The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Ascension Opportunity Part 4

Greetings, this is Quan Yin, communicating as before through Catherine operating at
the Fifth Dimensional (5D) level. This enables us to communicate from a level which
is not usually available for such transmissions to Spiritual groups in your world.

This is partly why the tone of our communications have a different pitch to them. Our
primary goal is for the message to be eminently understandable, clear and precise.
They are still very much love-based and reflect our great concern, and that of the
whole Spiritual Hierarchy at this time, for humanity as you face the enormous shifts
on which the Earth is already well embarked. Our concern relates to the rather thin
response of individual humans facing change on a scale which is truly a revolution in
your lives.

This does not mean in any way that we expect any individual to take action just
because we suggest it’s a good idea to do so. But, if you want to stay with this
beautiful planet as she makes her transition from the OLD Earth at 3D level to the
NEW Earth at 5D Consciousness, then some relevant actions are necessary.
We mentioned in our previous communication that, as the 5D Earth emerges, it is
almost like seeing an astral body stepping out of a physical body, although in this case
the Earth’s 5D “astral” body will be a little denser than the human astral body in that
analogy. The special effects in your film industry would have no difficulty at all in
creating a visual portrayal of this process.

The primary challenge is for humans to believe that this separation is what’s already
in process. From a lifetime of experience, most human individuals believe that they
are very much a physical body. However, there are those of you who have studied in
the Spiritual Realms and have gradually come to understand that you are a Spirit who
inhabits a physical body.

You understand that you came in as a Spirit at the beginning of your life, you follow a
lifetime curriculum, you have all sorts of experiences and you exercise many choices
in the course of that life. At the end, the Spirit leaves in that process often known as
dying. There is of course no death involved in it, just a shift in the environment as the
Spirit goes back to the Spiritual Realms.

So now we are needing to go beyond this understanding which those of you on the
Spiritual Path have worked hard to comprehend fully. We have a situation looming
where a combination of the human Spiritual Body, the astral body together with a
refined version of the physical body, all move on in a state of full functioning.
Therefore it is not only the body of the Earth which steps out in a somewhat astral
form to move up to a 5D level, but also humans who have aligned with the higher
levels of the Earth’s energies. These individuals will be able to step out and step up,
so they can stay with the Earth as she Ascends.

This is not a particularly easy process to understand because there is no precedent for
it on Earth – it’s the first time it has happened with your planet. A year ago, El Morya
introduced you to a highly relevant precedent in that this has happened to all the other two
planets in your Solar System. They have all been through this process of Ascension
from the 3D level, thousands of years ago.

On Venus, it was a harmonious process during which almost all of the population,
quite effortlessly, were able to step into the higher levels. But that is part of the
essence of the Venus energy; they already had a good level of co-operation operating
even at the 3D level.

When the message was introduced on Venus, some 100 years before the actual
planetary Ascension took place, that there was a need for everybody to thoroughly
work through a process of deeply understanding this transition, they immediately set
out to do so. There wasn’t the questioning and doubting: “Well, I don’t understand
that” or “I don’t think that’s really what I want to do” and all the other reasons that
people on Earth come up with as to why they don’t want to grow Spiritually.

So after some 100 years very roughly in Earth time, Venus Ascended and almost
100% of the Venusian population Ascended with her. In her prior 3D state, Venus
was like the current Earth in being a freewill zone and there were a very few
individuals who did not want to make the transition. They preferred to stay at the 3D
level and so they transferred to other planets, which had a similar 3D basis. Nobody
fell through the cracks, everybody was taken care of.

That is the commitment that we make to humanity at this time. But this is not Venus
– we have a much more discordant society where the “leaders”, as they like to call
themselves, of political, financial and social institutions are not aligned with the
highest good. So that makes the challenge of these adjustments much more
substantial for each of you on Earth.

You are having to do a balancing act of keeping the 3D and 4D level of activity
functioning within your current lives, whether that is a business or service, while at
the same time opening yourselves to a radical upgrade. This is quite a balancing act
between two worlds – one fading out and one coming into being – and we want to
acknowledge that this is something that won’t feel straightforward.

