The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

El Morya Autumn Equinox Message 2013

In the Name of the Heart, Head and Hand, this is El Morya greeting you on this Autumn Equinox in your year 2013.

The Autumn Equinox traditionally is the time when all projects and enterprises, which individuals and groups have been working on for much of the year, reach their culmination – their high point or climax. Before moving into the somewhat earthy period of the Autumn or Fall, there is a process whereby all those things that have been created with firmness and substance sustain themselves and continue to function well.

In contrast, other parts of human activity, that do not have substance and do not have relevance, begin to fall away and continue to fall away right through to the Winter Solstice in December. That is sometimes referred to in human society as “spring cleaning” but this is a process which is more suited and naturally occurring in the Autumn – for this is how Nature operates. As you see the first of the trees and plants shed their leaves and go into a period of sleepiness, it’s a time of re-building, of regeneration – ready to become active when the New Year starts at the Winter Solstice.

We are putting a little more emphasis at this Autumn Equinox on the need for individuals to become more explicitly conscious of what you really need and what is more optional. Like any other cleansing process during which you consider what you really need and what things you are ready to let go and pass on, there is not in any way a judgement or implicit criticism that “you’re holding on to things that you don’t need” or that there is something “wrong” with things that you need to pass on”. Quite the contrary, it’s part of the experience of being incarnated as a human, upon this beautiful planet, that you interact with all sorts of things which catch your interest.

So it is the season of the year when it’s time to bring your focus into reviewing what you really do need – as you go into this special period. If you look at how Nature operates, trees grow to their fullest and then let go – relaxing after the burst of energy and expansion during the Summer – beginning to pull back. As they do so, they retain many, many qualities that they have built and developed during the year. So we are recommending this a model worth taking a look at.

You, as individuals on the Spiritual Path, have all developed during the last 9 months. Many of you have tried out or become engaged with new endeavours – expanding parts of yourself, finding new ways of doing things, maybe discovering a new way of relating with life.

On a practical and down to earth basis, it’s time to focus on what is really important and put some energy into strengthening those parts which are vital. This includes the basics: clean/healthy food, clean water and clean air.

Most of you have some consciousness of the need for healthy food and clean water uncontaminated with chemicals. In the mainstream world, the latter is becoming increasingly challenging to find. Clean air, up to now, has not been quite such an observable need, except in certain heavily polluted cities.

We’re giving a “heads up” that this third element is going to become very important, so putting some time and attention into HEPA air filters – a simple way of cleaning the air in homes and workplaces – is going to become very useful and increasingly important.

With any building, in times past, one could just open a window and allow the fresh air to come in. Unfortunately, this is already changing within some of the less-desirable developments which are already happening on your planet, whereby the assumption of clean air is not going to be sustainable – depending always where one is located geographically.

There will always be some areas of relative air cleanliness in the deep countryside and high mountains. But, without going into much detail, things are changing in the world as part of the transition between the old 3D Earth and the 5D New Earth So we’re putting up a marker that this is an area of importance.

Those of you listening to this message or reading the transcript are, in most cases well-involved with the Spiritual Path within your lives. You have already made this significant choice a while back. This maybe happened through a number of significant stages and sets of decisions during which you gradually gave it more and more priority within what you chose to be involved with in everyday life – whether within working activity or in fields outside your work and profession.

This is a time when there is what we have called in the past a “splitting of dimensions” taking place, so that those of you who are committed to the Spiritual
Path may find yourselves separating with it. This is not happening because you particularly want it to do so but the actual Spiritual energy, which you are engaged with, flows through you day after day(and within that minute by minute) is itself separating from the different vibrations, values and attitudes pertaining to the mainstream way of living or, at least, being incarnated.

