The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

El Morya Summer Solstice 2012:The Dnet as a Path of Ascension

In the name of the Heart, Head and Hand, I am El Morya greeting you at the height of this Summer Solstice in this rather poignant year of 2012.

There is much expectation within your world amongst those individuals involved in metaphysics and Spiritual affairs, as well as those involved in just psychic matters and phenomena. There is an awareness that this year really is different from all its predecessors.

Some people have gradually picked up, particularly in the last 10 years or so, that they were on the brink of some quite new development in how life on Earth is unfolding – not really understanding or seeing clearly but nonetheless having that feeling, that deeper intuition that everyday life was going to change. Maybe in small increments to start with but then to an extent that even those in the mainstream would notice that this was not “just another year”.

A great deal has been written and spoken about the likely outcome of 2012. We have made our contribution within the Spiritual Hierarchy to getting some understanding out there albeit with some what mixed results.

Within human activity, all too often it was the soft option version of the Earth’s evolution which was put out in those “New Age” workshops, books and articles – that an individual would evolve perfectly by doing little or nothing to change themselves individually. One might compare it with that old Christian belief about going to heaven – as soon as you were near enough to death you would just be whisked up there, so long as you had said your prayers enough times etc.

Here and there, we have attempted to put across the truth that the wiser people have learned to understand while still living in the third dimensional (3D) realms, that life is what you make of it. It’s what you speak, the energies you project, the actions you take and whether your orientation to others is of a loving kind or not so much. As each individual progresses along their life destiny path, the choices that they make – what they say or do, how much of a loving attitude they bring to each moment of the day – this is what determines the outcomes within each individual’s life destiny Path.

It is no different (in the cause/effect pattern) when it comes to the momentous event of the Earth’s Ascension, it is what you bring yourself as an individual which determines the outcome for yourself. In aggregate, these individual outcomes directly affect the Earth’s (Gaia’s) ability to make her own Ascension. Sometimes, Gaia’s strong endeavours to raise herself up brings back the images of those ancient times when Hercules was holding up the whole world – a tremendous weight on his shoulders. We’re just sharing that that is part of a feeling that Gaia has at the moment of so many people oblivious of what she needs from them at this time to help her make her move.

Therefore, it is of considerable worth when people join together in any group of goodwill, where people are treated lovingly on a consistent basis. This helps to create an energy which Gaia can use in forcing her way upwards.

Conversely, when individuals of negative intent create war, deception, financial collapse and other negative activities – you’re aware of many of these since there are reported so regularly, unlike the positive things that happen. So the more people come together in groups and just be light and joyful, the more this lightens the burden on your great planetary Spirit Gaia.

However, we need humanity to go well beyond just this joyful expression, however useful that it is. We need at least a minority to wake up much more fully to the understandings of how the different dimensions (of being) sit next to each other. They need to address such questions as: “What is human life for” and “How does evolution work”, along with the many other subjects for study and assimilation within the old esoteric curricula.

For these and many other reasons, out team from the Spiritual Hierarchy have created the Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet). We have listened and observed carefully what has happened in the last several thousand years and, particularly what has happened to all the many attempts and enterprises to bring Spiritual enlightenment into the forefront of living on this Earth, rather than just something that people do in a backroom.

For long periods in the history of the world, the only safe way to get together for a Spiritual group was hidden away in a back room, where the forces of reaction were powerless to affect their outcomes. Because of this need for secrecy and isolation, the teaching of Spiritual knowledge, the Ancient Wisdoms, became quite piecemeal. Brave individuals here and there persevered to bring a deeper perspective to those seeking Spiritual Truth.

What humanity needs now is a much more general appreciation of the Spiritual realms: the different levels of energy, the importance of the Heart Centre, the relationship with the Higher Self, the relationship of the Angelic realms with the Earth –all these elements linked together. You need to understand Guidance and how a higher level Guide functions. How do you know if you get a feeling to do something that it is coming from a high and wise place of origin or from a source of negative disinformation?