On Mars, where the Ascension to the 5D level also happened some thousands of years
ago, it was not as smooth a transition as happened on Venus. Martian energy is
different – your astrological symbology has part of the truth of the essence of Mars
compared with Venus, but there is a lot more to it than your astrologers talk about, but
there is truth within the comparison. So as Mars Ascended, about 60% of the
population chose and managed to make the ascent also. The consequences of less cooperation and more conflict certainly took their toll.

The importance of Mars in terms of understanding this whole process is that it is the
planet which the Earth’s scientific establishment has explored most fully by various
probes. The analysis and explanations that they have put forward as to what actually
existed on Mars range from “they have found traces of an old civilisation”, through
“maybe there was water on the surface at one time” to “there’s certainly nobody
living there now”. From our perspective, this is the “hulk” which stays at a 3D level;
a residue left after the 5D part of the planet and its 5D-capable inhabitants have
stepped upwards.

So there is a 5D Mars sitting side by side with the 3D hulk. However, if you’re just
looking at this from a 3D perspective as an observer or researcher, then you will not
perceive the 5D Mars, unless personally you are already of that same level or higher.
And, as harsh as it may seem to you on the Earth at this present time, this is the path
with which our beautiful planet Earth is well underway, of creating a separate 5D
New Earth. The good news is that the beauty, positiveness, love-based activities and
the best part of Nature are all transferable to the 5D level.

The negativity and misuse of resources will all stay with the Earth’s residue, once the
Spirit of the Earth has moved on and upwards. But it is perhaps a consolation to
know that none of the beauty on this Earth that you know and value is going to be lost
for those individuals who make the Ascension also.

Living on 3D Earth, it is in the nature of a positive and creative human individual to
seek to build structures in terms of buildings, properties, enterprises, services and
communication networks which can expand and grow. It has been normal to take a
long-term view of how your way of living and your enterprise, whatever it is, how
these can grow each year, or indeed each decade, to new heights as you explore and
introduce new facets, which link together with the original foundation of your lives
and your initiatives.

So we come back to the balancing act: in this interim period you need, obviously, to
keep your existing work and way of living functioning — as long as there is something
to function with – in terms of financial and resource distribution systems. The reason
why we strongly advocated the formation of self-sufficient communities was that it
would have been a much more harmonious way of making the transition. A group of
aligned people coming together in a community would have found that, working with
the Spiritual Hierarchy, they could have raised their energy at a much faster rate than
was possible as separate individuals. More of a 24/7 experience as those of you who
have lived in community know well.

This was our proposal for humanity – that, by living in such communities, a whole
group could Ascend without even realising that they were doing so. One day would
follow another and the Ascension process would be just built-in. For an assortment of
reasons we have not got into that situation, at least not in the way envisaged.
At this point, we have decided to refocus what we’re offering so that it can be utilised
effectively by individuals and households. We have made a commitment that it still
will work – that you can still make this Ascension in this other framework.

One of the main differences between operating as individuals (or individuals within a
household) compared with living in a Spiritual Community is that it becomes of much
greater importance that you make a clear choice that you want to be part of the current
Ascension process. You need to communicate if you want to stay with Gaia, this
great Earth Spirit, as she makes her Ascension, which is well underway at this point.

Already in some parts of the world there are substantial Earth movements, plates
shifting and hundreds of thousands of people have already been affected – it’s
certainly not been easy for them. It is our intention to make the process as workable
as possible — humane in the specific sense of not being abrasive or unnecessarily
difficult, to recognise the need, so far as it is possible, to create a warm and loving
experience of Ascension. Since we are deeply involved in formulating the plan for
Earth’s Ascension, we have the responsibility to speak from that level.

From our perspective, we have reached this decision point of whether or not you have
the feeling within you to say “Yes, I’d like to be part of the New Earth and I’d like to
bring with me the very best of what I’ve experienced on Earth so far, I’d like to bring
the very best of what I’ve been able to create at different times, to bring all that
forward”. We look at the 3D Earth as a kind of training ground, perhaps a
kindergarten but obviously it is not just for children. But it is a time when you have
time and space to put energy into developing parts of yourselves which are more
aligned with the higher levels of existence. The meditations and teaching
programmes, the higher alignment with Nature and Nature Spirits, help us to
understand that we are part of a great community of living beings upon the Earth,
which goes far beyond just humanity.

