The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop.

The Fifth Dimensional Network

The Dnet Past, Present and Future

Some of this will seem negative as you start to read it but the Dnet and all the energies and people in it are lovely and it is a wonderful creation. It’s never been done anywhere before but it will last well into the foreseeable future and will be cloned in many galaxies and dimensions because it has already enabled so many good things to be accomplished. Even at this early stage of its development, it has surpassed the expectations of the spiritual hierarchy and it is clear that its potential is almost unlimited and it is already being used as a powerful tool for the light. The Dnet has been developed for mankind to enable them to quickly grow spiritually and energetically in a safe and secure environment so that they can make the transition to 5d earth.

It’s important to understand that anyone joining now goes straight into a safe haven almost like a womb where you are protected and continuously fed energy enabling your energy levels to increase and to open up your higher functions. But for some of the people involved in its construction it wasn’t an easy ride much like when they build skyscrapers that are comfortable to live in but it’s not so easy for the builders. All of us chose to be involved though and we gladly accepted the difficulties because we knew how important it is and will become. Now we are all comfortably inside it and are enjoying the fruits of our labor.
I also describe how a number of us were attacked by bugs or the dark side while the Dnet was being formed. I must stress that one of the main advantages of the Dnet is that everyone who joins will be protected at all times from the dark side. It is an unfortunate fact that many people who advance spiritually are then confronted with the dark side often not even having a clue what is happening to them or who to turn to for help. This is balanced by the joy of opening up to the light but it is a much more enjoyable path if you are protected.
I will describe how it came about and what it is now and what it may become. I have deliberately not named the other people involved as it is unfair on them but they all recognize themselves and are aware of their substantial and selfless contributions.

How do you enable well meaning but very limited people help to build something as incredible as the Dnet? This was the question faced by Quan Yin many years ago. It would require the coming together of a number of different people over several years and each of them will have their own story and I can only give mine. They kept prodding me in certain directions so that I met the people with the appropriate skills that I would need later on such as martial arts training, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, healing, meditation, energy training and made me go into business developing original products so I had to learn to visualize things and to think out of the box. They probably despaired about how long I took and all the mistakes I made but eventually they couldn’t wait any longer and started opening me up energetically exposing me to the wonders of it and to the dark side with bugs. I went through a period of around 9 months where I had one bug after another on me and at first was cleared weekly by others and then I quickly learned to clear myself and eventually was doing it daily. It didn’t matter how hard I worked on my personal protection because they wanted me to experience the various types of bugs and to understand what people go through when they have them on them. Strangely enough it didn’t really bother me that much and it became a normal part of my life although it was debilitating. But I was greatly helped by a husband and wife team who were instructors in the college of healing who taught me and my Tai Chi instructor healing privately. I was very fortunate to be taught by people who were so gifted. My Tai Chi instructor and I went down the road of learning to use the energy together and we were sent archetypes to teach us. At first it was difficult to understand what they wanted and we made many mistakes but as time went on, it became easier to understand them. Different energies would then join us during training and we had to learn which were the energies of the light and which were the energies of the dark side. It may seem obvious but some of the energies of the dark side are very cunning and are well able to disguise themselves. One day a portal opened up in the room and we were drawn to it and immediately we were both filled with energies from the portal and totally overwhelmed by them. Fortunately we were able to clear them and they went back into the portal and it closed behind them. The following week it opened again and we were told it was okay to approach it. This time energies again entered into us but it was to a much lower level and we agreed to let them stay in us. Over the next few weeks the portal stayed open and more energy entered into us until eventually we had the full amount of energy that had originally entered into us but had swamped us. This energy is a dimensional energy and was the first we worked with and it is still with me today although he chose not to work with his for a year or so.