In the very short time remaining before the Earth completes her Ascent, we had to find a way whereby relatively large numbers of people can be exposed to the Great Wisdoms, to this great Light energy, these high vibrations and absorb them. As we have taught many times, given the current state of most human minds, it is very difficult to just hear the message, let alone understand it and bring it into the Heart Centre and integrate it within your whole being.

Often those individuals had reached that sufficient opening of the Heart Centre had taken years or decades of training and practice. They had gone through a wide variety of experiences of learning what worked and what did not, what was real and what was not.

At the present time, we had to find a way for those individuals, who had volunteered and really wanted to be part of the 5D New Earth, to “sign on”, in response to Quan Yin’s very clear offer, and know that they would be taken through to be part of the new Golden Age of the 5D Earth. This is very much part of the ethos and design of the Dnet.

We had to find a way that the Ancient Wisdoms could be absorbed by a process of Spiritual osmosis by those who had reached some level of perception, so they could finally graduate from the 3D curriculum. And the Dnet energy structure was what we came up with.

Within the Dnet procedures, as you tune in to form your individual sphere ( and then going on to connect with the cental sphere, you are becoming part of an energy structure in which the Ancient Wisdoms flow to your individual sphere and the enlightening human within it. This energy flows each moment of the day and night and we designed it so that energy flow is carefully modulated to the precise needs and capability of each such individual, to enable it to be assimilated in a balanced way in each and every moment.

Within the time span available, each of you can raise your personal vibration and consciousness up to or near the level required for the 5D New Earth. Additionally, we have designed the Dnet energy structure so that each individual “signing on”, creating their own individual sphere, is completely protected at all times from any efforts of the darker elements that still exist in this 3D Earth, to obstruct or detach an individual from moving along this vital path towards the Light.

In many schools in past times, which were not totally contained within a closed community with a correct orientation towards the Light, many individuals fell by the wayside fell by the wayside, overwhelmed by the distractions, diversions and other undermining activities from the less than positive forces on 3D Earth. So we have designed the Dnet with its twice daily clearance and energy input so none of the above take hold, provided an individual joins and stays connected in the Dnet.

In making this very open offer that each individual who decides to sign on to this programme will be taken up as the Earth makes her Ascent, we are aware that individuals arriving at the 5D New Earth will be in a quite a variety of different states of awareness. The one thing they will have in common is an open Heart Centre and a sense of loving engagement with life and all they encounter. They will be open to all kinds of new experiences in their new location.

We have made provision on the New Earth that there will be a series of training schools to allow each person the time, space and energy to reach a sound state of balance and understanding, from which to step into the many opportunities and novel situations available on the new 5D Earth. This is how we intend to create a situation of harmony notwithstanding the diversity of the humans who made it through the many obstacles which had been put in their paths at different times. This will enable a balancing of the somewhat different levels achieved by the incoming humans.

In a transition place, it is quite OK for an individual to start with a quite different initial awareness for there is all time and space to fill in gaps to enable them to take their place in the full strength version of the 5D New Earth. It is manageable if someone is only at Dimension 4 ¾ on first arrival because we have set up the safety net and the system of retraining to cope with that. There will not be any sense of good or bad, let alone “They should have done better”. There will be no judgements about what level you have reached.

At this point, the main priority is to allow all those individuals, who want to be part of this New World, to allow them an energy magnetism which permits them their transfer from the old 3D Earth to the 5D New Earth, for that is what is possible in the time remaining. As part of being members of this amazing new energy of the Dnet, we are asking some things of you in return, particularly within the arena of service to others, which is, of course, a key part of the 5D curriculum. This form of service needs to be as automatic as serving yourself and your family.

Within this service orientation, there is a tremendous need to find your own personal way in which to explain to others about this opportunity of the Dnet. Each of you has your own way of sharing good news. This is not the same as selling a product or service, although some of you are good at that anyway. Enthusiasm is often the very best way to draw people in.

It is useful and pertinent in describing the Dnet to maintain a sense of mystery around it. This is actually a fundamental truth since none of you know more than a small part of what’s going on in this amazing energy structure. As you know, there are always hundreds of activities being promoted within the “New Age” arena. They will get you accreditation for this, that or the other but few deal with the Ancient Wisdoms or indeed go much beyond superficial truth.

