The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

Getting Started

The Eleven Steps to Joining the Dnet

Joining this network will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need to go to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness, as the Earth completes her Ascension. It will also enable you to protect yourself as you evolve individually. It directly connects people, who wish to advance, with the energies of the Light: Archangels, Spiritual Masters, Gaia (the Spirit of our planet) and many other Higher Beings. Read more

Why Join the Dnet?

Because it’s real and offers you opportunities that have previously only been open to people who have spent their entire life in a temple. It’s simple and practical and you don’t need to devote each and every day to it. Those individuals who have gone deeply into the Dnet cannot even begin to describe how wonderful it is and, indeed, what a privilege. They could not imagine going back to their prior situations. That would be like suddenly becoming blind, deaf and dumb by comparison. Read more