It was an enormous privilege being taught the western approach to healing, coupled with the Eastern approach from The Tai Chi and Chi Kung and also being taught by the archetypes and other energies such as the dimensional energies. Our guides also helped us through this process and still do as I am learning more every day. I simply couldn’t possibly have played my part without the help and guidance of so many people and guides.
Meanwhile, one of my friends who also does martial arts including Tai Chi and Chi Kung had become very ill and was afraid to leave his house, couldn’t work or drive and even started to see a doctor. This illness lasted for about 2 years and almost destroyed him. It was a time before we realized that bugs existed and as soon as I was able to clear them I checked him out and found a powerful bug on him which I removed with some difficulty. It was like releasing him from prison and his life rapidly returned to normal although he then suffered attacks every few months or so from other bugs and I regularly cleared him and taught him how to protect himself. Like most people who have endured bugs, he was able to recognize them on others so I have cleared other people who he met or knew and I have often never had any contact with them but their lives were also immediately transformed. It’s interesting how many celebrities who have mental problems often incorrectly diagnosed as bi-polar actually have a bug on them. I could clear them in minutes without even contacting them but I am not allowed to interfere without their permission although I desperately want to help them. I know because I can see them and of course, many people living ordinary lives also have them.
I also worked out with a fighter every week and we became firm friends even though we tried to smash each other apart each time we met. All he does is to train and fight and he has the most remarkable spiritual energy. But they allowed a bug to get on him as well and so I started to clear him although they never messed up his life because they need time to settle and I was able to clear them fairly quickly.
So I started to clear more and more bugs and ghosts and to clear properties and to heal people and balance their energy systems. This plus all the training and my exposure to various energies was increasing my growth but I am sure it was all way too slow for what was needed. More energies were also joining and working with me.
Then they opened up a gifted friend and she reached a stage where she was also attacked constantly by bugs so I was regularly clearing her. Unbeknown to me at the time, Quan Yin tried to teach me to extend my protective spheres over her as hers just wasn’t sufficient and I did to a limited extent but it was incredibly demanding energetically and wore me out. She was going though hell and it became too much for her so she fled and tried to pretend it wasn’t happening and blamed me for it. In doing so she ripped open our mutual protection and I was inundated by bugs who saw me as a banquet and who wanted to stop the Dnet forming. So I was protecting her without her consciously knowing but subconsciously she was resisting me like mad, I was fighting bugs all the time and using up an enormous amount of energy trying to keep the protective sphere over us. That was a really tough time. Eventually, I was able to fully protect her in a common protective sphere and the bugs couldn’t get through to her and she stopped fighting me. She has never had a problem since the Dnet was formed.
Around the same time I met another Tai Chi practitioner who had tried to help a couple he knew to clear their house in London where all sorts of strange things were happening. It is by far the worst house I have ever encountered and there is no way that I could have lived there. All he did was to attract some of the bugs from the house and they were attached to him and had been for some time. He was suffering because of it as were the couple. So I cleared them and had help from the couple who were teaching me to clear the house because at the time I simply wasn’t capable of doing it on my own. They all kept getting more bugs on them as did the house so I was regularly clearing them and then the house but it was becoming too much for everyone. By this time all of us had the individual double sphere protection and it was working to an extent but it wasn’t enough for any of them. Then I was shown that I needed to join my sphere to everyone else’s by connecting tubes and everyone agreed to it only too readily. Immediately, all the attacks on them stopped and none of them have had a problem with bugs since. My Tai chi instructor also joined his spheres to my sphere to support it and then connected his family to his own sphere and others followed. He later chose to leave the Dnet and took his family and students with him because he no longer felt it was his path but they all returned after a year or so. There is no doubt that I could not have made my journey without him.

So our protective sphere became the central sphere with individual spheres each connected to the central sphere by a tube and also some spheres directly connected to other spheres. Consequently the Dnet had begun to form without any of us realizing what was happening. At no point did any of us understand that we were building the Dnet and even when it was in place we still didn’t understand the significance of it.
Meanwhile other people were also being maneuvered in their lives to acquire the necessary skills to be able to contribute to the changing world including the Dnet and among them some were to play a key part in the formation and development of the Dnet. I read many books on the 2012 prophecies yet I only contacted one author and was compelled to do so because of course, he was to promote the Dnet instigating the book, small groups and website and is an exceptional channeller. It is no co-incidence that his guide Catherine is also closely linked to Quan Yin. Others helped him to set up meetings and day events and this led to other gifted people joining.