To join the Dnet, people will need to have some feeling of connection. Even though they don’t really understand exactly what they are getting into, they want to be part of it anyway – it feels right for them. They sense that it’s something with some feeling of joy and with a strong potential for long-term happiness. An opportunity for peacefulness in a very troubled mainstream world.

So we asking all Dnet members, not just those in this room, to put aside any sense of shyness or reluctance, go deep within yourself and ask “How can I share some part of this experience and state of being which is particularly meaningful for me”? This is at least slightly different for each of you but there is a common vision which you all have. It may be hard to put into words – in truth you do not really need to put it into words much of the time, but we suggest giving yourself some space to reflect on how you can best present the Dnet to a few people. These will be those you feel have shown that they have some interest in being part of a different kind of world – if you want to call it a New Golden Age or just one where higher aspirations actually manifest.

When you have a glimpse, however brief, of the Higher Energies within the Dnet, a feeling in your Heart Centre, an advanced view of what that new life will actually be like. Just reflect on what you feel and focus on how you can present this. But be careful with most friends and especially of family members – they can be some of the most challenging. However, if you have friends who have shown some interest in aspects of growing Spiritually, these can be more promising possibilities.

Sharing your own Dnet experiences with a another is a good way to sew a few seeds of interest. Coming back to them a couple of weeks later, maybe you can find a connection to something in the other person’s life which they have shared with you which can resonate. It is vital, however, to find some ways of conveying the truth that the Dnet is far beyond anything you or they have experienced hitherto and that the door is open for them to join.

The Dnet is not an exclusive society in any way at all. It is open to any individual who has the strength of mind and the will to step through an open doorway into a new state of being. But we do not underestimate the weight that people carry or are pulling behind them which can, if not addressed, can get in the way of any new step and even pull an individual backwards at the very moment when they need to move forwards.

Part Two: Questions and Answers

Will our pets and animals be coming with us to the 5th Dimension?

The evolution of a pet or animal is a direct consequence of the alignment with one or more humans, as they individualise from being part of a group soul to an individual soul, with which they evolve upwards. If it is a dog, it’s usually an alignment with one person – cats and other animals tend to share their affiliation more widely. In a very close affiliation, the animal takes on a human subconscious mind closely related to the human with whom they have aligned predominantly.

So in a few cases, where the animal is very closely aligned with “their” human to the extent that the animal has almost become human themselves, they can take on these very high vibrations of the 5D New Earth, using their great ability to love as their common denominator. Realistically, there are very few animals at that level, but then not ,many humans are at present either.

So if you are asking about your own animal, there are several things you can do to help it individualise and evolve upwards: Sit with the animal consciously, hold it around first the heart, then the head, then project your higher vibrations through your loved one and there will be a response.

Will there be schools and other buildings already in place when we reach the 5D New Earth or will we be starting from scratch again?

The 5D New Earth is already well-populated with a variety of inhabitants. Some, like Catherine, have deliberately taken on their 5D body so they can be part of a functioning core population. This is much smaller than on the current 3D Earth. There are and will be some very beautiful beings from other planets within your Solar System, mostly from Venus and Mars but some from Jupiter and others. To help fit in, they will take on some shapes that will be more similar to the humans you are used to, at least initially.

So there is a basic infrastructure in place along with a core population who are “at ease” with the new ways of living and operating at the 5D level. They have some simple buildings not unlike those you can see in some art galleries of a classical portrayal of Greek temples, usually with beautiful sunlight pouring in over the romantic Mediterranean waters. Some of these pictures provide quite a good illustration of what it feels like to be in this beautiful Light energy. The seemingly eternal sunlight is not an exaggeration for the higher-level Devas who are organising this 5D New Earth are highly skilled in balancing the humidity so that the plants have what they need without strong winds and heavy rain, let alone snow and ice. These are all worthwhile experiences to have at the 3D level but we’re talking about graduating to a world with a substantially different curriculum, including the climate.