At this 3D level, things don’t all happen at once, so you have the opportunity to focus,
the opportunity to try first one way and then perhaps an alternative – beginning to
embrace the creative process as a normal way of living your lives. Recognising that,
if you wish to grow continuously, you must be willing to release things from the past
that are no longer needed. There’s always quite a lot of those from our own

You have to be willing to go beyond the confines of your excellent subconscious
minds, which recall everything from the past, a very useful function they were
designed to do. Unfortunately, in mainstream society on Earth, for many, many
individuals, the subconscious minds dutifully re-create everything from the past and
so create whatever happens next in line with what has already happened.

The process of growing Spiritually and individually requires that you have to take on
the role of Spiritual Director of your lives. You listen to what your subconscious
mind has to say – this chattering voice as you all experience it, the one which often
won’t shut up even when you ask it to, it always has its say. You have to develop a
Spiritual Personality, call it “Director” or not, which can say to your subconscious
mind “Thank you for that input, now this is what we are going to do in this situation”.

This is a major change away from the automatic behaviour, the automatic reactions
through which so many humans currently experience life, making them so easy to
programme by the political and commercial groups that wish to control how people
think. If you are geared up to relating to what you’ve done or experienced in the past,
then you are very easy to control. As you go further and further into the Spiritual Path
and you choose to go beyond what you have done previously, you achieve a measure
of freedom and some independence from the groups within society which want you to
do what they want.

This isn’t rocket science but it’s not understood by much of humanity. Some of the
processes within Spiritual workshops and meditation training have an essence of
beginning to face up to this. In this poignant challenge which you are facing now, it
does help to recognise explicitly that its OK to release a lot of what you believed life 5
was about. As you go through this huge transition, if you so choose, you have to be
willing to let go some of the “old stuff” which is no longer needed or appropriate,
including aspects on a physical level.

This is not a particularly popular message because the most comfortable approach to
life is to just keep on pretty much as you have done in the past. You can just make a
few changes here or there to keep the energy flowing and produce a little liveliness in
what you’re doing.

At this time the Earth, your “hostess” in the very specific sense that she’s the
planetary body on whose surface you live, is making changes which are not in small
increments. If you want to keep up with her, you are going to need to be willing to go
far beyond what has seemed possible and comfortable in the past.

In some ways, as Gaia has delayed, perhaps almost to the last moment for her actual
Ascension to the 5D level, it has become a bit of a rush instead of the orderly process
we described taking place on Venus, where training and experiential work was carried
out over an extended period, enabling most people to move forward steadily.

Gaia has been very busy creating the extraordinary level of beauty on Earth, but she
came round to the understanding that it was very important that she Ascended, not
just for all those lifeforms in and on her planetary body, but also for the whole Solar
System and indeed within our Galaxy. She’s learning fast and she’s committed.

We in the Spiritual Hierarchy are doing our level best to get this message out to
humanity or specifically those parts of humanity that have a reasonable likelihood of
choosing to stay with the Earth as she goes up. For those of you who are clear about
this goal and wish to move forward, you don’t have to go through difficult
examinations or have special skills, it is a process of having an open heart centre, a
love-based approach to living life and to have worked out most of your accumulated
karma through being of service.

Then you say “Yes, I want to be part of the Ascension, I want to be part of the New
Earth”. If you can be excited about it, that’s even better – it helps others to join in!
We will do the rest from this point onwards, you will receive more and more
communications coming directly from us, coming through your heart and your crown.
You will certainly not be left to work this out on your own.

But we realise it is not for everybody. The experience you have had at the 3D level is
of tremendous value. Some people may want to have work opportunities, have more
living at this 3D level and there’s nothing wrong with that – you just have to change
planets to carry on.

As we said before, nobody is going to be allowed to slip through the cracks,
everybody will be held and contained – we’ll make sure of this – this is the
commitment of the entire team of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Divine Feminine.
Every individual will be guided to the place they need to be in next; in terms of what
decisions they’ve made about either, staying with the Earth as she Ascends, or not
staying with the Earth.

