The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

El Morya Summer Solstice Message 2013

In the name of the Heart, Head and Hand, this is El Morya, bringing you greetings on this Summer Solstice day.

Traditionally, this is a time of tranquillity within the year, however in 2013 humanity has had few such days as the energies of change blow strongly most of the time and in practically all places. In some ways, it may seem that a great spring cleaning is underway, as we witness the removal of some of the web of negativity, which has been part of the curriculum for human lifetimes for much of the last 2,000 years.

There have been great hopes and aspirations amongst some Spiritual seekers that suddenly all the negativity of your world can be blown away — removed without any particular effort by humankind. Of course, to achieve such a radical shift it requires correspondingly radical changes by every individual on the planet. And, even from the perspective of incarnated humans, it is quite clear that for much of the population it really is “business as usual”, at least that is their ongoing intent for how life is lived.

What has been changing is the ability of governments, corporations and militaries throughout the world to conceal their various activities – it’s become much more difficult for them. So the changes that some of you at least have witnessed and realised (maybe welcomed strongly) is this awareness of what’s actually going on in your world with these large organisations.

Overall, it’s not a pretty sight – as one of our dear colleagues describes the experience of human incarnation on the Earth as the “University of the Negative”. This is not very surprising, since for a long time it has been a challenge for a soul incarnating within the human realms to face up to all the negative energies therein and endeavour to bring some positive Light in terms of thoughts, words and actions (all of these) into the world in which they live.

It has been part of the curriculum that, as each soul strives, in varying degrees, to bring some joyfulness, some warmth, perhaps a depth of understanding, a sense of perspective – maybe a great sense of caring for others. As an individual strives to express themselves in terms of these elements, the reality is that there are always negative energies seeking to obstruct these endeavours. So within that situation, the determined individual, with the Soul as its inspiration and creative force, pushes forward.

The Soul attempts to move forward whatever the opposition. Its learning to strengthen the individual will to overcome this opposition is the great evolutionary experience, from our Spiritual perspective. Because when you have developed to any extent a will, a sense of purpose, this can be carried forward very effectively to other parts of the Spiritual realms and other levels of life manifestation.

Some of you may have heard that there has always been “competition” amongst souls to incarnate on Earth, for there are always more seeking to incarnate than there are “vacancies” available in terms of new lifetimes getting underway. Some incarnated humans have scratched their heads and thought “Why would they want to be involved with such a difficult environment – to live and work in such a challenging arena”?

But this is indeed the reason: it is when an individual is faced with such implacable opposition that this is how they grow towards being a great being in their own right. It is a sense of not giving up in the face of difficulty, even though you may sometimes need to retreat a little, knowing that you are always ready to utilise the next opportunity to move forwards again – perhaps in a modified format.

So we are talking about this less than popular subject of the negative forces on this 3D Earth, which in many ways are still running rampant — it is their nature. Overall, the situation has provided the opportunity for a large number of souls to develop “steel” within themselves.

You are in a unique situation upon this planet at the time when Gaia, the great planetary Spirit, is in the process of Ascending from the 3D level all the way up to that of the 5D New Earth. This creation is organised in a completely different way, as we have explained previously in considerable detail. The sense of physicalness is much lighter, much less dense, more flexible and more responsive to all the creative endeavours through which people express themselves there.

Other planets have made this transition both within your Solar System and many other locations. Since you are incarnated on the planet Earth at this time, you are in the midst of a unique experience. As it happens, the energies of negativity are fully aware of the Earth’s transition. They are indulging in a great swirling around as they grasp that their time is indeed getting very short in terms of how much scope they have to continue their ways of doing things in this 3D society on the 3D Earth.

The energies of the Spiritual Hierarchy are being projected strongly towards the Earth at this time and we have built in specific frequencies designed to facilitate a loosening of the constriction that the negative forces have exercised for a long period – not exactly a stranglehold but certainly a comprehensive obstruction. They are becoming somewhat disorientated as they wonder why their old habitual practices are not having the same predictable results which they are used to – so they move around and try new approaches etc.