Within this gentle, warm and balmy climate, people still have their own modest size homes as private retreat space, where they create whatever energy they choose. One of the crucial differences is in the form of manifestation which is why the initial training schools are needed. You learn the ability to transmit “Wave Energy” packed with meaning, content and power – with elements of what is to be created within these “Waves”.

So if you want to make your home beautiful in a different way, you create a concept within your visualisation then project the “Wave Energy” from your Heart Centre. You complete the work with some physical actions in that much less dense world, where matter responds more directly to incoming energy. Much of the creation within a home, within a community choosing to live together, is about harmonising the aspirations of those participating individuals into a joint creation, a joint focus – maybe something equivalent to beautiful music and dance.

Another community might want to concentrate on working with plants and small creatures, another might wish to work with energy systems. Maybe you have heard of the community energy systems we used in the Golden Age of Atlantis, where there was a transmission from a central tower which was picked up by each community or residential unit. It was in a perfect wave form and could quickly be adapted for any purpose within the household or community group. There is indeed a whole world of evolution should you choose to work with those energies. And there are many other ways of engaging with your prime interests.

The idea is that individuals are drawn together with those others who have similar intents. There’s not the kind of “lottery” approach common in the urban environment on 3D Earth, where first you find a place to live and then find out whose living next door – with whom, as you know, you can have all sorts of mixed experiences including occasionally a positive one. It’s mostly a situation of making the best of what’s presented with elements of survival, neutrality and sometimes karmic culmination. On the 5D New Earth, there’s a different curriculum where you deal with how far you can move forwards on a creative Path but in a co-operative way rather than a competitive one.

When is everybody going to 5D: in one go or spread over several batches?

It is certainly not a simultaneous event – quite different from the fundamentalist Christian concept of “The Rapture” where, in a great flash of light, all the church members elevate.

As the weeks pass, you will find that the energy of the Dnet becomes more and more distinct that, in terms of the individual balancing act between keeping your 3D life functioning and what you are experiencing in getting more and more into the 5D level, the latter will just become stronger and stronger – and individual after individual will almost tumble into this cascade of Light.

There will be some within the Network who will go first and will have a role to play as an “advance party” preparing the core group we described originally settling the 5D New Earth, advising what it’s going to be like having this bunch of humans arriving in all different states. You can envisage that there is a major briefing exercise to be undertaken. The core group will be able to learn from teaching and debriefing this advance party what they need to know – observing how effective different teaching methods are going to be.

There’s a major learning process going on so, by the time the mass of the Dnet arrives, they will have got themselves organised and prepared to cater for however many categories are needed, in the various fields of endeavour, to make things fit. There will be inevitably the last persons to make the transfer being at Dimension 4 ½ or 4.6, or whatever it is, for them it’s a big stretch. While it is not out of reach, it is hard work and they are going to need the most help in making the final step.

We have no doubt that these latecomers will make it through since we designed with an appropriate safety net but, as Quan Yin put it, they may end up having a bumpy ride. In the process, they will be able to work off more of the last residues of karmas they experience those bumps and thus be that much lighter when they reach 5D Earth. As you have said yourself, the more difficult things are, the more there is to be learned.

Are you saying that everybody incarnated on Earth at this time will reach the necessary awareness to move to the 5DNew Earth?

We have given the undertaken that everybody who joins the Dnet will get through. There are, of course, individuals all over the world who are naturally just a step from the 5D level or, indeed, may have already got there — they don’t actually need to be a part of the Dnet. But were talking about modest numbers of individuals. There were a wide variety of different life experiences that have brought them to that higher level of Consciousness.

This is why the skill and wisdom of the Guidance of the Higher Self is so important in designing each individual soul’s Life Destiny Pattern. When it’s been well chosen, an individual apparently just living a quite ordinary life can reach extraordinary levels of Consciousness within themselves through certain techniques and understandings, notwithstanding all the choices and possibilities.

These things tend to happen more frequently in the East with the old traditions there. It also happens here and there on the African continent, where individuals have maintained the old relationship with Nature, they will be able to make the Ascension step quite straightforwardly.

Will most of the people not making it be in Western Countries?

In terms of proportion, yes. Those individuals who chose to incarnate in the Western industrialised countries or even those in the second world nations in South America, parts of Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore etc are less likely to graduate from 3D Earth.

