so, let alone major notifications in the mass media. One of the objectives of this communication is just to say it as clearly as possible – “Each day is becoming more and more different from its predecessor than you have ever experienced”.

Taking a broad view, this is very much in the category of “Good News” for those within humanity who have aspired to a much more harmonious life on the Earth: a life where things work out well and lovingly as a normal feature of engagement with individuals and all the other dimensions of Livingness, where every activity in which you engage has a built-in joyfulness. Millions have aspired at various times to be part of such a world – a rather smaller number are still holding that belief and truth within their hearts currently.

So this message is for those of you who have voyaged successfully to this point on the eve of a gargantuan change with your heart’s aspirations intact. We’re going to show you a place you’ve not been to before, or at least not for a very long time.

Let us envisage a beautiful grassy valley – a shallow valley rather than a steep sided one – dotted with wild flowers, with a variety of quite mature trees as well as some younger ones. There is a small river, more the size of a brook perhaps, running along the base of the valley, twisting and turning as is the way of running water – knowing where it has to go in the end, staying with its course.

There are several comfortable wooden benches near the brook of the sort that have curved wooden backs, so that you are fully supported. You find yourself looking around at this beautiful valley – the air is full of the deepest fragrances. In the background you hear a great diversity of joy-filled birds singing from their hearts. Sunlight radiates continuously with a gentle temperature. While you’re taking in the whole scene here, you are invited to sit down on one of these most comfortable benches, still surrounded by this total beauty. So please do that now.

You become aware of a new rhythm flowing through your body – it comes up through your feet, up through your ankles, through your legs to your hips, into the abdominal area, flowing up the spine, filling the chest , moving up through the neck to fill the head, down the arms also.

Then you notice the change in frequency – a pulsing energy. You notice outside that the colours in the sky appear to be in synchronicity with these energies you feel pulsing upwards through your body. In some way, the colours and shades are moving in accordance with this pulsing energy within you. Even the birdsong changes and joins in this unified expression. You feel wave after wave of this joy-filled energy.

With so many overlapping frequencies, you see a kaleidoscope of colours changing each fraction of a second. As you sit there, you are totally part of this experience of vibrant life energy. It’s like you are immersed in the deepest music yet it’s a music without notes – tiny pulses, thousands of them, producing harmonies beyond anything you have ever heard previously. Within your mind, colours come and go in tune with these musical impulses. You are truly at one with all the energies of this enchanted valley.

Now you are invited to choose a thought related to one of your deepest aspirations. Bring this thought and aspiration into your mind and hold it there lovingly. Then see it very gently extending down to your heart centre, so that it exists strongly in both areas. As you embrace this aspirational thought, it develops some structure, taking on some kind of texture.

You notice that the energy flow within your body seems to have reversed; instead of the energy flow coming up through your feet, you power coming from aspirational thought – your new creation – seems to flow downward through the legs, out through the feet out into the valley. It begins to take form in this magical place because you are one with the whole valley; its inhabitants and all its energetic patterns and frequencies.

And so it responds to your new creation. Although the birds singing are still themselves, they respond by putting out their higher vibrational patterns in perfect alignment with your new creation. The murmurs and the bubbling sounds from the brook also change to harmonise with your creative energies now spreading throughout the whole valley.

You can even feel the trees as Great Spirits, smiling as they give their energies also towards the manifestation of your creation. For them it is second nature to respond in this way. Within the rays of the Sun, you notice the change of emphasis there also, an overtone difference, it seems.

You see and feel your creation coming into a visible etheric form, one that you can feel clearly, gradually becoming more visible. You notice that the energy is still flowing from your head and heart continuously and steadily, going out into the valley, finding its way to all the parts it needs to go to – bring this creation into fruition.

This is an important glimpse, or vision if you prefer, of the creation process used by the Divine Feminine in its many activities within your Earth as well as many other places within the Universe. We are bringing this understanding to your attention to help in this huge adjustment that individuals on Earth are currently facing, even those who have been on the Spiritual Path for many years. They are facing this enormous adjustment to much higher levels of consciousness, which are opening up at an exponential rate.

At these higher levels of consciousness, the abilities to create and manifest are unlimited to an extraordinary extent, compared with what you are familiar with in the 3rd and 4th dimensions of consciousness. The old saying “Be careful what you wish for because it may come true” is going to be amplified in its importance some 1,000 times. Your creation will begin to come into being almost immediately you envisage it, which can be a most joyful way of living – a joyful experience once you have mastered the very necessary degree of self-discipline. Without this self-discipline, it can be, shall we say, an exciting ride down the rapids of one of your rushing mountain rivers. Since some people choose to do that for fun, it’s not a terrible thing in itself, provided you have trained yourself for that kind of experience. Otherwise it can lead to difficult consequences.

We are planting this understanding and now bringing it to the forefront of your attention so that you have the opportunity to work with it, play with it, internalise it a little before you find it is the normal way of operating in the New Earth. This will enable you to proceed in relatively calm waters.