These special frequencies are also precipitating less and less predictable situations and events affecting individuals living in the Light – those with a love-based approach to life, typically empowered from an opening Heart-Centre. You may have noticed already.

It helps for all of you to be aware of what is happening so that your current expectations are sensibly in line with the likely range of outcomes. It is not realistic to expect, assume or plan for reasonable or moderate outcomes in all aspects of your lives (however much you would welcome them), when overall the situations in your world are becoming much less predictable, with more extreme events becoming possible and even likely.

This sense of moderation and reasonableness is a part of the manner an individual justifies their established mode of living and operating. However, it’s not going to be sustainable in this next period of time. You can’t just assume reasonable outcomes, even though they may come about sometimes. You are going to need to use other understandings and justifications as your “modus operandi” in life. We suggest you become more continually conscious of your motivations as individuals who have taken this other path of seeking to bring in a Lightness within the world. You need to develop and maintain strongly a sense of focus and a “good morale”. You need to consciously address how you as an individual are going to deal with the unfolding climate of events, a climate of being surrounded by great misunderstandings by those who have no idea whatsoever of what’s going on, of why things are changing in such strange ways. How to deal with things you all thought you could depend on turn out like quicksand and sometimes chaos.

This may sound like a very long introduction to a recommended compact change in the way of viewing life compared with what you have been doing for much of your life, including the times you have been on a Spiritual Path searching for the Light and how to express it fully. You now need to develop a state of mind, a state of heart, a state of emotion whereby you are able not to react as more and more “unreasonable” things happen day by day, week by week and month by month. Equally and continually, you are going to have to develop a quality of being like Pillars of Light, while still living and functioning as human beings, fulfilling your responsibilities, doing the best you can within the fields of life within which you exist, create and take initiatives.

It is very natural at the 3D level to respond and react to every change, event, or news item which comes about both within your immediate world or what is being reported as happening in other parts of the world, other parts of life or in other organisations and arenas. In order to maintain a good level of balance within your life, it is going to be necessary to develop that ability to say, to feel and to genuinely live with a complete sense of non-reaction – acknowledgement yes, but reaction choose not.

For each person, it is at least a slightly different process so each of you, who wishes to realise this state of balance, will need to approach it with an appropriately individual touch. It is very easy to react and dissipate a lot of your energy and give away your power – the power you need to be available for positive actions. It is very easy to let it all pour out as within an old paradigm of what you termed “being reasonable”, where a reaction would be normal. It takes a lot of your discernment to say “It’s another of those events” that has come about, or it’s another person who is expressing “this kind of energy”, without needing to get too involved with it. The exception would be an event that affects you directly and requires an adjustment with how you are working with that situation or with that individual.

You are going to need to develop some “rock-like” qualities and particularly the ability to “hold steady” in the face of chaos and adversity. These are important abilities to getting through the next period of unexpected change on a continual basis.

Now we are not for a moment suggesting that a period of unexpected change is necessarily going to be unpleasant to go through. For some it may be a great relief to see old energy structures withering away, losing their rationale, losing their power source and fading.

It does require some forethought individually to be already adjusting, for example, the resources which you are using on a weekly/monthly basis to make sure you have some alternative sources of supply available or lined up. Take a look at each part of your life and open some options.

This may mean that, if you’re used to deriving substantial energy from eating food, you may need to learn some other ways to bring energy into your body. We are offering some new methods for those who are interested and wish to pursue this. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more (email

We are recommending this approach as veritable acts of prudence – moving away from the extraordinary specialisation within your mainstream 3D world where an individual is only capable of operating, in many instances, within a very narrow corridor of competence. Once they are removed from that corridor, they can find themselves helpless. This specialisation is always justified by the mainstream pundits as one of the features of an advanced society. It is claimed that every thing advances because people specialised, while the degree of vulnerability created through that specialisation is ignored.