In some ways, given the state of governments and societies on Earth at the present
time, it is quite understandable that many individuals expect chaos. That’s what the
current “controllers” (we prefer that word to “leaders”) are experts at creating as the
result of their actions and inactions, their devious agendas etc. It’s all part of the 3D
experience, having this contrast between positive and negative.
There’s not going to be a role for that at the 5D level where co-operation and an
outstanding level of a universal exchange of love are the standard. There all
individuals and all species recognise the livingness in all things – this is an enormous

When you have been experiencing life at this 3D level on Earth, it is hard to trust any
organisations and institutions down here nowadays. It seems that everything they
touch goes wrong almost immediately or you find out that they were not telling the
truth. So a level of disbelief tends to take hold within any individual living through
this current time, a disbelief that any mainstream group, any organisation can possibly
arrange anything for the positive benefit of others – even though in the past there have
been some outstanding charitable institutions (some foundations of the Quakers come
to mind) who did succeed in a real process of giving to people in need, at least for a

So we want to reassure you that, when we say we will take care of every individual
whether or not they choose to make this Ascent, this is not an empty promise or a
forecast. We have thought this through in great detail from the higher levels of

We understand that these levels may seem a little out of reach while you’re incarnated
on Earth in a very mixed 3D level. But at our levels the projections are made, the new
reality is formed and we follow through on it. We co-operate and are intimately
linked with all the other great beings within the Spiritual Hierarchy, whether they be
Ascended Masters, within the Realms of Archangels or Great Beings at levels above
any of these.

As we work together, energies are formed of great strength, new worlds come into
being according to our Spiritual Design, so we offer this assurance to you: that this
one is working. It is not at this stage dependent on anything humanity collectively
chooses; the choice is for the individual. In some ways, the very highest level of
choice is when an individual looks at and considers two broad directions in which
they could move forwards and says from the heart: “This is the next path for me”.
So this is what we are asking you to do. There’s no right or wrong of any sort. The
way the choice is structured, you choose YES to go with the Ascension process or
not. An absence of choice is the same as choosing “no” – this keeps it simple. Sitting
on the fence is not an option if you want to Ascend.


What is the time frame for the Ascension?

Unfortunately, the process of Ascension does not fit the Gregorian Calendar. As the
consciousness of the planet moves upwards, it is more like the tuning signal on a radio
set changing as the frequencies rise but there is no correspondence with particular
days, weeks and months within this year. This vast shift is something in the “now”: it
is not something for next week or the week after or “see how we feel in the Summer”.

When you know that you’ve got 6 or 9 months available, there’s a tendency to put the
whole thing off until quite near the end of this period and “see how I feel then”. What
we are explaining is that you are already at that point when its going to happen
tomorrow – not necessarily literally but in terms of the critical need for action to
prepare. It’s not that you have to turn your whole 3D world upside down, it’s more
about going within yourself and see which direction you want to go.

You are all warmly invited to sign on to this joyful journey if you haven’t already
done so – and several of you have done so. But it is rather like catching a train: once
the train has left you can have all the regrets you want or you can just accept that you
didn’t really want to be on the train, which is fine. But there’s very little “wiggle
room” left on this one. So we’re just speaking very plainly to that effect.

Will the transition occur all at the same time?

It is already occurring in stages. The Earth is a huge multi-dimensional enterprise in
terms of many different aspects of her “livingness”, so she has to move some parts of
herself up before others. She’s been moving up very steadily now for a period and
it’s like an exponential growth. She is really moving very strongly forward. So there
is no time left to “hum and hah” about all this.
Could you describe what is going to happen to us in the transition?
The subjective experience will vary – maybe quite a lot – between individuals who
are at different stages, with different states of mind, body and emotion. Individuals
who are very, very clear, who have an open heart centre and a tremendous heart
orientation in relating to life, in many ways they will just wake up each day and the
energy will have moved them onwards – the trees will look greener, the flowers will
smell with greater fragrance, people will become warmer and more joyful around
them and the process continues to open up.

There will be Spiritual work which happens during the dream time (when and where
we work with those who have expressed the wish to sign on) to help these committed
individuals raise their energies by giving them appropriate experiences during the
dreams, opening them up to being part of a huge community at this 5D level, instead
of the more modest number of people you’re used to interacting with. Then, at a
certain point, you won’t come back from the dream but you are still in the dream.
That’s how that kind of individual might experience it.