Others have also joined some of whom are also very gifted and contribute to the Dnet in different ways. There are too many to mention here and other examples include people who have started up self help groups and organized day courses or who have helped to promote it. Each and every person was needed for this to come to fruition and they all enhanced the Dnet. It transpires that all of us volunteered for this before we were even born although I am not sure that many of would have if we had known just how hard it would be. Looking back, you can see how each of us was maneuvered in our lives to reach this point. Some people don’t even realize that they have made a major contribution either as all of us have been helped along the path by our teachers and my Tai Chi instructor’s teacher for example, also teaches 5 of the key people who started the Dnet. It won’t ever stop either as more people will join and will contribute in their own way.
But just as people started to join to the central sphere so a range of different energies entered inside it and these energies then joined with the individual spheres via the connecting tubes. Of course, we are almost an irrelevance as what really makes the Dnet is all of the various energies that have come together to make it possible and many of them have made enormous sacrifices and taken great risks to help us.
So Quan Yin had managed to build the Dnet in spite of us! Make no mistake, it is her creation and imagine the effort it must have taken to make so many pieces fall into place.

At this point it is worth considering why they went to so much trouble when they could have simply formed it themselves and the answer is that they are not allowed to directly interfere and we have to make the things happen. When we live 5d lives we will make much more use of our minds and will create things with it. This is exactly how the Dnet has been formed. It began with me visualizing my protective sphere, then expanding it to cover another, then joining it to the spheres of others and then them also forming the Dnet in their minds. So each person who joins to it contributes to it and strengthens and enhances it. Similarly, as it grows so more energies can join and they also enhance and strengthen it so still more powerful energies can also join. Almost like how an underwater reef can form around a few corals that have latched onto an underwater structure starting with basic life forms and eventually supporting many different species.

Once the Dnet was formed more energies joined with the central sphere and each energy increased the strength of the Dnet and each contributes separately and collectively. When there were enough energies in place the 5d portal was opened and joined the Dnet. This was also interesting as three people helped many different energies to reopen up an ancient portal and I was later compelled to visit it and knew something important would happen. It had been partially closed again by bugs so we cleared them and the energy flowed into all of us who were there. This happened several times and I was told that the next time it would be emptied which it was but then it immediately converted into a 5d portal which simultaneously opened up inside the Dnet. It couldn’t happen before because I wasn’t strong enough and there weren’t enough energies inside the Dnet. Once the 5d portal was in place then more powerful energies were able to join the Dnet and this process is ongoing making it ever stronger. The 5d portal is really one of the main keys of the Dnet and it is difficult to see how it could have come about without their efforts in opening the portal and helping to convert it into the 5d portal. The last energy in the portal was special in some way that is beyond me but they wanted the three people who opened the portal to be present to receive some of that energy.
I have since cleared other people who live in houses where all sorts of things happened like doors opening and closing, the fridge going for a walk, the animals behaving strangely, strange smells, appliances turning on and off etc. The house in London I mentioned was the worst but 2 others were also bad. I cleared each of these a number of times and all three of them eventually became a portal with loving light energy pouring through them continually. The people concerned are all gifted and chose to be the custodians of these portals but it has been and is very demanding for them living there and all credit to them for that.
The common denominator with all of the people mentioned above who helped to form the Dnet and some others who will join with us is how much sacrifice they have all made to enable the Dnet to be formed and to grow. Many of them have put their life on hold to do this work and have also spent a lifetime dedicating themselves to spiritual work. But the rewards for all of us have been considerable and it is a joy being part of the Dnet and joining with some of the energies. I must stress that we all volunteered for these roles before we were born and we knew it would be demanding but it doesn’t apply to the vast majority of people who will and have joined the Dnet as it has been created to help them.

