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The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

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Another Planet X like planet? from Zetatalk

Scientist have found an exoplanet which is very much like Planet X, very large and it orbits its star at 650 times the distance of Earth and Sun, which the scientists say was thought to be impossible. [and from another]  But this is no “ordinary” alien planet — it shouldn’t exist. To put it bluntly, it’s an affront to current planet formation theories. HD 106906b is a gas giant exoplanet with a mass 11 times that of Jupiter.  [and from another]  Astronomers have discovered a super Jupiter in a record-smashing orbit for a sun-like star, far outside the disk of dust and debris that rings the star and that typically gives rise to planets.

This presentation on a planet ranging far from its Sun is yet another pre-announcement effort to ready the public for the truth about Nibiru. The trend, since 1995 when the ZetaTalk saga began, was to first deny that such a thing as a traveling or rogue planet could exist. Then in May, 2012 discussion of a Nemesis body in the direction of the constellation Orion was revived. This had, of course, been the driving debate just prior to the discovery of Planet X, aka Nibiru, in 1983 by JPL’s infrared balloon scope.  Then last March, 2013 the Weather Channel explored what might happen if such a traveling planet were to pass through the solar system. And then in October, 2013 it hit the press that that “free-floating” planets without an apparent sun were being discovered. Now we are being told that such rogue or traveling or free-floating planets can in fact be tied to a sun, which is true of Nibiru which orbits two suns during its sling orbit. The public is being educated, ahead of the announcement.


Reality by Robert Mulliss

At the start of each lifetime a soul incarnated into human form starts the process of interpreting reality afresh. When we wake up to life on a physical plane we enter a world of impressions; light, sound and air. We perceive something but don’t know what it is and the thought arises in us which links with what we perceive and creates for the first time a germinal reality which then becomes the object of a further perception. That perception becomes the subject of a thought. The thought / percept process continues and builds into what might be described as an archetype in which all the thoughts that can happen are contained.

Eventually the sense that the 3rd dimension is the only reality becomes ingrained within us that we do not accept that there might be other possibilities. These constructs are often reinforced by the thoughts of other adults who themselves have gone through the same process and who never doubt that this earthly plane is the only reality.

In truth, we have little by way of comparison because our journey into matter takes us so far from source and the knowledge that we are spiritual beings who have descended into a physical plane.

The sheer density and challenges involved of living on the Earth tend to preoccupy us. Help is however at hand and, since the turn of the last century, the Spiritual Realms have been working to help us dismantle these constructs. Many individuals have been ‘woken’ or reminded of who they truly are often abruptly, through some sort of direct experience, something required to dismantle the very fixed sense of structured physical reality that has been developed during their lives.

The building of a new sense of reality doesn’t start until an individual adds something from an inward realm; a commitment to a new way forward. As everyone’s perception of reality is slightly different and with so many souls investing energy into creating realities over many thousands of years we find ourselves encased in something that seems real but is not.

New percept’s (bleeds from other dimensions) have and still are being presented to us (for example; paranormal activity, crop circles) however the days of incremental development towards a new path are over. Paranormal events remind us that we can no longer slip back into outdated illusions of reality.

At the start of the Aquarian age, earthly life is not just about incarnating to experience the physical plane. We are here to do far more; we are here too ‘divinitise matter’. This is our true mission and, instead of investing our thoughts and energies into perpetuating existing constructs of reality, we should be focusing efforts on manifesting new constructs that are based upon love, service and compassion, thus raising the overall energetic vibration of humanity and the Earth

Self-Sufficiency Precautions

El Morya’s Advice to Safeguard Access to Clean Food, Water and Air.

In his Autumn Equinox message, El Morya advised us to give some thought, on a practical and physical level, to the availability of clean healthy food, clean unpolluted water and clean air on a consistent basis, as we move forward with our lives. We are feeling a need ourselves to reduce our daily dependence on shops/supermarkets for food, along with our reliance on piped water delivered through the tap/faucet at home.

Whether we are sensing massive and adverse weather changes, land movements or severe flooding, there needs to be, from our perspective, some preparation in advance. In addition the breakdown of the four nuclear reactors and stored fuel rods at Fukashima, Japan may have a catastrophic effect on air quality and the very breathability of the air over much of the world. When we add to that the passage of the roving planet Nibiru (Planet X) with its extraordinarily powerful magnetic fields and dust clouds, we are left with a great deal of uncertainty about the ongoing availability of vital food, water and breathable air.