When the Soul came in after choosing the parents, the nation and the time period, the Life Destiny Pattern, they knew what the possibilities and probabilities were looking like. Many of these Higher Selves chose well but some maybe didn’t do their estimating as well as they thought they had done but that is part of the evolutionary experience. Being a Soul, you take your chances. You know that your Higher Self is doing its best to provide you with an evolutionary pattern which is going to work. But sometimes they don’t, sometimes they do. And within that, even if an evolutionary pattern worked out as intended, it may be that the individual needs another 10 lifetimes at 3D and 4D levels.

From our viewpoint, we have to have enough humility to say we do not know what’s best for people and, while from our loving standpoint we would like to reach out and help them, we cannot do so because we don’t know what’s the best for them. We can send them love and caring. Sometimes we can create an opportunity as we have with the Dnet so that those individuals might say “My Gosh, this is exactly what I feel good about joining”. Being open to sharing your experiences with the Dnet and the opportunity that is there for those around you, you may be pleasantly surprised at the individuals who choose to try it out.

It’s a struggle reaching out to others in terms of resources and finances etc.

We’re really focussing on and suggesting you focus on the individuals you are already in contact with. We are not suggesting you spend any money or do any advertising. We do suggest that you selectively begin to talk to people in meditation and workshop groups, past and present, after your individual reflection of how you can effectively share the warmth, excitement whatever it is that communicates. Maybe an unusually grim determination upon your face (!) – whatever it is to get peoples attention and realise that what you are sharing about the Dnet is quite different from what you talked about last time.

As you know, it’s not difficult to join the Dnet, yet if you can feel anything at all, there’s a tremendous return. Compared with “other disciplines” or traditional workshops it is quite quick – months rather than decades to reach significantly higher levels. Most of what people do in traditional workshops or meditation groups is to get a quick fix – feeling great when you get together once a month then going back to the rest of your life to where you were before.

The Dnet is very different so you can communicate and share that. Don’t react if they don’t respond – you can only use what’s true for you. For some people, using tantilisers to arouse their curiosity can work very well, for others a great deal of loving sincerity. Whatever it is, keep in mind that the Dnet is something completely different. The most important thing is to try – at least you will get our approval which you will feel, as we give you more love.

I’d like some clarification on how we share the Dnet with other people. I have personally felt strong inner energies. How can we share that experience?

When you think about how you normally communicate with these people, you have quite a large number of folks that you still stay in touch with from all the different endeavours and activities you have taken part in. You’ve always been very straightforward in your way of being with people, very empathetic as you are. So if you now become extraordinarily excited, presenting the Dnet in a different way, perhaps with a little drama, some of them will actually take some notice.

If somebody is normally slightly cynical, then being genuinely enthusiastic will make a difference. There is nothing right or wrong about any of these approaches but people really notice when you come from a different perspective. But there are a lot of people you know, Jenny, who would love to join the Dnet. You do have some stature as a source of wisdom, because you really went deeply into many different paths, and it is fine to utilise that. You can truthfully say “This is it, it is so far beyond what I’ve done before and this is a step which you would really enjoy too”.

5D is beyond time yet at 3D levels our egos need time to exist?

The part which Ascends is the Soul and it takes with it the physical body and the subconscious mind. (The subconscious mind is a perfect recording device which has a complete record of the individual life experiences The term is quite separate from those used in “psychology”). Because of the energetic processing within the Dnet, your body will be capable of adjusting to the much lower density of the 5D New Earth. So that’s why joining the Dnet and being exposed to this conditioning energy 24/7 is so important.

Otherwise, the Earth finally completes her Ascension and says “Thank God I have got to the 5D level” but the humans are saying “My God, our bodies feel like they are being crushed” or “They are expanding to 12 feet all around us because there’s less density”. With the energy of conditioning through the Dnet, each of you will find that adjustment physically quite gentle – at most it might take a few days or a few weeks to feel comfortable in this less dense environment.