Since its formation many people have also elected to be part of it and they simply slot into the Dnet and are protected and helped in their development. They don’t have to face the dark side or bugs and can expand safely and everyone who joins makes a valuable contribution to the Dnet just by being in it. Another woman later joined with us in the central sphere to balance my energy so there are now 3 of us.
Early on a very special energy also joined with us in the central sphere. She has lived over 20,000 lives and over 2 million years dead and alive and is at the level 10d so she is incredibly advanced. She will be conceived on the 3d earth and will be born on the 5d earth and as soon as she is old enough will be at the very heart of the Dnet and will also become the spiritual leader of 5d mankind. She has contributed enormously to the Dnet and is with me all the time. So anyone who thinks the Dnet is dominated by males can now see that the females outnumber the males by three to one in the central sphere and probably the same in the Dnet itself. The predominant energy in the Dnet is also feminine and the 5d energy feels similar and Quan Yin comes to me both as a woman and as a man. So it is males who will be taking the back seat in the new World! But before any females start gloating, bear in mind that roughly half of our lives are lived as a male and half as a female so you may find yourself living on 5d earth as a male sometime in the future!
More people have joined the Dnet although they deliberately put the brake on the numbers joining because they didn’t want the power to be too diluted until enough energies were in place both to allow unlimited numbers to join and to enable it to accommodate even more powerful energies. The biggest obstacle to that growth has been me because I simply couldn’t handle a faster rate of expansion. It is almost impossible for me to fully understand my role let alone explain it but basically I was simply like the first coral in a reef and the others who have followed are the equivalent of more coral. When there are only a few coral then each is important but as more coral join so each becomes just a tiny part of a reef and it is the reef that is the important part. Similarly, the first energies were like the second life forms on the reef and it was very difficult for them but as more joined so each energy became less important and later more powerful energies could join just as large fish eventually join reefs. The people in the Dnet are part of the bridge between the other energies and the 3d and 5d earths and other people. We don’t contribute energetically to the Dnet and each of the thousands of energies in it are all so powerful and intelligent and we are just like lost children in comparison. The central sphere has grown to be able to contain all the energies and exists in 8 dimensions and the earth is like a tiny ball when inside it so we are just very insignificant dots. They don’t need us at all or anyone else but they aren’t allowed to interfere in our world so they are bending the rules and working through and around us.

I have kept referring to the energies in the central sphere but haven’t said what they actually are yet and I will attempt to address that now. But you need to know that we simply aren’t capable of understanding what many of them are because we aren’t intelligent enough and our knowledge is far too limited. The first energies to join were the loving light energy, guides, Gaia, earth energies, archetypes and these were followed by spiritual masters such as Quan Yin, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohamed, El Morya and many more. Then came dimensional energies to enable us to work in more dimensions. Then suns and planets, more energies of the light, the source energy, the cosmos, angels, Gods light, portals, and the 5d portal and energy. Many energies that joined simply cannot be described but all are of the light and all are part of God. There are thousands of them all working both individually and collectively.
During August and September 2013 a new light energy joined the Dnet and I think of it as a wave light energy to distinguish it from the many other light energies. This was far and away the most powerful energy yet and couldn’t join until the others were in place. Even then it has had to join in stages or waves because time was needed to accommodate the various parts of it. This was by no means the last major energy that will join as it is an ongoing process that will continue into the distant future but it is the last key to unlocking the power needed to enable the Dnet to handle unlimited numbers of people and to be able to continue to grow. It is an exceptionally bright light that has flooded the Dnet with energy and will enable some of you to perform extraordinary feats including healing on a physical level. It is a wonderful gift to us all and you should try to make time each day to feel it and the other energies flow over and through you. It is a beautiful energy and the part of it that we are capable of sensing feels so lovely and powerful.

