The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

Dealing with Attachments, Entities and Bugs

Spiritual advancement is wonderful in so many ways and sometimes you join with energies of the Light and the feeling is incredible. But, like all good things in life, it comes at a price and there are opposing forces that may seek to undermine or attack you. These are commonly known as attachments, entities or bugs — sometimes confused with evil spirits, ghosts or poltergeists.

In the West we generally regard such things as imagination, depression, mental health problems or even insanity and the answer is pills and even to be locked up. In some places in the East, there is a greater awareness of such things and some organisations are able to deal with the attachments. Most of the main religions consider them to be evil demons or spirits and treat them as such, attempting to exorcise them within the values of their particular religion. However, a few religions and Spiritual groups accept that attachments exist and choose to address them both esoterically and practically.

Most people in the mainstream West reading about all this would find it hard to believe and further might think I am either nuts, dangerous or just plain stupid. Most of those same people will think the same about the existence of spirits, angels, guides, spiritual advancement and many even God. I understand that completely as I was exactly like that 15 years ago. I only believed in science and was equally blind.

This message, however, is directed at people who are sufficiently aware that such things at least may exist. It is especially relevant to those who are advancing Spiritually and/or who feel they may have such an attachment on them already.

These attachments/bugs are life forms that can move between dimensions and there are many types of them. Only some use hosts to supply them with energy, much like on Earth a few species like mosquitoes and leeches feed on human blood. Some are more powerful than others, some are more intelligent and overall there is quite a variation in their characteristics. They are no more evil than are leeches or mosquitoes but they are clearly our enemies. We shall refer to them as “bugs” for short, since that is what they are effectively.

Once they land on a host, it takes them a time to become established – much like a plant takes root before growing. Because of this, they usually have little impact at first. But, over time, they become established in the body and start to make more demands of it. They link into the energetic system of the host and favourite places include the womb, the area around the stomach, the base of the back and even the head. As they become firmly established, so they draw an ever increasing amount of energy from the host, who becomes progressively weaker.

Most people in this situation sense something is wrong but they simply don’t understand what it is. They may grow progressively more tired, run down, irritable, nervous, introspective, irrational, afraid to go out of their homes and less able to work or focus properly. They may hear voices in their heads; feel like something is inside of them, become paranoid, and even suicidal. Worst of all, people tell them it is their imagination, so they feel they are losing their grip on reality.

Of course, these symptoms can also exist in people with more physical illnesses and I am absolutely not saying that everyone with those symptoms has a bug on them. Nor would someone with a bug necessarily show all of these symptoms as it varies enormously with the person and the bug. Some of them are terrible and devastate your life, whilst others are fairly unobtrusive and are “bearable”, while still being undesirable. Then some people are more sensitive to them and others just aren’t.

Based on my own personal experiences, I believe that millions of people around the world have bugs on them but that is just a rough estimate. They certainly aren’t rare and I have helped people who have been treated unsuccessfully by doctors and psychiatrists with drugs, sometimes for years, yet I have been able to cure them in less than 20 minutes, usually without even communicating to them and only in rare cases actually seeing them.

So why do some people get the bugs and not others? It’s fairly simple really, they want energy and some people have more than others and some have better protection than others. The aura normally gives us some protection from bugs but, when you grow Spiritually, it can be ruptured temporarily and they can get through. But with the spiritual advancement comes an ability to form a protective sphere that keeps them out so your protection becomes a daily routine.

Some people are born with or develop defective auras and some of these people can carry bugs for years, which blight their lives. It doesn’t help that we don’t believe in them in the West so the people are fed drugs or worse. Other people damage their own auras with things like excessive drink or drugs (all sorts) – accidents and other shocks can also affect them.

People nowadays, who do things like healing; Reiki, yoga, meditation etc, can also experience their Spiritual growth causing some disturbance of the aura. As their energy is also elevated, they become desirable hosts and are more visible to the bugs. The greater the energy, the more desirable is the host. There is no problem when the teachers show people how to protect themselves. However, many teachers don’t have a clue about the bugs and simply don’t know how protection can be m,aintained. But many, many people are walking around with their own protection and they don’t consider it to be a big deal. People like me have exceptionally high levels of energy so we are prime targets but then our personal protection is also stronger. So there is nothing to fear.

Many ordinary people recently have started advancing Spiritually because the Earth herself is moving upwards through two more levels. We all depend upon the energy from the Earth to sustain us in much the same way we need to breathe air and to eat food.Once her energy has shifted, people who haven’t advanced will find it increasingly difficult to absorb that energy and to function in a straightforward way. Many Spirit guides are converging around Earth to help with this transition and they are making it much easier to advance. However, the bugs also know what is happening and they don’t want any higher consciousness, so they are gathering in strength to take advantage of people who change.

Most of these people will have no knowledge or understanding of what is happening to them Spiritually and, once they become hosts, many will be lost unless helped. Some people like me have been taught to protect and free large numbers of people. Other people are being taught to see the trapped people and to be able to counsel them after the bugs have been removed. Unfortunately, we all have to go through some crap so we can understand the enemy and know what the other people are enduring, in order to be able to help and counsel them effectively. The Good News is that if any person already has a bug on them, it will be automatically removed on joining the Dnet.

There are plenty of organisations that teach people how to develop their own protection and some are better than others. Our way is to develop a protective sphere and that is explained separately in The Eleven Steps to Joining the Dnet. We aren’t claiming it is the best or the only way but simply that it works and is easy to do, taking only 10 minutes a day. We don’t operate on a religious basis – that’s each person to decide about that for themselves, although most of us do believe in various aspects of God.

We cannot set up a protective sphere for an individual without the permission of that person, unless that individual is a young child or is unable to make such a decision for themselves. Please do not abuse this as your own good wishes for someone else may be not for their Highest Good, however well-intentioned.

Keith Laidler

Here are some Testimonials as to the different quality of life after the removal of such entities:

Having been in the DNet for some time I have not had any bugs on me but have suffered with them to various degrees in the past and will outline various levels of problems I suffered. Read more

I can remember the first time I saw Matrix the film, it scared me and I found it difficult to watch.

You can divide the film into two. One side showed normal life, people going about their important business of gaining power, wealth, buying materialistic things for comfort or show. Then there was a few enlighten souls who were living in isolation, persued by all types of predators and the men in suits all trying to kill them because they were a threat to the normal world.

Of course this is just a film – but perhaps not just a film! I had identified with the under lying message the film carried to me. I felt like the souls that were being hunted down, isolated, alone.

I had been aware of spirits around me and that life was not just about “Human form” since I was very young. On meeting a few people later on in life who were also aware had helped me. But then when I found that they too found themselves being attacked by different entities, it made me look further and harder at life and what it was really all about!

More recently however I found I had less energy and the attacks were increasing fourfold. Life in human form was becoming extremely difficult to cope with. Many people I observe were finding the same but they had no awareness. So whatever this was it was not confined to people who are aware.

My knowledge then started to increase on the changes that the earth was making and with that information I started to understand the why. The 5DNET has given me new energy and protection from the attacks and maybe the biggest bonus is being able to grow safety and steady in my given abilities. – Ivy