We’re not saying that’s how it’s going to be for everybody. There are substantial
differences in personal readiness. For individuals for whom it’s more of a stretch, it’s
likely to be more of a bumpy ride. They may suddenly find that parts of their lives,
which they believed to be part of themselves, may suddenly drop away. This might
seem surprising, hopefully not shocking, but certainly surprising. Please be aware, for
those of you who have signed on to this process, part of our process of conditioning is
having you feel OK about change, radical change, whether or not you experience that.
The more work you have done on yourselves up to now, the more seamless your
ascent will be. But for those individuals who tend to put everything off to the last
minute, rather like the Earth has done herself, then it may be a much bumpier ride.
However, it won’t be fatal and we will be looking after you. We have provided a
safety net but, as anybody who’s been a circus acrobat or tightrope walker might
relate, it’s not a happy situation to fall into a safety net, rather than getting to the point
they are aiming at. But it’s definitely better than falling on the ground.

So we offer this to clarify that, however bumpy it may seem, we’re not going to let
you fall once you have said this is the direction you want to go. This is our way of
expressing community, by making an absolute commitment to those individuals
willing to make their commitment to the overall project.
The outcome experienced is likely to be somewhere between the “seamless beautiful
journey” and a “very bumpy ride”. Whereabouts in that range it is depends on what
you’ve done up to now, what you do henceforth and how open you are to finding this
path within you. Individuality is something to be celebrated – your expression of life
has got you to be at his time and place; it’s from where we will help you to move
forwards. So you have a range of possibilities.

Can you tell us how the three books (The Revolution of 2012) written by Andrew
correspond to what we are being told now?

Well, the books were written by Catherine, while Andrew was the scribe and, to some
extent, the editor, although we had views about the editing also.
The reason the books were written in three volumes was because the situation and the
energy was changing quite rapidly over the period 2001 to 2009 Gregorian time.
Situations and perspectives shifted during that time period, not always for the better.
There was the great hope that the community projects would really take hold and
people would realise that this was a great way to move forward and grow. We totally
recognise and respect that community wasn’t what most people wanted to do, except
for a few gallant pioneers.

So had the communities come into being, they would have enabled our energy to be
focused in much more intensely. More and more the individuals making up such selfsufficient communities would not have had to interface with the outside world to the same extent as if you are living in a private household. So the energy environment
can be raised continually and consistently. This was going to be the most painless
way of making the Ascension.

Although the structure of the three books in the Revolution of 2012 series is as valid
now as it was when it was written down, the context has somewhat moved on. The
actual description of the 5D societies have not changed at all. The consciousness of
the readers, however, has risen so that the communications that we have been putting
through during the last four months, from ourselves and El Morya, are pitched at a
much higher level than was possible with the books in the period up to April 2009.
The books are aimed at a much wider audience. What you are hearing in these recent
transmissions is aimed for a much smaller number of individuals who are already
quite close to deciding to sign on to the Ascension programme.

Much of what was advocated for the forming of the physical communities is still
applicable for bringing into being virtual communities. Within these, individuals who
understand the process that’s going on, spend a lot of time living together, having
joint activities, maintaining communications, sharing what’s going on in their lives
and forming a very deep friendship at the very least. In these ways, you are getting
some of the social benefits of community and we can also focus our energy on you
with greater effect.

We are aware that some of the people who are being drawn towards being in
community are not necessarily very interested in wanting to know much or indeed
anything about the Ascension process. So we have a slight difference emerging here
between the current communication and particularly Vol.3 of The Revolution of 2012

Had the physical communities got going, then those individuals, who at the moment
perhaps are not interested in the Ascension context, would have just been drawn into
the Spiritual involvement as the focused energies just got stronger and stronger. But
because you’re living separately and you get together every 2/3 weeks and not everyone
can come on a particular date, it is much more difficult to create that consistency,
even with the best of efforts.

The basic concept of Vol. 2 – of the splitting of the dimensions – has not changed at
all from the way it was described. But within that, the shift of focus from physical
community to virtual community is probably the biggest change of the last six

Is there anything we can do as individuals to show that we are wanting to Ascend?

The very best thing to do is affirm your intention every morning in your meditation.
If you call on us by name Quan Yin you will dutifully be registered and taken on
board. Quite a simple process, although being in the 3D level Earth, as soon as any
individual decides to “sign on” you will probably be confronted with various sorts of
challenge and opposition from the darker side of all livingness here on Earth. What’s
New! Just persevere anyway.