In October and November 2013 other really powerful energies joined and these are the first energies that will play little part in the Dnet itself but will help with the other work that is being done by the energies in the central sphere. The wave light energy has made it possible for such energies to join the central sphere as it bridges their reality and ours and many more will follow. The central sphere has expanded enormously to be able to accommodate these and other energies coming and some of you should be able to see and feel it. I do not even begin to understand what these energies are but I sense that they are exceptionally powerful and are also of the light. I know that they are here mostly to help the 5d Earth and not mankind and they have combined to be able to do the work required. They needed the Dnet and the wave light energy to be in place to work at such a low vibration and they now help to sustain the Dnet. They were not part of the original plan and it is a real bonus that this has been able to happen. They have increased the power of the central sphere enormously and the energy levels have soared and their work is now taking place in up to 8 dimensions. I would like to describe these in more detail but it would be like a fly describing the universe and I am simply incapable of understanding what they are but I know that they are here to help. They collectively look like a huge, dark, multi dimensional ocean gently flowing inside the sphere. But I cannot connect with them because they are so far above me and similarly, I can only connect with a tiny part of the wave light energy as the rest of it co-exists with them. I feel like I’m inside a minuscule bubble floating inside this ocean totally out of control but safe and protected.

In January 2014 an energy joined with the central sphere and this dwarfed all of the others. It lit up the room and me and I felt like a firework going off but it only stayed long enough to do a few jobs via the central sphere. Since then, it and other equivalent energies have done the same and I don’t know when they will come or what they do but Quan Yin tells me the work is important. They can only operate at this low level because of the existence of the Dnet and the central sphere.

Originally the Dnet was only ever intended to be used to help people go to 5d earth and to then help them to settle. But it has become much more than anyone could have hoped for and will continue to grow organically as more energies join it and it will perform an ever growing number of different functions in the future. On the 5d earth everyone will be joined to it and it will become like a spiritual internet for us. The children will be more suited to this life than the adults and will rapidly overtake us and take the lead with the Dnet just as they have with computers and the internet. We will all work with the Dnet daily in ways that none of us can imagine much as we work on the internet now and who could have foreseen that?

The central spheres was and is the centre of the Dnet and is the home of the various energies. But it is rapidly evolving into something much more as the number and power of the new energies increase. I can’t even begin to describe how incredible it is and the size is breathtaking even in 5d let alone 8d. Soon it will work in even more dimensions and it is growing exponentially. It’s like watching the birth of a solar system. It is totally, utterly and completely beyond me.
Apart from the latest energies everyone in the Dnet has unlimited access to all of the other energies in the central sphere. Both collectively and individually. They flow through the connecting tubes to the cavity between your spheres and you subconsciously allow in as much energy as you are ready to take and this steadily increases as you advance. The 5d energy is also continually flowing into you to prepare you physically and spiritually for the move to 5d earth.
I have noticed that for some people making the transition to 5d is so natural and easy and they just welcome it with open arms. But I know this has been a struggle for many of us and it is stretching some of us more than others. I am not afraid to admit that I have found it very challenging as the journey has shattered everything I have ever been brought up to believe. I am a mathematician and engineer who never even believed in God or anything else outside of science until I was over 40 years old and thought that those who did were deluded. But I hold onto the fact that this will take me away from 3d lives to 5d lives and for me this is the last lap of 127 lives and deaths spanning 8500 years. So a bit more stress won’t do me any harm! Most of you will have lived a similar number of lives and years as well or you wouldn’t be ready to make the transition to 5d. It sounds a lot until you compare it to 20,000 lives! But I also gain strength from others making the same journey and it makes it easier to deal with the struggle. Many of you have been given great gifts and you can use these to help others and that act will in turn, give you strength. They don’t expect you to though and don’t ask anything of you but they do hope that some of you will try to help even one person on this shared journey. Personally, I like the adventure and take satisfaction from playing it and couldn’t imagine my life without it.
Some of the people who joined have left and some have returned and others never will. Many will want to join but aren’t ready because they have to live more 3d lives to learn the lessons they still need. They are no better or worse than the people who will go to the 5d earth but they are simply younger in terms of their overall age and will benefit more from going through other 3d lives. They also gain in this and future lives from being part of the Dnet even for a short time. We all want everyone we know to make the journey with us but we have to understand that if they aren’t ready they would be unhappy and unable to cope. They will get to 5d soon enough and it isn’t a race. The 5d earth isn’t ready to sustain more than a limited number of people and fewer than 30 million people will live there initially and the population will be restricted to 200 million so a harmonious balance can be maintained. Two thirds of the people will be young children most of whom will be orphans and they will need to be raised by the adults who make it and the more adults that can make the leap the more children can.

