The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

Ascension Opportunity Part 2

By Quan Yin

This is something of a sequel to our communication earlier this month about the Ascension opportunities of 2011/12, which you have all read. We are conscious that, since this previous message, your world has moved closer to the brink of financial collapse. Concurrently, the great Earth being you know as Gaia has moved further towards the culmination of her Ascension to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness (5D).

This is most certainly a time when a wise student on the Spiritual Path pays attention to the practical provisions for your family’s physical support during this time of transition, along with the attunement to the higher levels of consciousness which will enable you to be part of the New 5D Earth. The old 3D Earth is in the process of being released by Gaia and will end up as a somewhat inert mass, quite similar to the current 3D Mars.

An important part of the day to day preparations to come through these challenging times marking the final implosion of a rotted societal structure, is to learn to co-operate far more closely with like-minded individuals. By forming groups and examining in detail what it would be like to live together in community, you are coalescing a powerful energetic vibration which will facilitate your stepping into a higher consciousness of existence. You more clearly recognise the priority of a service-to-others orientation in your life, phasing out any past pre-occupations with self-gratification.

This co-operation and movement towards closely shared life experiences is of the utmost value and relevance for surviving the decline and failure of supply/distribution systems for the basic necessities of life. But it can also facilitate the first steps of bringing 5D energies into your daily experience and beginning to incorporate them into your lives on a more permanent basis.

The Ascension of the Earth to 5D marks her re-entry into her family of planets within your Solar System and an end to her hitherto separation. For the human individuals living on her surface, there is a corresponding change from the isolated person exercising their freewill “to obtain what they want” to a more enlightened being attuned to higher consciousness and sharing the joys of living with those all around them. This fundamental shift is well underway and there’s no way it’s ever going into reverse. The old 3D Earth will go into relative oblivion without either lifeforce or human inhabitants.

So a committed community group can move towards a deeper integration by sharing their lives week by week on a grounded physical level, with plenty of opportunities for mutual service, support and real caring. They can also come together to learn and practise the attunement with higher consciousness, which will facilitate their passage to 5D and subsequently living on the New Earth.

Our introduction in our previous talk to the creation process of 5D living illustrated the unlimited possibilities and potential when you have broad access to the divine power, coupled with a joyful harmony and alignment with all the other living beings in your vicinity. By maintaining this continuous alignment, you avoid the almost inevitable opposition to any creative proposal put together on 3D Earth, stemming from the absence of shared values and understanding. Without any sense of loving consideration, this results in a morass of rivalry, destructive competition, power plays etc.

Within what is loosed termed the “New Age” movement, there is a very great need to step beyond self-gratification, self-aggrandisement and other expressions of ego, which impede (often severely) the opening up of a love-based Spiritual attunement. These are fundamental requirements if you want to grow towards the 5D consciousness of the New Earth. Instead of a person priding themselves on how much more they know and understand compared with their peers, a love-based individual (with a sense of shared camaraderie) will find often subtle ways to share the insights which have helped them develop a higher perception of human life, and the etheric realms.

At the 5D level of the New Earth, an individual’s experience of living is like being part of dozens of communities simultaneously. It is vital that an individual has developed a strong inner sense of self, along with a clear mind, before precipitating themselves into this multi-dimensional arena.

At the 3D level, an individual has the opportunity to go deeper into each situation, event, relationship and/or challenge, because things do not happen simultaneously. They also do not happen instantaneously, so there is time and space to address the individual components of a situation, as Master Rakoczy has explained in the context of using the Violet Flame.

A major task for a Spiritually inclined individual, on the eve of the Earth’s Ascension, is to find alternative ways of living within each day. In this way every endeavour at work, at home or in developing co-operative undertakings with friends and fellow travellers on the Path, can become at least a partial replica of the energy patterns awaiting you at the 5D level.