So now you can see your creation before you – its yours! You can return to this valley by just using the name Quan Yin to call on me and the right level from which I am speaking now will respond, as you keep the picture of the valley in your mind. The whole process starts and moves forward – we have created it that way.

So there’s plenty of homework here and we’re looking at a transition to this much higher level of consciousness within days and weeks, although the Gregorian calendar does not really relate very precisely. It’s more likely to happen in stages –rather irregular stages – with sudden surges of energy around one particular aspect and then, perhaps, another balancing inflow from another angle. We do guarantee that you will wake up each morning, from now on, feeling quite different from how you felt the previous day, even though you may have to encounter some of the same people – yet they will not seem quite the same. Sometimes they may seem to be significantly different as they themselves move forwards on their Path of Evolution.

The one outcome you can depend on is that the whole process of creating the New Earth will move forward to the manifestation of its designed framework and energy flow.


As we move forward into this world which responds so directly and harmoniously to the procedures of inspired creation already outlined, it is vital to maintain a methodical meticulousness as to how your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and aspirations are allowed to go out into the world of New Earth. There is not going to be the “fail-safe” buffer of time delay and resistance, with which we are used to interacting in the third dimensional world.

The new set-up is both exciting and demanding for each individual human who opens to the opportunity of Ascension to these realms of higher Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. Without this “fail-safe” buffer of inertia, and without the complex pattern of motivations and constraints from your individual karmic package, creative energy from your heart-centre manifests into Fifth Dimensional structures without let or hindrance. And your creation (and its successors) will inherently contain the harmony, inter-dependence and joyful co-operation of the New Earth.

With that degree of creative ability available, a person may well wish to practice being still in both mind and heart-centre as a normal “state of being”, other than when a creative design is being worked on actively and then manifested. It’s rather like switching off your car engine when the vehicle has no need to move forwards or backwards. In this way, when the creation faculty is engaged, it is not going to be mixed up with a multitude of other thoughts and feelings from other projects and/or contexts.

Whether you are in a male or female body, it is essential to develop the inner feminine because that is the source of your individual creative ability and power to manifest desired outcomes. So in the White Brotherhood mystery schools during the last several thousand years, a female initiate learned the inner power of masculine projection, while a male initiate had to master both feminine receptiveness deep within their body as well as learning to use the power of projection from the integrated mind and heart-centre.

As you welcome each day within this intense stage of the Earth’s (and your) journey of Ascension, you are invited to feel and inhale the new energy of the day upon awakening. In this way, you will be most able to appreciate the very real unfolding of the Fifth Dimensional Consciousness and the birth of both your New World and the New Earth.


One of the many challenges built into this process is that each individual person Ascending needs to lovingly come to terms with the understanding that Ascension is an individual Spiritual process. Family connections, friendship patterns and other inter-relationships may be strong in the third and fourth dimensional worlds. However, once the karmic energies pulling individuals together in one-on-one or group partnerships have been fulfilled into neutrality (a condition of Ascension to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness), the remaining “heart to heart” relationship related energy flows may not require a continuing daily interaction. The phrase “love you always” will take on a new meaning at the Fifth Dimensional level, as it will be straightforward to send and receive loving energy at a heart level indefinitely, without the third and fourth dimensional need for close physical proximity.

Naturally, each parent who individually commits themselves and prepares for Ascension also wishes that their children will ascend in similar fashion. But whether or not a child is ready and willing to move up to a radically new dimension at this time is determined by the child’s Higher Self, rather than by family loyalties and perceived obligations.

The love and protective instincts of the parent can best be expressed by advising/briefing each child about what the Earth’s Ascension means for them, in whatever terminology works in the context of that child’s level of development and the particular parent/child relationship. The parent can also send higher frequency energy to the child as a kind of “homing signal”, which the child may or may not use to raise their consciousness.

Ultimately the child’s Higher Self and the Lords of Karma will have the final say on whether the child is ready for the Ascension to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness or whether they need to experience one or more further lifetimes on an available planet still at the third/fourth dimensional level. We all knew before we incarnated into the current lifetime what were the patterns of possibilities and probabilities within our destiny pattern and the degree of opportunity to Ascend to the Fifth Dimensional New Earth. Then the exercise of freewill by the individual determines the pathways of experience and the outcomes within the karmic patterns of destiny.

The older the child, the less influence the parent can bring to bear (no surprises there). Every child who has completed the first 13 years is Spiritually an adult, whatever their ongoing needs for support and nurturing. The children under 13 are more susceptible to the parental influence and more able to follow a parental Ascension if that is happening.

The love and caring an adult individual feels for other adults, whether they be partners, friends or relatives, can also be expressed by the advising/briefing process about the rapidly approaching Ascension opportunity, should that other adult be open to hearing and responding – obviously a freewill decision. But an enlightened adult can certainly send higher frequency energy to the other person in a “homing signal” role, which can make a real difference in Ascension outcome in borderline cases.


Feel free to implement any and all of these practices in these vital days prior to the Earth’s completing its Ascension to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. You may call on me by name (Quan Yin) for help and insight in making your own preparations to move forwards and upwards.

Blessings to you all,

I am Quan Yin.

Andrew Smith, November 2011