So this is a time when we recommend that each of you consciously diversify and learn new skills, new ways of living – in the modern parlance “adding some back-up” for all the essential things that you need, while still on 3D Earth. Besides the food, you need to consider your water supply, ways of moving around which don’t depend on petroleum products – ways of heating, ways of communicating which don’t all depend on the use of electricity and electronic devices.

There is a great benefit as you look forwards, perhaps, to being part of the 5D New Earth in learning, or more accurately remembering, what it’s like when an enlightened human has all these abilities built-in within themselves, rather than having external devices performing the function for them of providing food, energy or communications etc. For example, in the advanced ancient societies an individual just communicated a message telepathically when they needed to communicate with another person. The skill levels of doing this were high and the distances immaterial. It worked very well but now people have to use telephones, radio waves or other linked wire devices – computers etc.

Similarly, in those olden advanced societies, there was only a very modest need to eat solid food because the individual learned how to draw energy from their immediate surroundings to nourish the whole functioning of their physical bodies, as well as the other parts which made up their total being. You have two very strong motives for learning these new approaches to life: firstly to get through the times of disintegration and chaos by being more and more self-sufficient within your being; secondly to prepare yourself to be able to step into the 5D New Earth where these qualities are just normal – part of the very fabric of living there.

We have mentioned before that we do not expect individuals on the Path of Light/Golden Path to have developed all these qualities before they reach the 5D New Earth. We have talked about the extensive training programmes being made available on the 5D New Earth to enable every individual, who has expressed a continuing wish to be part of this new civilisation, to be able to have the time, the space and the energetic fields to learn thoroughly how to live in these very new ways. If you haven’t already started to address these radically new ways of approaching these matters, you need to start now.

Some of you have already begun to take on board at least some of these ideas in certain parts of your life. Some of you are finding that you are eating much less food yet having more energy than you did before, without necessarily understanding “why”. Others are finding new ways of achieving calmness in all situations – finding ways to move out the stored energies of reaction derived from previous experiences in your lives – functions of your subconscious mind of which we have talked about at length – the subconscious mind which seeks to re-create situations from the past at all times.

As you gradually release those patterns, it becomes much easier to step into the new role we are suggesting for you. Steadiness, calm effectiveness, knowing that you don’t know all the answers but knowing that you can “hold steady” in strength, provided you maintain the heart openness and being willing to use your creative faculties in any situation.

If any of you feel that you need some assistance in learning this, we are providing a series of courses briefly titled “The Activation of the Light Body” but there is in fact a great deal more involved in them than just that Light Body process, which is in itself substantial.

Like everything else within our realms of activity, if you want to be part of something you have to volunteer for it and then follow-through. As our colleague Quan Yin has put it: “You need to sign-on each morning”. You need to say “Yes, I really want to be part of this New World that’s developing”. It is not enough to just say “Well everybody is going to be part of this New World that is developing – isn’t that wonderful!” It doesn’t work that way, it requires an individual’s participation. It also requires a focus which is quite different from that most individuals (even those on the Path of Light) have used up to now.

So at this Summer Solstice time, when the energies always tend to make things “more possible”, when changes don’t seem to be as impossible as at some other times of year, we are issuing to you all partly a call for action but also a challenge – a very real challenge to accept and understand that things are changing in the external world so dramatically that it does require a very, very different response from each of you.

In particular, we are encouraging those here and, even more so, in other places to participate through communication (at least initially) asking “how can I be part of all this more fully”, expressing a need for advice or help in making some of the changes necessary – asking maybe how you can possibly step forward also. We intend to be able to answer questions on a more continuous basis henceforth. We invite readers who were not present to send in any questions which come up addressed to me El Morya at

So we leave you with our Blessings and our appreciation of what you have all accomplished within difficult and challenging conditions upon the Earth. Do not underestimate yourselves, do not underestimate your abilities and your potential for moving forward in strength.

So in the name of the Heart, Head and Hand, this is El Morya – peace to you all.