This new approach requires an ongoing self-monitoring to identify, challenge and replace old 3D patterns of thinking, speaking, hearing and taking action, with attributes of a 5D essence. Then each day you can certify that you have advanced to a higher level in terms of these “nuts and bolts” of interacting with life itself. The key values of love, compassion, empathy, clarity of perception, focussed actions and creativity are integrated into each moment – all these require the initiate to be fully engaged with their incorporation into daily living.

Alongside your personal endeavours, our team from the Divine Feminine will work with each of you every day (and even more at night) to raise your vibration directly through the impregnation of higher frequencies. These will be selected to be in accordance with the advancing refinement of the Earth’s vibratory lifeforce and, simultaneously, to be of a level that you can absorb harmoniously, maintaining a functioning balance with the place you reached the previous day.

We offer this personalised intervention with a full understanding and recognition of the great effects it will have on each individual who has the courage and determination to ask for this help. You need to be sure in yourself that you really want to complete the evolutionary stage of 3D living and move up to the next class level of 5D.

At this juncture, it is not an opportunity which you can “try before you buy”, let alone decide halfway up the ladder of Ascension that living at a much higher vibration is “not what you really want to do.” You either commit fully to Ascend or stay at your current paradigm. And we have built in the safety measure that, if you are not ready for this great leap forward, you will not feel drawn to seek our help and involvement.

If you decide that you are sure that you wish to participate in this Ascension process, then you call on me by name Quan Yin and state in plain language that you wish to engage with and take part in our programme. You then need to make a personal commitment to self-monitor yourself continually and move towards the 5D pattern as previously described. You can count on our response and enfoldment.

It will be beneficial for individuals, who have made this commitment to Ascend, to get together regularly to attune to the 5D energies in a meditative state. We are making our recording of the 5D creation process available to act as a reliable tuning signal. Invoking the Quan Yin energy directly is also effective, as we respond by flooding the room with 5D energies to be taken in and absorbed.


At an initial stage of our plans for humanity at this time of the Earth’s Ascension, we envisaged the formation of physical communities, akin to self-contained villages, to provide a beneficial framework which we would use for Spiritual enhancement of the community members. By living together in one location, there would be a multitude of opportunities for individuals to grow by loving service to the greater whole. With enough commitment and cooperation to achieve community objectives, the whole enterprise could be elevated to the 5D level.

Some have asked why these planned communities never really manifested at a physical level. We have observed that each individual, who expressed interest in joining a community, was targeted by negative energies, which abound in the astral planes surrounding the Earth at a 3D level. This is nothing new – the course of human life on Earth has been described by the Hermetic (Hermes Trismegistus) as the “University of the Negative”. His teaching emphasised learning about positive-negative polarity and learning to recognise what’s going on within each situation.

Each student within this paradigm has had to either develop a deep inner strength and focused will, with which to move forward with their life endeavours, or be overwhelmed and fall back. The power of the negative forces at this critical stage reached unforeseen levels and only a few would-be founders of these communities had their resolution unaffected by the onslaught.

It became clear that the community energy and framework which we had envisaged was blocked at the 5D level because of the opposition running rampant at the 3D level. This phenomenon had also occurred at the conclusion of the Atlantean experiment, when the remaining land was sinking, and we were addressing alternative ways of living. And then there was all the derision heaped upon gallant Noah, while he prepared by building his Ark.

It is at the end of such an era (or cataclysmic cycle) that we provide for a splitting of the dimensions through which humans are evolving. This happened at the end of Atlantis and it is happening now. This provision is described fully in Vol. 2 of The Revolution of 2012 and it’s how things are – it’s what’s available. The Golden Path takes the committed student to 5D and provides protection from diversions and distractions of all kinds.

The key to your most positive evolution and your ascent along the Golden Path is your personal decision to join the Ascension journey or go your own way. It is up to you to make a conscious choice looking with open awareness at the opportunity being presented.

Should you desire further assistance, Andrew is available for us to communicate through to bring our message and energy to you, your friends and/or your group during the next weeks.

Blessings to you all,

I am Quan Yin.

Andrew Smith, December 2011