Some Suggestions:

Lay up a stock of food which can get you through at least 6 months with little or no food supplies from outside. You will need airtight or similarly secure storage containers to store foods (mostly grains) with a long shelf life. If you want to spend more, consider purchasing commercial freeze dried food with a significantly longer shelf-life. Consider having camping or similar stoves available for cooking without needing gas and electricity from normal grid sources. Nutritional supplements are advisable to fill the gaps of vitamin and mineral nutrients.

Invest in one or more portable water filters which are thorough enough to transform even heavily polluted supplies. Two possibilities we recommend are: the Katodyn pocket micro filter (which is very easy to carry around) and the much larger British Berkefeld, (originally developed for explorers in hostile terrain) which can be transported in a vehicle.

In order to be able to maintain liveable conditions at home, we strongly recommend the acquisition of a HEPA standard air filter for home use. Bionair have several models in the range of different sizes and there are other brands available. And miscellaneous self-sufficiency items, which some households make a point of stocking as a precaution against earthquakes, power outages etc make a lot of sense: matches/lighters, first aid kit, windup torch, sleeping bags and a tent.

We are no longer living in “normal” times and a wise individual takes precautions accordingly.

Revisiting the Chronicles of Narnia

Revisiting the Chronicles of Narnia

Recently I was advised to reread several of the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. I had first read the whole set of seven books some 40 years ago, as part of my studies in a Hermetic Mystery School. C.S. Lewis was closely involved with both Tolkien and Sir George Trevelyan in unpeeling the innumerable layers of realities and dimensions all around us, so we need not feel constricted within a narrow 3D world.

As we prepare ourselves to co-exist at the higher frequencies of the 5D New Earth, while still present on 3D Earth, the Narnia stories of inter-dimensional travel can give us a feel for White Magic in action. Each of the main characters goes through a process of being offered an opportunity to move forwards on the Path of Light, while being confronted with the opposing energies from the dark side, which are all too recognisable as related to the cold, unfeeling, blind, materialistic traditions and practices of mainstream human society.

The magical land of Narnia is at a 4D level where, although the battle between Light and dark is ongoing, there is supervision of the outcomes by a dominant Light power. As Narnia’s evolution progresses, we are shown how a portal opens which facilitates the passage of those with open hearts to the New World at 5D level.

The surviving main characters (one had dropped out to become a socialite in mainstream 3D) are relieved to discover the interconnectedness of all the worlds with which they were familiar. They are further relieved to find an eternal contact with family, people, places and the beauty of Nature, beyond anything they had thought possible. They did not have any feeling of loss by moving to the higher levels of livingness, as they realised the simultaneous evolution of all these worlds at different levels of consciousness.

Our suggestion is that you start by reading/reading Vol.6 The Magician’s Nephew and then move forwards from Vol.1 as usual. Vol.7 The Last Battle is the third crucial account but all are worth the time they take to read. By seeing how the children throw off their youthful personalities and rise to each occasion by taking a heart-felt responsibility, we can be inspired to grow ourselves and be fully open to the vast Spiritual opportunities unfolding

Andrew Smith

The 5D New Earth by Keith Laidler

The 5D New Earth I don’t pretend to fully understand this so I will explain what I do know and will add more later as I am taught. It certainly is very complex for us to grasp. I think that all we can really do is to go with the flow and do our best.… Continue Reading

A Heavenly Escalator for Souls by Keith Laidler

A Heavenly Escalator for Souls Those of us on the inner Spiritual Path know that when we “die” we head to the Light but then, we all believe in God and the afterlife. Sadly, that isn’t true of many people nowadays who “know” that there is nothing after death and that we are just like… Continue Reading

More Sightings of Planet X/Nibiru

Sun North and Bright Way too far North, way too high in the dome, and way too bright. This has been observed and documented recently from America and Europe, as documented in this Pole Shift ning blog. This implies a lean into opposition, where the N Pole of Earth is pointing consistently more toward the… Continue Reading

Quan Yin: Where We are Now — 16th June, 2013

Since the much awaited Winter Solstice of 2012, the divergence has steadily opened up between Third Dimensional (3D) humanity and those individuals who have linked themselves consciously through their Heart Centres to the inspirational calling of the Fifth Dimensional (5D) New Earth. The massive influx of 5D and even higher energies at the Winter Solstice… Continue Reading

The Fundamental Reality Shift since Winter Solstice 2012

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Message from Jeshua, thru Jenny Brooke

Fighting what is occurring is no good- it will happen anyway. Going with the flow, and letting go of what is old,obsolete is what is needed now. Inviting the New is what you need to be doing- Trusting , Surrendering and being Grateful for everything you have. No more clinging with your fingernails in case… Continue Reading