It is just a matter of re-affirming everyday that you want to be part of the Ascension –
maybe allowing yourself to dream a little. You can use your imagination and
envisage all the living things on the Earth at present that you like and value moving
up and being part of the New Earth. Use all your imagination to see what you can
bring forward for the New Earth – what you would love to contribute. Get into the
creation process. By making the daily affirmation and connection, we will stay in
touch with you continuously. If you want to ask Andrew about the level of
supervision he has – he may or may not want to tell you! But the connection is very
real if you want it.

Once the Ascension process is completed, there is a process of integration into a new
kind of society, a much smaller one. There will be Light Beings coming over from
more evolved planets like Venus and Mars. They will bring their experience of
creating these higher level societies, which are effectively of a multi-planetary nature.
You certainly would not want to be re-inventing the equivalent of the wheel at this 5D
level. But there will also be a great sharing in a very loving way. Although there will
be a lot of work to do, at the 5D level you don’t have to work all the time – there’s
always time to do lots of joyful things, even when you’re founding a New Earth.

Where does the Fifth Dimension exist?

In asking the question “Where”, it is somewhat linked to the concept of the three
dimensions of length, breadth and height. The Fifth Dimension does not have a
physical reference point which can be described in a physical way, which can make
sense to an individual whose feet are firmly planted on 3D Earth at present. The 5D
Earth sits side by side with the 3D Earth, just the same as the two levels of Mars. At
the 5D version, you can see the other lot, but at the 3D level you cannot see
“upwards”. So it’s not really a physical position, it just sits in juxtaposition.

One of the examples, which Catherine gave right at the beginning of Vol.1 of The
Revolution of 2012, was the description of going into a crop circle, lying down on the
ground on all those flattened stalks and feeling that energy. If you do that, you can
move into a space where there is absolutely no time. Although you are still sort of
lying on the floor of the crop circle, your consciousness goes off to another place.

So it is in these directions that you can feel inside yourself what 5D consciousness
really is about, but what you can’t do is work it out mentally. It’s really experiential –
when you’re in it, it’s something you live, play and work with. If you would like to
experience this energy, have a word with Andrew or someone else who is directly
involved with it.

Is it like a place with no space, no time — only energy?

No, that’s more like 7th or 9th Dimensional reality.

At 5D level, there are quite a number of 3D features that translate, like lighter
emotions, for example. You still have a clearly identifiable body, but its much less
dense. If you touch another person’s hand on the 3D Earth, you feel just the
sensation of “touch” itself, that is the solidness of the other person’s physical body,
the texture, the warmth and, with more sensitive people, you can sometimes feel a
loving overtone to the touch.

If you touch somebody’s hand at 5D, the energy can flow throughout the other
person’s body, depending on your wish to communicate deeply. You aren’t intruding
just because there are receptive levels which exist so as to be able to receive
transmissions from just a touch. Because the bodies are less dense, there is a lot more
scope for a “touch in depth”. It’s like the actual molecules merge into each other for
some moments then perhaps “unmerge” when the touch is concluded. If you apply
your imagination, you can see there is a lot of scope for having very, very deep
relationships between individuals, when you can have that depth of connection when
you just touch them.

The other great part of it within your individual being, is that you have telepathic
(wave) communication as a normal way of communicating. You go far beyond all the
limitations of words. Some of you may have had a glimpse of this experience even in
this world when you were close enough and aligned enough with another person that
thoughts, feelings and preferences just transfer to some extent. At 5D there is a
multiple into the hundreds in terms of intensity.

At the 5D level , the telepathic communication happens automatically, moving
figuratively to advanced “broadband” level, rather than basic “dial-up”. And it goes
on from there. Think about how in this society you exist in a state of separation,
misunderstanding, lack of trust coupled with ongoing non-co-operation. Imagine
what it would be like when everybody is part of an extended family and, even if you
have not met an individual before, there’s a whole transmission that introduces the
person to you – and shows themselves accurately and truthfully because it’s
impossible to distort or conceal the energetic transmission being made available.

It really is a New World but enough of it is recognisable that you can still feel and
learn to become very much at home there. You can experience enormous fulfilment
from being part of it. Another very important aspect is that you have a relationship
with much higher levels of Spirit, while still being fully aware of your individuality.
It’s like you’re living on one level and reaching up, aspirationally perhaps, to a higher
level. You are present as an individual and experience life through a very large
family-like community.

