The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

Going Deeper

Quan Yin: Where We are Now – 16th June, 2013

Since the much awaited Winter Solstice of 2012, the divergence has steadily opened up between Third Dimensional (3D) humanity and those individuals who have linked themselves consciously through their Heart Centres to the inspirational calling of the Fifth Dimensional (5D) New Earth. The massive influx of 5D and even higher energies at the Winter Solstice (as the Mayans and others had correctly forecast) has enabled some committed individuals, who are genuinely seeking to be part of a new love-based world, to make substantial strides each successive month towards their inspired goal. Read on

Quan Yin re Winter Solstice 2012

It’s only five days now before the much awaited Winter solstice. We want to take this opportunity to give a briefing which is as clear as possible with regard to what this energy is really about, as it comes into your world during that three day period from the 21st to the 24th. Read on

Ascension Opportunity (Part 4)

Greetings, this is Quan Yin, communicating as before through Catherine operating at
the Fifth Dimensional (5D) level. This enables us to communicate from a level which
is not usually available for such transmissions to Spiritual groups in your world. Read on

Ascension Opportunity (Part 3)

Greetings, this is Quan Yin returning to talk more about the Ascension opportunity which is there for all humanity at this time.
In our two previous expositions, we have drawn your attention to how different are the energies comprising Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness on the most practical level, let alone how they are on the higher aspects of the esoteric. We have shown you the extreme degree of interconnectedness of all life forms, although these are only “extreme” when looked at from the point of view of Earth’s third dimensional 3D level. Read on

Ascension Opportunity (Part 2)

This is something of a sequel to our communication earlier this month about the Ascension opportunities of 2011/12, which you have all read. We are conscious that, since this previous message, your world has moved closer to the brink of financial collapse. Concurrently, the great Earth being you know as Gaia has moved further towards the culmination of her Ascension to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness (5D). Read on

Ascension Opportunity (Part 1)

Greetings, this is an aspect of Quan Yin rather than the Catherine you are used to, although we are all of the same lineage, the same multi-dimensional Being.
The work this afternoon involves quite different vibrations, wave frequencies, new colours and perhaps new insights. We are opening the door to your deeper participation at a much higher level of consciousness. Read on

El Morya Autumn Equinox 2013

The Autumn Equinox traditionally is the time when all projects and enterprises, which individuals and groups have been working on for much of the year, reach their culmination – their high point or climax. Before moving into the somewhat earthy period of the Autumn or Fall, there is a process whereby all those things that have been created with firmness and substance sustain themselves and continue to function well. Read on

El Morya Summer Solstice Message 2013

Traditionally, this is a time of tranquillity within the year, however in 2013 humanity has had few such days as the energies of change blow strongly most of the time and in practically all places. In some ways, it may seem that a great spring cleaning is underway, as we witness the removal of some of the web of negativity, which has been part of the curriculum for human lifetimes for much of the last 2,000 years. Read on

El Morya – The Winter Solstice of 2012

There has been much discussion and even some debate about whether this will be a time of great significance. The controversies around the adjustments made to the Mayan Calendar, with two fiercely-argued opposing schools of thought, has raised a few questions about whether this is the “right” Winter Solstice or the “right” turning point at all. Read on

El Morya Autumn Equinox Message 2012

Within the ancient Spiritual traditions, this is a time of reflection upon what has been achieved and experienced during the first three quarters of the mystical year, starting at the last Winter Solstice. Within these Equinox energies, we have the height of achievement within the cycle before they fall away in the next three months up to the Winter Solstice. Read on

El Morya Summer Solstice 2012: The Dnet as a Path of Ascension

In the name of the Heart, Head and Hand, I am El Morya greeting you at the height of this Summer Solstice in this rather poignant year of 2012.
There is much expectation within your world amongst those individuals involved in metaphysics and Spiritual affairs, as well as those involved in just psychic matters and phenomena. There is an awareness that this year really is different from all its predecessors. Read on

El Morya – Spring Equinox 2012

In the name of the heart, head and hand – this is El Morya, wishing you warmth, lovingness and joy as we go into the season of Springtime. This is when seeds which have been sown in the Winter period begin to come into a blossoming.
Some of you, quite naturally, have wondered how the blossoming may progress in this year of 2012, the year full of promise and expectation in terms of the Earth’s Ascension to 5D. In particular, you have wondered “What is going to happen”? Read on

El Morya – Winter Solstice 2011

At this turning point in the seasons, when the old year is expiring, the energy of the New Year is beginning to engage with the Earth and humanity. As we have mentioned on previous Solstices, a new devic energy brings in the patterns and evolutionary structure of the next 12 months.
The Spiritual Hierarchy, of which the White Brotherhood is a part, has worked comprehensively to lead, guide and support the Ascension of the Great Spirit of the Earth (Gaia if you will) to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness (5D). We have gone to great lengths to help those members of humanity, who have ears to hear, to wake up to the full implications of the Earth’s Ascension for those currently incarnated on the surface of the planet. Read on

What do you mean the 3D is going away? by Jim Self

The habit of thinking and feeling and behaving that we know of as the third dimension is going away. Everyone is shifting into a fourth dimensional consciousness and experience, and then into a fifth dimensional consciousness and experience. Most people on the planet are not prepared for this Shift. But it is happening nonetheless, and for those who are unaware of what’s going on it will not be an easy or comfortable experience. Read on

Dimensional Shift

Welcome to you all! I am Jesus Christ, using the name by which you had formerly known me. As a spiritual being, I am now here again to help you in your evolution. We have endeavored in this great project to prepare those who are ready and worthy for stepping into a higher dimension of life, in a more expanded state of mind, along with your planet Earth. Read on (PDF download 5MB)

Healing Yourself

This is a simple and quick exercise that enables you to improve your overall health, target specific injuries or illnesses and helps you to move towards 5D physically. It can be performed standing up, sitting or lying down. It is best done in a relaxed atmosphere. Read on

Helping Others Share in the Dnet

Once you are settled properly into the Dnet, you will simply know that it is the right thing to do. It’s an absolutely ingenious concept and you can feel it working. You will derive many benefits from it and you will steadily move towards 5D. Read on

An Introduction to Using the Dnet Energy in Martial Arts

At your disposal through the Dnet, you have a huge amount of power available: spiritual masters, entities, different energies including the 5D energy, dimensional energies, Gaia and other planets and stars and of course, God. Even more important, you are directly linked into them especially at the 5D level. This makes energy transference much more straightforward for all concerned. Read on