As Catherine pointed out and described very clearly in Vol. 2 of the Revolution of 2012, you have these diverging paths and, as you go further and further along the Golden Path leading to the 5D New Earth, you find a much higher level of consciousness. Once you’re committed to this Path, you find the events around you unfold in a way whereby standards become higher and higher: standards of behaviour, of speech, of the power of non-reaction, a sense that life is indeed to be enjoyed particularly around some seemingly minor aspects of what’s happening. Your focus becomes more and more around those areas of positiveness and brightness.

Although you continue to notice what’s going on with events in the mainstream, whether out of a corner of your eye or with a broader vision – the relative lack of light, inspiration, warmth, or truthfulness etc – all those kinds of things that a discerning individual on the Golden Path becomes more and more capable of saying “Although I accept what is going on in the mainstream world, I’m choosing less and less to be part of it. And I’m learning, when I do interact with it, to give off as much positiveness, warmth, helpfulness and service energy as possible – without making a big thing of it”.

So a person in the mainstream experiencing the interaction will just feel that it was a pleasant interaction (for a change) – or something on those lines – not really quite knowing what transpired. As you maintain that kind of buffer energy, a very positive one from the point of view of those who experience your buffer energy, it means that you have less and less need to absorb any of those interactions which go on in the mainstream. Yet you are able to maintain your participation as much as is needed in terms of your work and profession.

This kind of approach of having a buffer for interaction works right across the board, including with family members, who may well have a quite different appreciation (or lack of appreciation) of the Spiritual.

As you continue to move forwards along this Golden Path, the energy of which we have designed to hold you safely at all times, the deeper you become involved with these new energies as you go further and further along. So you can allow yourself to become more light-hearted even when people and situations around you are going through great difficulty. You are able to hold your own energy in truth.

We have previously referred to this ability to “Stand Firm” in the face of other people’s adversity or difficulties, while still being able to reach out a helping hand. We cannot emphasise too strongly that, in order to be able to help effectively, you have to be very, very strong and in total acceptance of who you are, your connection to the Light, to joyfulness and the higher levels of Spirit.

The development and sustaining of your own discernment skills is another vital quality so you can consistently choose not to get caught up in the many things continuing to happen at the 3D level. You will find as these weeks pass, going into the Autumn and then right through to the Winter Solstice, there will be what may seem to be an unlimited stream of distractions out there. A major challenge for you all is to recognise these distractions for what they are.

Ask yourself, “why do I need to be involved with this” (whatever it is that has come up), whether a piece of news from a relative or friend – maybe someone has developed some illness or maybe they lost their job, not uncommon as the financial economy is continuing to implode. It’s all part of the overall transition. But it doesn’t mean that you need to lower your energy because someone else is having one of these experiences and they are having difficulty in dealing with it.

This is one of the key differences between being empathetic, when you can reach out to someone else in need while retaining your own strength and centre, and being sympathetic while you actually get drawn in to the very traumas that the other person is experiencing. If you do get drawn into these traumas, your energy level decreases and you are less able to help.

Now, we are talking about what might be described as a “microcosm” of dealing with life because it’s at that level that you’re going to be able to succeed in developing this new way of interfacing with the mainstream on what we call the “Path of Conventional Conduct” (as described in Revolution Vol.2). You must be aware of this literally on a minute by minute basis.

So when the next piece of “news” comes through, (using “news” in a very general sense to include what’s happening in families, in the workplace as well as in the “fiction” which passes as news in much of the media. You learn to just say “Uh ha”, is this something I need to be involved with or is it just another distraction”?

If any individual wants to be distracted, there is always a huge choice of things and situations available. The key is to recognise a distraction for what it is – not in any disparaging way but in a calm and neutral manner where you say: “That’s not relevant, neither is that one, ah this is something I need to engage with”.

One of the reasons we’re addressing this is because it’s yet another aspect of working with your subconscious mind – the automatic processor which many people believe is what their mind actually is. In reality, the subconscious mind is just one part of the overall mental process.