Utilising the Dnet, the whole transition is feasible and you are not going to be throwing up every two hours or so! You will be able to keep your systems of breathing and digestion functioning in a different way – it may feel more like being on a juice fast. Actually, they don’t eat a lot at the 5D level, — they just have some highly nutritious drinks most of the time — but they do eat occasionally. So if you practice a little fasting here you will be that much closer to what you need to be capable of experiencing at 5D level.

We are not suggesting that any of you go round without food here on the 3D world in your industrialised world, you would fall to pieces. But it’s a good idea if you can find a quiet time when you can have a go at fasting on juice or clean water, even for half a day. But you will need a very calm environment to do that, one where you do not have a lot of commitments, when the phone and texts will not be bringing lots of difficult emotions from other people. A protected environment is best for doing a fast.

There is a tendency, particularly amongst male humans, to try and think things out before they happen. It can be great fun sometimes especially over a pint of beer or a glass of wine, but it doesn’t actually get anywhere. The mind without the integration with the Heart-Centre, the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra being wide open really hasn’t got a clue about how an event is going to be which it has not previously experienced or something like it.

The human subconscious mind deals with what has already happened. “Thinking” is from the subconscious mind — like going through 100 filing cabinets and finding what it can bring up from subjects or experiences which are the closest match from times past. It doesn’t really achieve much but it can be quite fun on a social level.

This kind of thinking has nothing much to do with your Spiritual growth which is particularly about learning to control and centre your subconscious mind so it does not deal continually with the past as a basis for current decisions. Ideally, the subconscious mind becomes an obedient servant, listening to what we call the “Spiritual Director” of your life. That is the Soul level, connected directly to your Higher Self. That is the part of the state of Consciousness you reach when you meditate deeply.

So the challenge is to look at each moment in the present from the point of some reflection, before you communicate or take action. We are here talking about the ideal and what is going to help you grow. Of course, there are times when there is a need for immediate communication, like when you are driving down the M5 (motorway). You do not go into 10 minutes reflection as to whether to take the next exit. Obviously, common sense is need here.

It has been said that “You can’t think your way into the Kingdom of Heaven. Is it best to Ascend when you are in a physical body?

It’s always good to take your body with you, if you get the chance – not many do. But it does happen and, not surprisingly, it is not reported in the media as such when someone just disappears and takes their body with them – they find a rationalisation. Something like the deceased was walking along the top of a cliff or he was swimming further out than usual or similar sanitised versions.

To some extent, it is to protect people from pain and uncertainty that such stories are told. It would be very upsetting, both for individuals and collectively as a society, if people knew the truth that an individual had literally stepped out of this dimension into another one. However unusual, it has happened every year throughout this cataclysmic period of 6,000 years or so.

What will happen to the young children?

They will have a ball! They are the ones who don’t have to make many adjustments, particularly if it is before they start using mobile phones. They are naturally suited to the 5D New Earth and large numbers have incarnated specifically to get there. Thet try to get their parents to wake up sufficiently that they might take the step as well. But you know what parents are like, they do not always listen to their children.

If you have a child, it’s like with any friend, you find ways and situations when you can quietly share with them the truths about what’s coming. They then have the choice as to what extent to respond.

How can you do that with your grandchildren if your own children are not “awake”?

Just get on and do it. You will certainly have our blessing. You don’t need to have concerns that you are exceeding your authority or your rights as a grandparent. You are ultimately individuals who have karmic connections with the young child, whether they are a grandchild or you are taking care of them. You put out your energy and you share your truth.

That is the true meaning of life here, you share what is real for you. Hopefully this is of a somewhat loving and joyful quality but it’s not always, as you know. In your case, however, sharing your truth is a delight for the other person whether they be a young child or someone older.

So we conclude this afternoon by reminding each of you that you have chosen to be part of a special group, a group which could be a much broader one, but it is by its very nature special. As the “inhabitants” of the Central Sphere we are always with you. In your meditation or other quiet moments, feel free to ask any of our Spiritual Hierarchy whose names you are familiar with and with whom you feel a sense of closeness and “good feeling”, feel free to call us by name and we will be with you. It is good to practice that.

On that note, I leave you in the name of the Heart, Head and Hand.

I am El Morya.