The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

El Morya – Spring Equinox 2012

“The Opportunity to Connect with the Golden Path of Ascension”

In the name of the heart, head and hand – this is El Morya, wishing you warmth, lovingness and joy as we go into the season of Springtime. This is when seeds which have been sown in the Winter period begin to come into a blossoming.

Some of you, quite naturally, have wondered how the blossoming may progress in this year of 2012, the year full of promise and expectation in terms of the Earth’s Ascension to 5D. In particular, you have wondered “What is going to happen”?

Some of you have made preparations during this winter period, building on what you achieved last year. But the question continues to hang in the air: “What is going to happen and when”? You hear perhaps that the Spirit of the Earth (Gaia) is making reasonable progress in her movement along the Path of Planetary Ascension. But this does not give you a date or even a month when you can say “I know that it is going to happen then”.

It would be nice in human terms, in the current values of the society in which you live, to be able to put it in your diary or calendar, saying “I’m keeping this month clear”, at least. But, as we have pointed out a number of times now, the sequence of advance, the sequence of stages that the Earth must go through during her advance along her Ascension Path, do not fit in any way the characteristics of the Gregorian calendar, to which your society is strongly wedded.

Most people do not realise that this calendar is quite recent within human history. It was one of the many unfavourable innovations which came with the Roman age – it was part of their system of control which was their main expertise. In the British Isles, it was not until 900 AD that time and calendars were standardised throughout the country. Thus a great deal of flexibility, which had been available in previous ages, just disappeared.

So the Earth’s Ascension, an event which is gathering momentum and moving forward steadily, is instead regarded by humanity as something uncomfortable. It is important to realise that most of that uncomfortableness is due to your expectation of being able to slot these future events into your calendar. In saying this, we’re not in any way putting down the sensible use of a calendar – it’s a coping mechanism in what some people term “a crazy world”.

The reason why we are drawing your attention to this interaction between two incompatible energy systems is that it is the source of these questions which are coming up all the time amongst the relatively small numbers of humans who understand enough of the process of the Earth’s Ascension for it to be part of their day by day life.

In the last major discourse from Quan Yin (Ascension Opportunity Part 4), she drew your attention to the nature of the balancing act which you are all being required to perform. On the one hand you need to be open and ready for the Ascension, both planetary and your own on an individual basis; while on the other hand you need to maintain your “everyday life” where things need to be taken care of in terms of life support, serving the others in your life who need you as well as maintaining your business or profession in a responsible manner. So what we are going to do this morning is to provide an energy rebalancing, which will help you perform this balancing act between these two endeavours.

In the animal, vegetable and plant world (including the trees), there are many lessons which one can learn, which are applicable to the human experience. One of these is patience, along with a willingness to be available – just to be “present”.

When you watch a plant growing, it focuses its energy on its current functioning – allowing the life force to flow through all its fibres, with some of the energy going to the new growth. There is an awareness within many plants that their lives may be curtailed or even terminated by external events. This is built into the species’ understanding and knowledge but you notice that the plant just keeps on anyway.

Although this may not be an exact analogy (as always), there is a tremendous amount to be learned from watching, from taking in the ways of functioning within Nature. This is particularly important when you’re doing this balancing act between keeping your everyday life moving along, while being aware of what is a virtual certainty that the Planetary Ascension happens and 3D Earth will fade into oblivion. After that, things which humanity has been used to being provided with, will have passed on too.

So we are suggesting , on a daily basis, in addition to affirming that you wish to be part of the process, that you’re moving along the Golden Path to your individual Ascension to higher levels, that you also visualise a healthy growing plant that is yourself – you just choose the plant that you like the best. And like the plant, you continue to grow right through this period of “not knowing when the big one is going to happen”, so to speak.

In this context, the “big one” does not refer to the actual external events; rather it is the time to make your major individual Ascension. This will coincide with when the 5D version of the Earth pulls away from the old 3D residue, as already clearly described (Ascension Opportunity Part 4). But the real focus is not on the external event happening. Rather your focus needs to be on being ready yourself – on being this vibrant plant ready for whatever comes. As you observe Nature, that is how they are. Even though you may know that they are going to be harvested the next day, the corn or wheat growing in the field continues to grow up to the very last moment.

Fortunately, you are not facing that rather dramatic form of harvesting, but the same principles apply. See yourself in vibrancy each morning – “how can I grow more fully this day, how can I help others grow”? Focus on the present, being in each of those successive moments which go to make up the day. If you find yourself going into nostalgia, looking backwards, wishing things could have been different, comparing things continually with the past, as most have done some of the time – please realise it does not lead anywhere in this particular context.

This appropriate way of looking at the day has sometimes been compared with the outlook of an artist, who starts the day with a blank canvass. They begin to create that day, putting in some outlines, shapes and structures – then filling in, putting some “flesh on the bones”, as their graphic illustration expands. But what they don’t do is include the future or the past; this picture/this day exists as an entity in its own right.

Now of course everything that you’ve been through in the past is indeed what has brought you to the point where you can be at that point of creation of the new day. What we are bringing forward is that this new day really is NEW, after living through all the previous days, months, years and indeed lifetimes. You are at this point – you are the creator, the artist.

There is an old saying from the 1960s “She’s an artist, she don’t look back”. This is a piece of profound wisdom which fits our concepts well. The rationale follows that everything that you do within your day is because you are a Spiritual creator – you are alive in this minute and you are alive in the next moment. You don’t need a mental justification for being alive for it’s a Spiritual process, a Spiritual flow.

Of course, your mind is going to have its commentary on “what’s going on”. The subconscious mind has been described in this way in the teachings of the Brotherhood, over and over again. It is vital to understand the freedom within this creation process of each day – it is the path to your individual freedom. Even when you are surrounded by all the constraints seemingly imposed by outside forces: other people, institutions, organisations or whatever.

So your job in expressing this life-force at its strongest is to be that beautiful plant which just keeps on growing each day. Yet each day is always unique in the way that you or the plant grow. We suggest and strongly recommend that you bring your whole consciousness much, much closer to being in the present time.

Andrew Smith, April 2012