Without the constant direction , the constant intervention of the Spiritual Self in the form of the Spiritual Director of your life, the subconscious mind tends to run riot and will bring up dozens and dozens of distractions every day. With each one, it will have a package of memories attached to it, because that is what it does best – it remembers the past. So when the new situation comes along, it brings up all those memories and emotions from the past and “offers” them for attachment to the new current situation.

Used wisely, the past recollections become a useful reference point, provided you’re using your conscious self to engage with the present and new situation, which is never the same as what has happened in the past, even though they may appear to have some similarities. You need to be “en garde” – ready for whatever the next new situation is and be able to discern carefully and clearly which one’s you need to engage with and which you just let “pass by”.

From where we are now, this energy of the Autumn Equinox, it seems likely that the process that some of you have observed over the last year or so will continue, of a lot of truth coming to the surface within the mainstream. This includes the truth about what actually happened in the past, going beyond the fairy tales constructed around those past situations, — the Myths. There is also a lot of truth coming to the surface about situations which are going on at the moment and continue to present themselves within each day.

This process continues to happen as part of the environment of energetic frequencies that the White Brotherhood has been instrumental in putting out to help individuals evolve towards “Living in the Now”, rather than continually living in the past, as the subconscious mind brings all those references forward on an ongoing basis.

As part of all that truth coming to the surface, you will most likely find some quite uncomfortable realisations coming up to be addressed about the state of the world. What we are suggesting (and asking you) is that you steel yourself, as each new piece comes along, so as to avoid the pattern of instant reaction. Feel free to develop whatever routine is going to be most helpful or appropriate for you to be able to say, for example: “That sounds very interesting” or “that’s what is going on”. Use words which indicate acceptance that something new has really shown up but is not going to immediately “bowl you over”, and/or doesn’t cut right through this body of “Living Truth”, which you as individuals are representing more and more. “Living Truth” is what you are becoming now to a greater and greater extent.

So as you and your new body moves along the Golden Path, you don’t need to be “bowled over” by some new event or a new “announcement” out there – however powerful or however strange it may seem – and however much other people are reacting , going overboard with emotions about whatever has come up. It might be some “new disease”, a further update about what’s going on with the planets – the passage of Nibiru – or the latest environmental disasters (“severe events” objectively) which are taking place in your world, some of which you have heard of while others are still waiting to reach that point where the information can be shared and transmitted.

But whatever it is, the crucial way of being for all of you on this Golden Path must be the mode of Non-Reaction, coupled with your reasoned choice about how much you choose to be involved. So it makes no difference whether it’s a close relative, a close friend, or somebody you work with, whoever it is you exercise discernment within this new framework of: “I know I need to stand firm and maintain my true energy and, in doing so, I know that this is the best way I can help”; rather than letting yourself go into distortions because of some old feeling that this is what you “ought to do” – this is what “people expect you to do” – implying social or emotional sanctions or consequences if you don’t follow those old guidelines.

This isn’t in any way being hard or callous (or similar terms) – it’s making sure that you are able to be of the highest level of service during what are, from our perspective, looking like very challenging times unfolding week by week, month by month going forwards.

We have provided the Light Body Activation programme which greatly increases your personal and individual powers in the most positive way, powers to maintain your integrity, your wholeness, the power to be of even greater assistance and service to others. It also opens the doors to moving closer and closer to the refined energies of the 5D New Earth, enabling you to keep your feet on the ground in the 3D Earth for as long as appropriate. It’s designed to help you maintain that fine balancing act.

If we can make one final suggestion, it is that you give the development of the Light Body Activation a very, very high priority in what you choose to be involved with daily, weekly and monthly. You will find the effects are quite extraordinary and beyond your most beautiful and wonderful dreams,

So we wish you great joy this Autumn Equinox with a deep harmony spreading throughout your whole beings. We wish you a time of tranquillity, allowing yourself to feel more and more of the 5D New Earth, to which part of you is already connected.

We leave you now in the Name of the Heart, Head and Hand.

I am El Morya.