So what happens to the 4th Diimension – do we pass through it or are we in it now?

This is a temporary dimension as it makes much sense to go through this transitional phase. All of you here are at the 4D level. There is, of course, a lower 4th nd an upper 4th, but it’s still a big step up from even the upper 4th to the 5D level.
Everything that has been experienced at the 4D level is immensely valuable: learning
about transition, learning about alternative ways of living and creating.

How can I be of service?

There are many ways of being of service. There is a preparatory phase in which you
develop perceptions of how people can be helped. Obviously, one does not wish to
intrude. At the 5D level you won’t because you just look and read the energy pattern.
Now you’re in the 4D transitional phase where you are learning to discern how to be
of service. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic.

We visited a local friend yesterday – a down to earth individual who has made some
good Spiritual progress in recent times. He described how his next door neighbour
had lost their son in a drowning accident. He said that it was so difficult to know
what to say to them, so he took round some apples for them. He looked at what the
neighbours were going through and felt it through his heart. He understood that
words didn’t mean anything in an extreme situation like that so he found another way
to connect, while expressing a loving and compassionate concern.

Now the people around you may not say what they need but, if you observe and
interact with them, you will be able to sense what they would be open to receiving.
So you have to perhaps develop a sense of theatre whereby you can find ways to
gauge helping them meet their needs. It may help to get away from being too serious
about it all. Find a simple way.

With the state that your society is in, probably 80% of the population desperately
needs help, whether or not they have enough clarity to even know that. With a
neighbour, just taking an interest, sharing what’s going on in life helps them feel less
isolated – that’s a real service in itself. Just knowing that somebody cares about them.

How can I get through to my family?

You can only help them from where you are and there’s nothing external which gets
in the way, like values and beliefs. It’s how you engage with people which
determines how energy flows or doesn’t flow. If you want to stay connected with
your family (in the 2012 context), then the best way is to help them get an idea of
what’s going on in the world. If you see an opportunity, you subtly help them to feel
that they have a positive opportunity to Ascend, in whatever manner has some
meaning for them. But if they don’t understand what’s going on, there’s not an awful
lot you can do, except to love them.

The present situation on Earth is not sustainable. The changes are already happening
to the Earth and this is being reflected in every institution and organisation on the
surface of the Earth. Great cracks are appearing in governments, commercial and
service organisations. These cracks bring them to a standstill sometimes and enable
shrewd external observers to see the truth about what’s really going on inside them –
quite a revelation in some cases. With all this in the background, the kindest thing to
do with those you love is to help them move up as well. You can’t make them, but
you can help them to wake up until such point they either do or they say “I don’t want
to hear another word about it”. You will have done your best.

At what point do you let go of your responsibility?

You do your best and you will feel at a certain point if its “a goner”, to use some of
Andrew’s colloquial language.

Would it be true to say that when you make the choice yourself to Ascend that it helps
others to make their own choices because you’re no longer holding back?

Very much so. This is one of the keys to understanding how the concept of “Virtual
Community”, which we talked about earlier, can work very positively. While it may
not be as effective as a physical community because its more diluted, your committed
choice can enable people to find their individual ways to “sign on” realising that “this
is what I’ve been waiting for all my life, or indeed the last ten lifetimes”! The
excitement and joyfulness of the Spiritual interaction is infectious.

So the group is a lot more effective than an individual on their own, even though they
are doing their level best. As Jesus said: “When two or more are gathered in my
Name, I am there among them”. And when six or more are gathered in our Name,
then it’s an exponentially stronger presence. But for each of you as individuals, the
clarity of your choice to go ahead with the Ascension, “signing on” each day, reaffirming your movement along the Golden Path (book Vol.2) “Yes, I want to
continue moving along the Golden Path to 5D Consciousness”.

We’re being quite informal about this for we don’t want people to get caught up in
religious-like structures. This is a straightforward process once you have the feeling
within you. And, yes, once you have that feeling clearly within you, the more
potential there is for those around you to wake up to the new realities unfolding.

How will we experience the split between those that Ascend and those that don’t want
to? Will we just wake up one day and people just won’t be there anymore, or will
there be deaths through accidents or other causes?