I am told by Quan Yin that around 6 million adults and a much smaller number of children will be in the Dnet when the change happens and that fewer than 5 million adults will come from other sources on earth. I cannot imagine how so many people will join the Dnet in the remaining time left but then I couldn’t imagine the Dnet or any of the rest either. Some of the things that have happened lately such as the new powerful energies working from the central sphere have also shocked me so basically I just have to accept what they tell me. The reason that so many will come from the Dnet rather than other routes is simply that people need to be prepared for that life. We currently live in 3 dimensions with our physical bodies, 4 dimensions including our spirits and 5 dimensions including our souls but on 5d earth we will live in 7 dimensions. Our bodies will be very different too and we will be less limited. We can make this leap only because the Dnet is preparing us for it and you could compare it to suddenly running a marathon a day in the middle of a desert and trying to cope without preparation. The spiritual hierarchy has tried other routes besides the Dnet over the years but they have all failed to attract large numbers of people because it was too demanding for most of them. Remember that the Dnet is a beacon for those people who have lived enough lives and who have made sufficient spiritual progression to make this journey and it is not for anyone else no matter how much we want it to be. Nor do we need to question if we are ready or worthy enough for it because if we aren’t then for one reason or another we won’t stay in it. The Dnet is not a school that can help elevate people to the 5d earth but it is a place where those people who were chosen before they were born to go to 5d earth will be protected and prepared for the journey. There will be a very few exceptions to this where people have made sufficient strides during this lifetime and were already close to being chosen. The tragedy is that many people who were chosen have lost their way in this life and will have to go through many more 3d lives and then through 4d lives before they can make the transition to 5d lives.

The Dnet will help all of us on this journey. It feeds us energy, it raises our vibration, it brings us closer to our guides, it protects us from bugs and it puts us in touch with others who share the same path. The Dnet is continually attacked by the dark side that sees it as an enormous threat and it protects the people in it. The reason that the people in it are unaffected by the bugs is that the layer between the two personal spheres is full of the energies which act as a shield. Occasionally, a bug will get through but the Dnet and people and energies in it are cleared 6 times a day so they don’t have time to take root and their main target is the central sphere. Defending the Dnet takes up a lot of energy. The central sphere is also being used now as a tool doing jobs like clearing the 3d and 5d earths, clearing light workers of bugs, opening and clearing portals and earth chakras, advancing us all spiritually, releasing ghosts and other jobs that I don’t even understand. I know that I keep saying that I don’t understand things and that I am insignificant but it’s because I am so far out of my depth and it’s the truth. When you see yourself besides any of the energies but especially the latest ones you have just feel so minuscule but strangely enough, it feels nice.

So where will the Dnet go from here? Everything needed is now in place and we should soon see an explosion in the numbers of people joining. Perhaps it will be caused by events that are taking place on earth or maybe they will ask people’s guides to direct them to us. I just don’t know but I do know that virtually everyone else will think that all of this is absurd and that there is no such thing as the Dnet, 5d earth, spirits, guides or energies. For most of my life, I was one of those people so I can absolutely understand it but we all know that at least some of it is true and we must be strong for the children because it is about them and not us. The central sphere will continue to grow in power and will service the Dnet and perform many other tasks for the light. As more people join the Dnet so it will gain strength from them and it will become easier for others to join.

I can tell you that from my own experience and that of other people I know in the Dnet that you will be changed in positive ways that you cannot imagine. You will become much more aware of the various energies and will be able to work very closely with them. Your chakras will open and you will be able to see and feel things that you cannot now. Any gifts that you have will be enhanced and you will become far more spiritually motivated and much less interested in the physical world. For those who do any sort of physical training you will become much more powerful and your body will become really muscular. You will have less in common with the people around you and will become friends with people on the same path as you. As you begin to accept what is happening to you so it will accelerate and some of you will see things happen before they do, you will feel other people’s energy, some of you will become telepathic, others will be able to heal and so on. A wondrous world will open up before you.