At the end of the process of reaching the 5D level, each person who gets there will
know the truth about what they have been through. In contrast, those who have
chosen (actively or passively) to stay on at the 3D level will not understand the
process. For them, their attention will be with a process of re-education on their new
planet, which will be provided along with a new body and a new life destiny.

This process of separation is already happening. It becomes more and more difficult
for people at the most basic levels of the mainstream to have any interaction with
those on the Golden Path, unless those on the Golden Path actually want to have that
connection. It is not recommended at the moment since you don’t have time to waste,
given the rush you’re facing since Gaia has put off her Ascension to the “last minute”.

You certainly do not want to get involved in activities which dissipate your energy
and which do not move you and others forward on the Golden Path itself. It’s not particularly comfortable when you’re in the framework of family and friends – people you care about – just wanting to carry on living a very different kind of life.

The very finest expression on your part is to accept that they have an absolute right to
choose whatever they do, after you have made some attempt to broach the fact that
things are not going to continue as they have been. You do what you can to put this
across. We have heard many stories about people’s reaction to the suggestion that the
Ascension is happening, with a great deal of denial and indignation etc. You may
have experienced some of it yourselves.

The finest service you can offer to another person is to finally accept them and their
reality just as they are, even if they have chosen to head in a completely different
direction. That’s a real expression of love and caring. But we ask each of you to do
whatever you can to get the message across so that these people have some awareness
that there is indeed a choice.

Do we need our physical body as we Ascend or is it like dying, this moving on to the
next dimension?

The physical body just becomes less dense, rather like the astral body stepping out of
the physical body, but it’s slightly different with the human body, compared with the
Earth’s process. With the Earth, there is a physical hulk left behind at the 3D level.
However, with the human individuals who ascend, the actual cells within your body
change their vibrational rate so your whole body becomes attuned at this new 5D
level. The body becomes lighter and more flexible and it is from that basis that you

The meditation practices that we have been offering for some five years now are
designed to help in this process by changing the cellular structure of the body from
being carbon-based to crystalline-based. In this way, every cell of the body becomes
able to receive and transmit to a very high level – that’s why the communication is so
clear at the 5D level, compared with 3D. At 5D, you are not just communicating with
your eyes, ears, speech, gestures and touch – every cell of your body communicates
with every cell of the other person. It is a Quantum leap.

So we’ll become like a crystal?

Well, you’ll have something in common but you will still have arms and legs and still
able to move around. The life of a crystal is a bit more static in most cases.

So will we become ultra-sensitive to energies like electricity and other energies on

Yes, you have already made some progress in that direction.

How do people on different dimensions relate?

All dimensions inter-relate with each other but the 3D and below are relatively
isolated since the higher dimensions can relate to them but 3D etc cannot relate
upwards. So for this time, it is best to focus on where you are now and the choice
that’s available to you – where you can move to. It’s a highly complex situation and
we have had to simplify it to make it understandable at your current level.

Once you have Ascended to 5D, there is a world with a perpetual sense of clarity,
joyfulness and acceptance about which individuals, who have left their bodies and
communicated back through the channelling process, have shared. That’s how you
will come to experience and understand it. It is very difficult to make any progress in
comprehending all this using a mental approach, although we fully understand the
curiosity, the wish to know and the wish to understand.

It is only through experiencing the energies that you will understand them. So find
some ways, if you are interested, of experiencing the higher levels. Sitting in this
room is one of them but there are quite a number of other ways, we have mentioned
one or two already. We do convene meetings from time to time – we’d have them
more often if people wanted them – so you can feel these energies in every cell of
your body and being.

In the books, we have described this as a “total immersion” process because that is the
most straightforward way to understand it. It’s like learning a foreign language. You
could just set out with a row of books and labour away, mentally trying to figure it out
and remember “what you say when”. But the natural way of learning a foreign
language is to just move to that country and learn to swim of necessity. In the
process, you don’t just learn but you feel, remember, and link all the linguistic parts to
something real that’s happening in life. There is quite a correlation in all this with the
Ascension process.

In conclusion, we give our blessings to each of you and, as part of our love for you,
we respect unconditionally the choices you make, whether to be part of the Ascension
or not. You will always be loved. At the 5D level, you will feel it more.

Peace to you all.

I am Quan Yin.