But it isn’t easy and you should try to get to know other people in the Dnet and help each other. Everything we have been taught, all our beliefs, our lives, the way we think, all of this will be altered. Really this change should have happened over our entire lifetime but instead it is almost instantaneous so it is demanding but you will cope because you are ready and the Dnet and people and energies in it will help you. Helping others will also help you.
The Dnet will grow with us and it will become our school, church and shield on 5d earth. I am not going to pretend that I understand how it will evolve because it is beyond me and I will also be inside one of the satellite spheres once we are established on 5d earth. Thankfully! Even Quan Yin doesn’t know how her creation will evolve.
This is the last chance for mankind to evolve in significant numbers.

Update October 2016.

I have just finished reading this and expected to make lots of changes but was pleasantly surprised that few are needed. The biggest difference is that there are now 15 million 600 thousand people who are mostly adults in the dnet and the numbers will continue to rise to around 16 million adults. I originally wrote that there would be around 6 million adults in the dnet and that around 5 million people would ascend to the 5d earth from other routes. Unfortunately, people have greatly overestimated their own abilities and the difficulty of moving to 5d and consequently the latest estimate of people going to the 5d earth from other sources is under half a million. They were able to increase the numbers in the dnet because it has become vastly more powerful than originally envisaged. There are some children in the dnet but most are already hard wired for the journey and simply don’t need to be in it although I am told that many will join around 6 months before the transition. Most of the children will be orphans and will be raised by the adults and around 8 million will ascend.

I had thought that the people would join as a result of others joining but that was because as usual, I overestimated our importance. We had hundreds of people in the dnet for a few years with some coming, some leaving and some staying. For most people, it is simply too much for them to handle all of this and I also struggle with it. They kept telling me that by January 2016 there would be millions of people in it and I just couldn’t see how that could possibly happen. I have also found that the spiritual masters struggle with the timing of predictions and that whilst the things tend to happen they are usually late! But on Boxing Day 2015 I saw thousands of people in spheres floating towards the dnet and was told to make sure that they were all joined to the central sphere. This continued for months until by around April there were over 15 million adults fully joined to the dnet and more have been joining since. The vast majority has no idea that they are in the dnet and it was arranged between their guides and higher selves. What will have changed in all of them though is their energy levels will have increased, they have been fully protected and any that may have had a bug on them will have been cleared as soon as they joined. They were all selected before they were born and will have made a reasonable job of this life. It probably seems a bit unfair to those who have had to make an effort to join and to stay in the dnet but at least there are places available. Some people whose lives have been blighted by a bug on them have been directed to me to be cleared and they have often ended up in the dnet as they are always gifted and that is the easy way to protect and advance them.

More energies of the light have joined the central sphere and some help with the dnet but most are using the sphere as a workshop in the 5th – 8th dimensions. Some of the energies are as high as 20d and most of them came to work with the 5d earth. They are simply beyond my ability to understand. The dnet and the central sphere have exceeded anything they could have hoped for and it will be cloned in many galaxies and dimensions and will become central to our life on the 5d earth.

The 5d earth much like all of our own major projects, was way behind schedule but they have made great strides in the last 6 months. It is fully developed and exists in the same time and space as the 3d earth but vibrates at a higher level. It is joined to the 3d earth by 300,000 portals and 29 earth chakras and much of the life on the 5d earth has been transported through them. It is teeming with life and only a few major predators including people are missing because it cannot sustain them yet. But it will be ready before the end of 2017 which isn’t to say that we will go there then.

They did want over 100 million people originally but the 5d earth won’t be able to sustain that number for many years and it is now likely to be limited to 200 million so everything can live in harmony in the future. When Gaia moves to 5d the 3d earth will still exist but life will be phased out much like life moved from the 3d mars to the 5d mars.

Anyone who hasn’t should read the remarkable channeling of Jesus by Dorothy which covers this. It can be found on this website by going into the site map and then to dimensional shift. Or type Dorothy dimensional shift on the internet or go to